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Are you getting that tingly autumn vibe?  The joyous urge to go crunch some leaves…curl up by a fire…bake a pie? (Or, eat a pie.)  We’re with you; in fact, we’re all about doing things that nurture the soul and create happy moments in life. These uplifting ideas should do the trick…


1)    Go apple picking.

No reason kids should have all the fun. Believe it or not, there are actual physical and psychological benefits to spending time plucking ripe, juicy fruit from a tree: It puts you in the great outdoors, which is known to reduce depression and tension. It usually means valuable shared time with friends or family. And biting into that fiber-rich apple lowers the risk of diabetes, while helping you reach your weight-loss goals. Plus, the Instagram photo ops are perfection.

flaming fireplace

2)    Find a new flame.

Sure, new love will bring a smile to your face. But we’re talking about the kind of flame that you don’t find on Match or Tinder. Simply buy yourself some fireplace flame crystals (like these), and prepare to be mesmerized by a spectacular display of color rainbow color.

cooking baking class

3)    Develop some class.

Whether it’s a writing lab, a public-speaking course, sailing lessons, or even a cake decorating class, putting aside some time for learning and self-improvement pays off big-time in the psych department. In addition to boosting confidence, personal development can result in sustained happiness…the kind you don’t get from money or a string of nice things.


4)    Create color in your life.

Punching up life with new hues is a surefire way to change your mood for the better. For hair, that can mean a pop of fun color (the kind you get with Joico’s InstaTint Temporary Shimmer Sprays); in your makeup, a gorgeous new burgundy lipstick may be just the ticket; and at home, try changing out your throw pillows, lap blankets, and sultry candles to a warming autumnal palette.

tea time

5)    Make time for tea.

Aside from the proven health benefits, pausing for an afternoon tea break is comforting and rejuvenating. It gives you time to think. Stops the insanity of your day for a moment. And soothes your soul. Says Philadelphia psychologist, Dr. David Weiman, Ph.D., “There’s quite a bit of evidence that nurturing yourself is one of the most reliable ways to increase happiness. While it’s nice when others do things for us, the more things we do for ourselves, the greater the satisfaction.”


Want more? Here are a few ways to keep sharing the joi.