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What extensions have done for those longing for long hair, the faux bob has done for those pining for short. Temporarily, that is. And it may just be the perfect solution for holiday hair that wows a crowd when you walk through the door.

Nobody nails this illusion look better than our celebrity stylist, Paul Norton, who transformed sitcom star Hannah Simone’s long, dark locks into something “short” and chic for a big night out. It’s a clever maneuver for anyone wanting to bypass a radical cut–but not a radical change–and we’ve got the easy how-to’s right here…

1) Work a dollop of Joico Power Gel into damp hair.

2) Tousle hair with fingers as you gently blow it dry, pushing it to one side only.

3) Section off the hair in the back from ear to ear, clipping the top/front sections out of the way.

4) Using a 1 ¼-inch-barrel curling iron, put a gentle wave into the back of the hair for texture.

5) For extra fullness, back-comb large sections of that hair using a wide-tooth comb, beginning close to the root and going all the way to the ends.

6) Gather the voluminous back hair into a very low ponytail, dragging the elastic almost to the ends of the hair; then roll those ends all the way up to the scalp, securing to the head with several large bobby pins.

7) Taking sections from the temple area and working upward, gently bend back the side hair, allowing the loose, swooping pieces to lend a “ropey” textured look.

8) Spray each section with Joico Hair Shake, then connect them to the top of the rolled area in back with small bobby pins.

9) Using a blow dryer, dry the bangs to one side, spraying the entire head with Joico Power Spray for extraordinary hold, finish, and shine.

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