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Twisted Holiday How-To

Holiday Twist Final

“Twist.” Definition: To dominate utterly and effortlessly.

Which pretty much describes this year’s most knock-it-out-of-the-park holiday look; a DIY ‘do that’s easier, edgier, and—dare we say it—even sexier than anything we’ve ever seen on the party scene. “Twisted hairstyles from the runway are making a big appearance this season,” says the mastermind behind this look, celebrity stylist, Suzie Kim.

The kicker: You can pull it off with a single product. And you might not need a mirror. (Until the end…when you’ll want to stare at yourself again and again.)

Let us show you how it’s “done”….

1. Separate the top section of the hair at the crown of the head and temporarily clip out of the way into a small bun on top.

2. Starting with the bottom half, begin dividing hair vertically in sections of varying sizes to create twists. “Instead of gathering even sections for each twist, mix it up with skinny and thick pieces so it’s less precise,” says Suzie.

3. Using just one product—Joico Crème Wax Texture & Shine—run a dab through each section before twisting it up from the base of your neck towards the crown. “If your hair is really clean, the product will help hold the twist in place,” explains Suzie. Stop twisting when you get as high on the head as you want the bun to begin.

4. Temporarily clip each completed twist to the head so the sections don’t unravel. Repeat from ear to ear until all the hair is twisted up.

5. Now, unclip the top bun and gather the entire ponytail with a firm grip into one hand, using your other hand to remove the individual clips.

6. Continuing to hold onto the ponytail, use your other hand to finger-comb and smooth out the top section. Secure the pony tightly with an elastic.

Holiday Day Twist 1

7. Next, tease the tail of the ponytail to create volume, and begin twisting it around the base to create a bun; bobby pin into place as you go. (Note: If hair is on the thicker, longer side, twist the hair before starting to wrap the bun for a neater result.) If you like, spritz with a little Power Spray Finishing Spray to give the look even greater hold.

Holiday Twist 2


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