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Try These 1-Minute Holiday Hair “Fixes”


Pulling hair into a lofty pony at the crown gives your swept-back style a more playful look in mere seconds. But add Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil, and your instant party look takes on a special, healthy gleam. Before gathering strands, simply apply the product to your hands and emulsify; then smooth the oil over the crown of the hair and throughout the ponytail itself. Secure with an elastic and you’re out the door.


Pesky individual strands are known to pop up here and there when you’ve gathered hair into a bun. But when you want them to stay put (and add an out-of-this-world gleam to your updo), just try this clever trick: Apply Joico JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray to the bun, wrap it with a hair net, and set the look using a blow-dryer that has a cool-shot button. You’ll get a high-gloss ‘do that’s neat as a pin.



Lots of holiday styles involve pulling hair neatly away from the face (ponies, updos, half-do’s, you name it). But that often means loose, flyaway, or frizzy strands making a mess of your handiwork at the hairline. Try Richard’s “neatening” strategy: Simply apply JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray to a toothbrush (yes, a toothbrush) and smooth back any errant strands around your face. The tiny, firm bristles give you precise styling power, allowing you to easily blend those strands into your pulled-back style.