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The Secret To The Perfect Blowout

Paul's Blowout Tips

An outfit without shoes…a picture without a frame…a professional haircut and color without a great blowout. No matter what you’re showing off, you always need that final touch to close the deal. And when it comes to hair, we’re talking about the kind of blowout that maximizes volume, delivers movement and shine, yet protects each strand from the heat of the dryer. It’s ready and waiting with our exclusive Bombshell Blowout Kit—a customized collection of products that deliver all the essentials to finish a coif with flourish: Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Crème, Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray, the perfect round brush and clips, and these expert how-to’s from our superstar stylist, Paul Norton.

Here, Paul’s no-fail tricks for delivering the ultimate ‘do…


• Cut back on frizz by using paper towels to gently blot excess moisture from hair prior to blow-drying.

• Apply a quarter-size amount (or slightly less) of Heat Set. Tousle hair to “wake it up” and help evenly distribute product from roots to ends.


• Flip head upside down and direct dryer airflow at the roots to speed up drying and build up root volume.

• Divide hair into manageable sections and secure with clips.

• Use your round brush to “pull” hair smooth under the heat of the dryer. Start with the back sections (closest to the nape) and work your way up toward the front hairline.


• Add “oomph” to your blowout by applying Hair Shake in layers, working from the back of the head toward the front.

• For that retro bombshell “bump,” spray a little extra Hair Shake at the crown and gently backcomb hair with the round brush.