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Tint Shot story

We love it when a seasoned stylist—like Hollywood superstar, Paul Norton—takes one of our most innovative products and turns it into his own. We love it even more when that stylist shares his creative license with us. Case in point: Tint Shot Root Concealer…our hot new line of touch-ups that hide grow-out and thinning areas with a single press of a nozzle. Here’s how Paul loves to use it…

·      “Spray Tint Shot in “bursts” for better detailing,” says Paul, who explains that the intense release of color is meant to target specific areas, not sprayed allover as you might apply hairspray.

·      Want to hide a random section of grey hair without hitting the rest of your strands? Weave the piece out with the end of a fishtail comb and lift it away from the rest of your hair before you hit it with Tint Shot.

·      Always test a small spritz on our finger or wrist before moving on to your hair. That way, you’ll make sure the nozzle is free and clear, giving you a consistent spray on your ‘do.

·      Be your own creative colorist by using a shade lighter than your locks to add lively root dimension. “It’s a neat little way to give yourself some Ombré,” says Paul.

·      Don’t feel limited by the four shades: Dark Brown can also be used on black hair, and Light Brown works beautifully on dark-brown and red hair as well.

·      For areas you really want to detail, create “clean” sections by clipping away hair that you want left untouched by product. You’ll get more precision…and it’s easier, too.

·      For best results, hold the nozzle one-to-two inches away from hair.

·      Want to blend the product for a bit more subtlety? Simply grab a clean toothbrush and ease Tint Shot into the hairline and roots. “It’s also a great way to keep flyaways in place,” explains Paul.

·      Use a damp cloth to gently buff off any residual product that may land on skin or around the hairline. Tint Shot stays where you want it to stay…but cleans off beautifully.

·      Wondering which color to choose? Follow Paul’s celebrity guide…

Choose Black if you have hair like: Gina Rodriguez, Katy Perry, Jennifer Hudson, or Ciara.

Choose Blonde if you have hair like: Robin Wright, Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough, or Reese Witherspoon.

Choose Light Brown if you have hair like: Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel, or Cindy Crawford.

Choose Dark Brown if you have hair like: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore, or Lea Michelle.