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Get Julianne Hough’s Dazzling Blonde Wedding ‘Do

If Dancing With The Stars judge, Julianne Hough, were being scored on the beauty scale when she married pro hockey star, Brooks Laich, last month, her number would be an undisputable 10. And that’s due in large part to the knockout color LA mega-stylist Riawna Capri created for this stunning Hollywood bride, using Joico’s new Blonde Life Line. Take a trip down the aisle with us as we get the full scoop on Julianne’s “I ‘Do!


Want to know how Julianne Hough ended up looking so incredibly blonde and beautiful on her wedding day? Listen in on our conversation with Riawna Capri, stylist at LA’s prestigious Nine Zero One Salon…

When you first sat down with Julianne to plan her wedding-day color, did she come to the table with specific requests, or did the two of you kind of riff it out together?

It was all her idea. She came to me with a picture of herself from when she was about 10 years old with, with very bright blonde hair. Julianne wanted to replicate that look, and the color was very important to her. In fact, we actually starting talking about it a year in advance, which gave me time to prep her hair and keep its integrity. I barely touched it the whole time she was on tour and letting it grow out.

How close to the wedding day did you do her actual color?

I was working with her and coloring her hair with Joico Blonde Life Lightener up until the day she left on the plane. During her last appointment, we focused on preventing regrowth, so I painted Blonde Life Lightener with LumiShine 20 volume Developer directly on the hairline. This kept her color looking as natural as possible…and it was a little last-minute trick of mine that I knew would make her hair beautiful.

What was the biggest surprise you encountered while creating this look for Julianne?

Initially, Jules wanted to cut her hair into a bob for the wedding. But at that second appointment, after I painted her hairline, we began blowing out her hair, and the plan changed. The blonde was so shiny and beautiful…she decided at that very moment to keep it long. For the reception, we ended up doing a faux bob to give the illusion of shorter hair.


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Did you use any special styling or shampoo/conditioning products that helped boost the color?

Of course! I knew that taking her this light she would require the best treatments if we wanted to keep her hair healthy and shiny. I can’t stress that enough to my bride-to-be: treatment, treatment, treatment! If you don’t have healthy shiny hair, then your look for the day won’t go as planned. For Jules, I sent her on her way with Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner, along with the Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Shine and Repair Treatment. Those products are gold (literally!) and leave her hair shiny and soft as silk.


What are your wedding hair rituals that ensure success?

I always tell my brides to start working with your colorist/hairstylist about a year in advance, and I highly recommend using just one person for both jobs. The whole look seems to flow better that way. It’s also important to get healthy-hair treatments throughout the year leading up to the wedding; I can’t stress that enough. Finally, many brides bypass a trim because they want to keep their length. That’s a mistake: Even the smallest cleanup will make a huge difference without substantially changing length. It just makes the final look healthy and beautifully finished. That’s what you want on your wedding day.


And her reaction?

She was overjoyed with how everything looked — both the color and the style that we created. Nothing feels better than having everything go BETTER than planned on your wedding day.


Get the formula for Julianne’s Blonde Life blockbuster here.