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Stencil Hair How-To with InstaTint

When Pasadena hairstylist, Janine Ker, reached out, asking if she could try some of our new InstaTint Temporary Shimmer Spray, we did a sly little scrolling through her popular Instagram page (@janine_ker_hair). Truth? This think-outside-the-box woman (she was an artist long before she became a hairdresser) is a genius with a stencil, and we couldn’t wait to see what she’d do with our hot, new product.

The results—you’ll be blown away at the imagination—speak for themselves. Plus, we got Janine to spill her art-room secrets so you can recreate masterpieces like these on your own. Take a peek at her outrageous designs, watch her videos, and see magic unfold…


Compose a hairstyle. The style holds as much weight as the stencil design itself, so you have to consider how they will work together. (Like…beachy waves vs a shiny bob.)

Janine Ker Stencil 1

Hunt down the right stencil. It’s not just about making patterns on hair, it’s about choosing designs that honor the entire look….geometrics with an edgy cut, say, or flowers with a feminine crop.

Think like an artist. Composition and color are as important on hair as they are on a canvas, so choose a hue (or two…or three) and consider the impact of their placement. The best designs may look random…but they’re well thought out.

Janine Ker Stencils 2

Start with a smooth, still surface. Secure the hair with hairspray first, so strands don’t budge a bit–it helps create a more exacting look.

Janine Ker Stencils 3

Spray with intensity. After giving the can a good shake, spray InstaTint with big, wide, direct strokes to focus the color to the area of the stencil. (Use a piece of paper around the stencil to avoid overspray on strands you want to keep clean.) And don’t be afraid to overlap and combine colors for depth and gradation…the creativity is limitless!

Shop InstaTint in five shades: Fiery Coral, Mermaid Blue, Orchid, Pink, and Sapphire Blue.


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