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InstaTint How-To with Hairroin Salon

When Free Spirit, the iconic boho-chic fashion line, tapped Hairroin Salon to help create their latest Look Book, the creative team of Janine Jarman and Sarah Merrie swooped in to work their magic eight different ways. Even better? They in turn tapped a virtual rainbow of Joico InstaTint Temporary Color Shimmer Sprays to make those looks jump right off the page. See the style…get the how-tos…and put yourself on the front line of fashion right here:

Mermaid Braid InstaTint


Not one, not two, but a variety of THREE braids join forces…

1)    Spray layers of InstaTint Orchid and Sapphire Blue throughout long hair.

2)    Begin creating a loose traditional braid at the front of the hairline going to one side of the head.

3)    Create a section braid down the middle of the head.

4)    Use nape hair to create a fishtail braid.

5)    Pin the ends of each braid into the other, wrapping around the head like a crown.

6)    Twist and pin the remaining hair into braids of your choice…pulling them apart for a looser, more natural finish.

Radical Rainbow InstaTint


A splashy spectrum is at the heart of this chic-but-simple ‘do.

1)    Make a center point at the crown of the head and divide the hair into eight sections, like a pinwheel.

2)    Spray each section with alternating colors of InstaTint (your choice), blow- drying the hair with a brush to soften the finish.


3)    Parting hair deeply to one side, take the larger section and French-braid loosely, working your way back to behind the opposite ear. Secure with a small elastic.

4)    Wrap the loose hair around the barrel of a curling iron to create gentle waves.

Head Trip InstaTint


With closely woven braids, this colorful look comes full circle…

1)    Spray hair with a variety of your favorite InstaTint colors.

2)    Starting behind one ear, French-braid the hair in a circular pattern around the head, making sure to follow the hairline. (Only add hair from the inside.)

3)    Tuck the tail under and secure with a bobby pin.

4)    Using your fingers, expand the braid wherever you want a touch of extra fullness.

Knotty and Nice InstaTint


The most casual updo sets the stage for your colorful creation…

1)    Take a triangular parting from the top of the head (going to the corners of each side of the forehead). Clip out of the way for now.

2)    Divide the rest of the hair into three vertical ponytails at the back of the head, starting high and working your way down.

3)    Twist and secure the tails to the base with bobby pins, creating a carefree “disheveled” vibe.

4)    Now, twist the top front section into a roll to one side, pinning the tail into  the back section.

5)    Spray InstaTint accents wherever you want a pop of color.

Cool at the Crown InstaTint


Tightly woven braids become the backdrop for spots of strategic color…

1)    Section the entire crown, leaving out hair at each side of the head.

2)    Split the top section into three parts, the middle one being the largest.

3)    Create a three-strand braid in the middle section, crossing strands under to make a popped ridge and going all the way to the back of the crown. Secure with a small elastic. (Be sure to hold braids tightly to the scalp while you are braiding, so you avoid elevation.)

4)    Now repeat on the other two outside sections, securing each with a small elastic.

5)    Tie all three braided ends together in continuous chain knots until there is no more length. Secure to the top of the head with bobby pins.

6)    Gently wrap-curl the rest of the hair for natural waves.

7)    Spray ends of hair with InstaTint Fiery Coral. Then, using a color bowl and small brush, hand paint braids on top of the head with additional color.

Gwennie InstaTint


The end result: Girl-next-door goes boho…

1)    Create a middle part and make two sections going diagonally up to the crown on each side.

2)    Now begin creating a three-strand French braid on each side, holding hair tightly to the scalp and securing ends with a small elastic.

3)    Fan out the ends of the hair for added texture.

4)    Using InstaTint Pink, spray ends and braids; lay in bits of Fiery Coral for added dimension.

Hunny Bun InstaTint


These cheeky topknots throw some shade on uptight updos…

1)    Spray the roots with InstaTint Orchid, as well as on any lowlight sections of the hair.

2)    Layer random pieces with shades of Pink and Fiery Coral.

3)    Creating a middle part, section each side into pigtails. Secure with an elastic, but don’t pull ends all the way through so you have two loops on either side of the top of the head.

4)    Secure the loops to the base with a bobby pin or two, leaving the look a bit messy for an undone style.

Dread Head InstaTint


Twists and turns make piece with color…

1)    Begin by spraying InstaTint Orchid at the roots, then add a layer of Pink on top.

2)    Starting at the hairline, pull small sections (vary the sizes between 1 and 3 inches) away from the face and begin to back-comb/twist/back-comb/twist until all hair is pulled back. .

3)    Spray with Flip Turn Finishing Spray and flat-iron each dread.

4)    Layer additional InstaTint shades—Sapphire Blue, Mermaid Blue, Pink, and Fiery Coral—on random pieces throughout the head.

5)    Pull front sections back and knot at the crown of the head, pinning into place with a bobby pin.