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How To Be Happy As A Clam


We’ve got a challenge for you: to live your life with as much joi and happiness as you can possibly muster. And we’re not just paying lip service; here at Joico, we walk the walk every day, making sure that life is infused with all the things designed to bring on a smile. Here, a few ideas to get your grin going this summer…



1)    Lose yourself on Pinterest.

But if you do, be prepared to sail into a sea of beauty, ideas, and creativity. The popular online bulletin board might be the place you instinctually go for a cocktail recipe, but before you know it, you’re surfing photos of magical tide pools, pinning mountain vistas, and downloading peonies for your desktop image. Pinterest is inspirational…it’s fun…and it’s free.


2)    Splurge on a blowout.

Unlike, say, a full-on color appointment or a special-occasion updo, having a pro dry and style your hair is comparatively affordable. And the bump you get from having shiny, bouncy, don’t-need-to-touch-it-for-three-full-days hair can rival the joi of a great cut or a makeup haul at a fraction of the price.



3)    Listen to the ocean.

If you’re lucky enough to live near water, take advantage of your proximity and let the tranquility of the waves wash over your soul; believe it or not, studies have shown that hanging out near the sea is actually better for your emotional health than a walk in the park.  If water’s nowhere to be found, go it the high-tech route and download a mood-boosting iTunes recording, like Ocean Waves by Sounds For Life.



4)    Pack a posh picnic.

We always marvel at how the smallest rituals—like the practice of eating alfresco—can turn an ordinary meal into the quintessential happy summer experience. Trade expected fried-chicken-and-coleslaw menus for something simple but special: a crusty baguette, the best salumi, a sampling of your favorite French macarons. And don’t forget to tuck in that bottle of sparkling wine…



5)    Pay it forward—all day long.

Sure, picking up the coffee of the guy behind you is solid gold. But try moving through your day making small, conscience gestures of kindness and joi, paying close attention to how those actions make you feel. Wave a driver into your lane; smile and say Hi! to a stranger on a walk; pick up that pacifier for the harried mom; bring your friend or neighbor a piece of your luscious chocolate cake. They’ll feel good. You’ll feel great.


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