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Anyone who’s ever logged into Interest knows how easy it is to become overwhelmed; and before you know it, you’ve re-pinned 22 versions of a fishtail braid. Instagram, on the other hand? Possibly one of the greatest sources for hair inspiration on the internet…and we’re going to help lead the journey so you can follow some of our industry favorites with just the click of a button. Check out these Instagram All Stars and get ready for some serious creativity…

Paul Norton Instagram star

Paul Norton, Los Angeles-based Joico Celebrity Hairstylist
Why we’re hooked: With Hollywood clients like Gina Rodriguez and Robin Wright, Paul’s never short on glam red-carpet images that inspire some of the sexiest evening styles around. Plus: He’s gorgeous. (And so are his friends and family.)

Denis De Souza Instagram All Star

Denis De Souza, Joico Celebrity Colorist and stylist at LA’s Andy Lecompte Salon
Why we’re hooked: His claim to fame may be the sexy, south-of-the-border Sombré ‘do, but Denis has a knack for adding the most glorious dimension to long and lengthy manes. From blondes to brunettes, this Brazilian hot shot brings his sizzle stateside.

Cherry Petenbrink Instagram All Stars

Cherry Petenbrink, Joico International Guest Artist, and Beverly Hills-based freelance stylist.
Why we’re hooked: She’s worked the runways, created hair on movie sets, and can bring out the magic of extensions like nobody’s business. Even better: Cherry—who’s mad for our Color Intensity line—boldly goes playful at the drop of a hat.

Ricardo Santiago Instagram All Star

Ricardo Santiago, Orlando-based Joico Educator and Advisor
Why we’re hooked: Ricardo knocks it out of the park with brilliant heads of creative color—favoring free painting, balayage, and playful colormelt techniques. Check out his daring pops of violet, teal, and fuchsia from our Color Intensity line—they’re screen-shot worthy.

Kasia Milon Instagram All Stars

Kasia Milon, Joico Guest Artist
Why we’re hooked: She may hail from the Windy City, but Kasia’s claim-to-fame is bringing out the pretty-in-pink side of life. From Strawberry Shortcake to touches of the palest purple, this talented colorist pushes the boundaries in the most tasteful way.

Whitney M Instagram All Stars

Whitney Madderom, Joico Educator and Advisor, and owner of A.W. Designs in Salem, OR.
Why we’re hooked: Imagine French Twists with a whole new spin; cascades of Kate Middleton curls; the sleekest, shiniest blowouts…Whitney does it all (even more so when you’ve got a special occasion looming), and isn’t afraid to get a little edgy when a client wants ups the ante.

Ashley Sines Instagram All Star

Ashley Sines, Joico Educator and Advisor, colorist and salon owner of A.W. Designs in Salem, OR.
Why we’re hooked: Stunningly subtle-yet-rich strands of dimensional color are the “highlight” of Ashley’s lively Integra site…and likely the reason she’s fully booked with regular clients. From caramel streaks to the most lustrous heads of auburn, Ashley’s photos offer a wealth of ideas to keep you motivated.

Taylor Blake Instagram All Stars

This Pacific Northwest style star is a Joico fan through and through.
Why we’re hooked: Imagine glorious lengths of natural looking waves and curls—shiny, healthy, subtly highlighted—and you’ve got Taylor’s trademark look on Instagram nailed. She’s all about pretty, 24/7.

Connie Instagram All Stars

Connie Cantu, stylist and colorist from Washington State with a flair for truly beautiful hair.
Why we’re hooked: One peek at Connie’s before-and-afters and you’ll be hooked for life. A mega-fan of Joico’s new Hair Shake and Flip Turn Spray, Connie takes hair makeovers to a whole new level–placing as much emphasis on the finishing touches (shine, texture, braids, waves, and backcombing) as she does on utterly stunning color.