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What makes this stunning ‘do a snap is that it avoids having to manipulate hair into a complex allover French braid; instead, Richard creates interest on one side only (which means the look is not only easy, but also a bit of a novelty).

A few tips to get you there:


• Start by prepping the area of hair to be braided with a grippy product — like Body Shake Texturizing Finisher — so each section isn’t sliding out from under your fingers.

• Resist the instinct to take big, bulky sections of hair; the key to this elegant look is creating a braid that’s diminutive and fine.

• If you want a more undone look after you finish braiding, you can loosen it by gently pulling on pieces from each side.

(Note: Avoid braiding it loosely to start with; it’ll unravel before you’ve poured the eggnog.)

• Be sure to go over the braid with a mist of Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray to lock in your work and keep flyaways tamped down.



TRICK #1: Start with a good part

Crisp lines help define your braid line, so make things neat and sharp before you start.


TRICK #2: Wet your hair

The biggest bane of newbie braiders is the tendency to loose a section while working on the next one (all that slipping out from under your fingers). Body Shake is a big help, but so is starting with damp hair to keep things more immobile.


TRICK #3: Avoid the mirror

Yes, it helps to have a guide and check your work, but the backwards reflection might just confuse you more than help you.
(Similar to when you’re curling hair with an iron and instinctively hold it in the wrong direction.)