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Hot Trend Alert: The Short, Blonde Crop

Want to know what’s hotter than hot? Short, sexy, cropped blonde hair. The kind of hair that makes a statement. (I have style and courage!) The kind of hair that celebrities want to wear (Katy Perry…Michele Williams). And the kind of hair that — bless its heart — shaves a giant chunk of time off your beauty routine every day. Today, we’re showing you the best of this edgy little trend…along with a head-to-toe guide so you can wear cropped blonde hair to best advantage.



Ice may be nice for some people, not so flattering for others, says celebrity colorist, Denis De Souza. So choose wisely and follow these guidelines if you need an assist:

PLATINUM: This creamy shade is great for fair complexions because the color is so similar to the skin.

BUTTERY: Perfect for a “pink-ish” skin tone, says Denis, who hails actress Michele Williams as the shining example. “The buttery blonde hair and cropped cut has been her signature for many years; it’s a great full package and suits her to a T.”

HONEY: Darker skin and complexions with an olive undertone look fab with this rich golden-y haircolor.



In the same way long hair can be worn a myriad of ways (curly, straight, up, etc), short hair gets surprisingly equal play.

GO EDGY: Work in a few dabs of Matte Grip Texture Cream and create a piece-y look using your fingers. Spike it up or just texturize the heck out of it.


GO SLEEK: Rub some K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum into the palms of your hands and slick hair back for a look that works as well on the beach as it does on the red carpet.

GO MYSTERIOUS: If you have long bangs, dry them so they swoop sexily across your face. Hit them with some Power Spray and they’ll not only shine, but stay put.

GO COLORFUL: Bring out the fun side of blonde with InstaTint Temporary Shimmer Spray. A streak, a stencil, a full-blown color-palooza is a fearless way to make a statement…because it washes out the minute you say. “done!”



Some women automatically “feminize” their makeup with a cropped cut to avoid looking overly boyish. But there are two ways to go here…and both are gorgeous.

POWER UP: For the most statement-making, feminine look, whip out that kohl liner and smudge up a smoky eye; rock a bold matte lip; try a paler-than-usual foundation.

POWER DOWN: Keeping things soft and muted brings out an almost angelic look that’s just as alluring as its intense counterpart. Slick on a ballet-pink lip gloss; a soft fawn shadow; a sheer hint of blusher on the apples of cheeks; and finish with a sweep of delicate shimmer over your cheekbones.



You went super blonde and got that fun little crop — now it’s time to tweak your wardrobe a bit. Short hair with a magnetic color draws attention to everything, so choose shapes, styles, and accessories wisely.

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PULL OUT THAT STATEMENT JEWELRY: Those fabulous hoops, dangle earrings, and delicate choker will finally be on stage, rather than hiding behind lengths of long, dark hair.

BAG THE BILLOWY LOOK: Wear head-to-toe loose-fitting clothing and you risk looking like a small face on a giant bolt of fabric. Cropped gals do better by always keeping at least one piece of clothing body conscious — like a fitted tee with drape-y pants, or a flowing top over skinny jeans.

RISK YOUR NECK: Unless you have a swan-like long neck, avoid super-bulky scarves and cowl sweaters with tons of layers. You’ll get lost in them.


PLAY UP CONTRADICTIONS: A tailored man suit with statement earrings and bold makeup is stunning with a beautifully cropped head of blonde hair. In fact, the inverse — wearing something too young and cutesy, like a romper and headband — can have the opposite effect. Remember, you want your hot hair to be the star of the show.


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