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It’s the one night of the year when you have carte blanche to pull out all the stops; so let the bling begin! You can start with two hairstyles that rock the countdown to 2016 with elegance, ease, and a certain sexy femininity, thanks to celebrity stylist, Paul Norton, who created these looks just for you. Try a dressy braid with a crowning touch, or pull together a classic old-Hollywood side swept ‘do. Just like the ball—it’s all about up and down this December 31st and you’re invited to learn the how-to’s right here….

Amber Heard crown braids


· Work a dollop of Joico Power Gel into damp hair and tousle with a blowdryer until fully dry.

· Create a deep side part, sectioning hair off on each side and leaving the bang section untouched.

· Twist the side with less hair into a simple braid and secure with an elastic.

· Now, pull that braid up and over to the other side (crown/headband-style) and secure it to the head with several bobby pins.

· Do the same thing with the remaining loose hair on the opposite side, bringing it up and over the head and securing with an elastic. (For interest, consider a fishtail for the second braid). Pin to the head as you did the first section.

· Spray the entire braid with Joico Hair Shake and begin to rough it up—pulling at it here and there to give the look more bulk.

Gina Rodriguez Hollywood Hair


· Work a dollop of Joico Power Gel through damp hair and blow-dry about 90 percent; for the last few minutes of drying, use a round brush at the roots and ends for smooth waves.

· Spritz small sections from roots to ends with Ironclad Thermal Protective Spray and create a deep side part.

· Next, take a section of hair at the crown of the head near the bang area. Using a 1 ¼-inch-barrel curling iron, pull that hair directly up as you curl it back away from the face. To keep the curl from unraveling, gently hold it and pin it to the head to cool as you work on the rest of the hair.

· Now, move on the ends in the front area: Take 3-inch pieces and curl them under, also pinning these sections to the head to cool. Continue around the head, curling all the ends in this manner. (Never go up more than three twists with the iron to ensure that the look remains soft and wavy rather than curly.)

· The critical part: Allow hair to cool thoroughly (about ten minutes), which gives the style its form and hold. Once the hair has cooled, remove all the pins and apply a dime-size amount of K-PAK Smooth and Shine Serum to the hair.

· Use a paddle brush to break up and smooth out the curls, leaving them lustrous and luxurious.

· Finally, spritz the side of the head with the deep part with Joico Flip Turn Finishing Spray, and coax the hair back, tucking it behind your ear to the perfect the look.

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