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The Must-Have Beauty Swaps for Gorgeous Summer Hair

















Every summer, you swap out all those wintery woolens for lightweight, colorful wardrobe staples that help you sail through the warmer months, right? We think your hair deserves the same treatment.

When the sun is shining, your ‘do should, too; which means it’s time to stock your beauty counter with a trifecta of products that reverse the damaging effects of sun, sea, and swimming. We’ve got three K-PAK miracle workers ready and waiting, along with an expert regimen guaranteed to transform your distressed tresses long before Labor Day comes around. Read on for the daily step-by-steps…

Step #1: K-PAK Shampoo
The cleanser that gives back …

Take the other shampoos out of the shower for now; this baby removes the grime, but doesn’t get all aggressive in the process. In fact, our star shampoo actually restores hair’s original condition, measurably increasing strength, and giving it a cloak of protection from the ravages of summer sun, wind, and surf.  Yes, you can use it every day…but we say show a little restraint right now and give your hair a break from too-frequent cleansing.

Insider tip: Wet hair for a full minute under the shower stream before applying shampoo, and you’ll only need to cleanse once.)

Step #2: K-PAK RevitaLuxe
The transformative treatment that blows everything else out of the water…

You’ve shampooed and conditioned—towel-drying your hair gently to avoid roughing up the fragile cuticle—and now it’s time to reverse all the dryness, the breakage, the stripped strands in just five minutes. The ingredients in this potent tube create a virtual molecular bandage on the hair, providing an immediate rescue and protection against any damage that’s coming down the pike. Use it one-to-three times per week and watch the results just get better and better.

Insider tip: Apply to damp locks before a day in the sun and turn one application into a salon-worthy deep treatment.

Step #3: K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum
The high-gloss finish you’ll take a shine to…

When the only thing shining is the sun, this product becomes the perfect addition to your summer hair-care routine.  A few drops applied to damp hair before blowdrying lends protection against parching, frizzing, and flyaways…a tidbit here and there on your dried coif creates the most glorious gleam. It’s the wrap-up to all that ails.

Insider tip: Rub a small amount into your fingertips, and smooth over the crown and forehead area for a ponytail that stays sleek all day long.