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Put Down That Blow Dryer NOW


You’ve likely heard the benies of letting your hair air-dry more than once; how giving strands a rest from the intense heat of blow dryers and styling tools leaves you less prone to damage and color fade. Fair enough. But according to celebrity hairstylist, Paul Norton, air-drying isn’t quite as care-free as you might expect. Here’s how to go at it in the best possible way…



Seems like a no brainer: If you’re heat styling, you need heat protectant. But if you air dry, you can skip the stylers. Not true.  Curly hair can become a frizz-fest if you don’t bring a nourishing cream to the party (like Joico’s Curl Controlling Anti-Frizz Styler); while straight hair—with its tendency to hang limp and lank–needs a volume boost from an uplifting product, like Power Whip Whipped Foam.


Think a vigorous rubbing will get the wet out? Sure…but it also roughs up the cuticle, leading to excess breakage, frizz, and dull strands. A better bet: Squeeze out excess moisture with your hands, then use a gentle microfiber towel-wrap to absorb remaining dampness.


Air-drying long, heavy hair can pull on roots, causing crown hair to fall flat. But the antidote is easy: Simply apply a bit of volumizer at the part, like Joiwhip Firm Hold Design Foam, then switch your part to the opposite side until hair’s dry. Once you’re ready to roll, flip hair back to your usual side and get a lift just where you need it.


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