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Hottest Oscar Trend: “Lived-In” Hair

When we put super-colorist and Joico Guest Artist, Zoe Carpenter, on red-carpet duty at the Oscar’s this week, she came back with a trend report that’s a breath of fresh hair: Celebrities sporting absolutely stunning color creations that are all about looking glamorous but relaxed, pretty but not precious. “It’s a beautiful, unpretentious look that’s utterly wearable,” explains Zoe.

I, Margot

At first glance, Margot Robbie’s easy, wave-driven bob looks likes a piece of cake. Some nice ice (no pun intended), a few honeyed highlights, and a smattering of dark roots to give the whole creation an air of laissez-faire. But that’s just code for a brilliantly dreamed up ‘do. In fact, this “lived-in” blonde look is all about cleverly devised shadow roots and strategic lighter strands near the face, providing dimension and glamour in one fell swoop. Blonde Life Brightening Veil will keep this look frizz-fee and the blonde shining bright.


Bend The Law

With a halo of bend-y tendrils — the kind that say, yes I curled my hair; but not so much that I look like I’m trying too hard — Jennifer Lawrence put sun-kissed blonde front and center. A play of light and dark/butter and gold, her low-maintenance-looking Boho glow was chill but cleverly conceived. As though some blonde had grown out, and the sun had thrown new glints in. Joico’s NEW Beach Shake will add the “piecy” separation without the salt-spray tackiness! For finer hair, just switch it up to NEW Body Shake.


Garnering Compliments

When Jennifer Garner appeared in all her stunning brunette glory, everyone’s eyes went to the artfully woven, warm-bronze highlights placed purposefully around her face. They were deliberate and subtle: just enough so her skin developed a rosy, youthful glow; not so much that it took away from the very luscious chestnut mane and less-is-more vibe. Color Therapy Luster Lock Treatment is the perfect deep- conditioner to give this look the vibrancy it needs to make those dimensional highlights continue to pop, well after the salon visit.