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The Changing Colors of Fall

All eyes were laser-focused on stage last week, as Behind The Chair’s Color Show models unveiled transformative new looks for fall, created exclusively with Joico’s LumiShine® and Vero K-PAK Color lines. We grabbed the guys who created these sensations—color superpowers Denis De Souza and Ricardo Santiago—and begged for details. Good news for you: They gave them up…




The who: Denis De Souza

The what: A gorgeous, blue-eyed model hankering for drastic change—like this buttery platinum blonde shade that stopped the show dead in its tracks.

The why: “I knew that this beige-blonde was going to look beautiful against her creamy skin and make those blue eyes pop even more!”

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The who: Denis De Souza

The what: A stunning Brazilian model with drab, long, dark hair in need of  illumination…the kind you get using Denis’s two favorite techniques, Baby Lights and Sombré.

The why: “The subtly lightened strands soften her overall look and warm up her complexion; that’s super important in the fall and winter, when a lot of people seem to go ashy-pale.”

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The who: Ricardo Santiago

The what: An opportunity to showcase Vero K-PAK Color’s rich red palette, which Ricardo mixed and matched to blend naturally with his famous Color Melt technique.

The why: “My idea of fall is being at a cabin surrounded by autumn leaves, with a fabulous blaze in the fireplace. This rich, red look reminds me of that warming intensity.”

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The who: Ricardo Santiago

The what: A modern Mohawk highlighted to show off texture, dimension, and edgy color.

The why: “I wanted to capture some of my favorite fall hues, like the cool, violet smoke coming out of a chimney. Translated to hair, it’s mysterious and modern–and it’s a color that suits this model perfectly!”

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