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Those statues aren’t even on mantels yet, but the buzz on the street is out: There was some seriously winning Hollywood Hair on the red carpet last night; and we’ve got the pros to prove it. Celebrity coif-meisters Denis De Souza and Paul Norton were actually in the middle of the action, creating talked-about ‘dos on Gina Rodriguez and Jenna Dewan-Tatum that caught the lens of paparazzi cameras big-time. Want to learn exactly how these looks came to life? The show starts right here!


Jenna Dewan Golden Globes


When your gown is masterpiece of shimmering sequins against a navy backdrop, hair color needs to hold its own. “Jenna channeled a night sky for her red-carpet appearance; and her brunette locks showed it off to amazing advantage,” says her colorist, Denis De Souza.

Steal the look: After darkening hair to a deep, rich brunette, work in dimensional lowlights and an allover glaze for shine, contrast, and an elegant edge.

Golden Globes Gina Rodriguez


Classic and retro was the name of the game for stunning actress, Gina Rodriguez, who turned a Fifties-esque Zac Posen gown into an architectural masterpiece. “I wanted her hair to have that same elegant, vintage feeling,” says Hollywood hair pro, Paul Norton, who coifed her for the evening.

Steal the look: Prep hair with Joico Heat Set and blow-dry fully with a (size 3) ceramic, vented radial brush. Leave the brush on the ends for several seconds after drying to create a rounded shape. Next, spritz on Joico IronClad Thermal Protectant Spray and smooth mid-shaft hair with a flat iron, avoiding the ends to retain the bend. Using Joico Hair Shake (Paul refers to it as his “back comb in a bottle”), tease the root area around the crown and the back of the head. With a flat iron, pull the front center area directly back from the face, adding a dab of Joico Crème Wax Texture and Shine to hold and control it. (Leave a few strands free on either side for a retro shape.) Then, bend three inches of the bottom hair back away from the face using a curling iron; rake fingers through hair afterwards to loosen. Spritz ends and crown area with Joico Power Spray to eliminate flyaways and hold the look in place.

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