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RV Final look

When Hollywood hair guru, Paul Norton, joined us at New York Fashion Week to create a contemporary take on 70’s ‘dos, we knew all eyes would be on designer Rebecca Vallance’s exciting Pop Noir show. Not surprisingly, this mega-stylist (his clients include actresses Gina Rodriguez and Robin Wright) knew exactly what kind of hair would work with Rebecca’s cleverly modernized pieces: luscious volume without bulk, gently curled, and high on shine.

Want to make the look yours? Today, he’s generously giving you his expert step-by-steps, plus the products he used to pull everything together…

Build the foundation: The look starts with hair that’s rich in color and luminosity, achieved with shampoo and conditioners designed specifically to bring out the intensity of glorious color:

· For brunettes: Joico’s Color Balance Blue to prevent brassiness

· For blondes: Joico’s Color Balance Purple to boost shine and tame warmth

· For redheads: Joico’s Color Infuse Red to amp up the fire

Focus on the roots: Once hair is washed, prep damp hair with Joico’s Heat Set, zeroing product in on the roots to reduce drying time, de-frizz, and get excellent styling control.

Pop Noir NYFW Blowdry

Blow it out: Using a round brush, dry hair starting from the roots and angling the nozzle downward, so hair is ultra-smooth at the crown. Follow through to the ends, rounding them slightly for finish.

Pop Noir NYFW straightening

Get it straight: Once hair is dry, spray liberally with Joico IronClad, and flatiron the first two inches of the hair, starting at the roots to keep that crown tamed.


And on to the curls: Next up is a large curling iron or wand to put gentle, luxe waves into the hair. Curl one-inch sections at a time, directing hair away from the face and continuing through to ends.

Use the paddle: You’ve got the hair curled, now use a large paddle brush—vigorously–to brush through those curls, creating glamorous, bouncy waves.

Add the oomph: Starting from the bottom of hair and working your way up, create instant texture and volume with Joico’s Hair Shake. Then, section out the hair with your fingers and lightly backcomb hair so it “stacks” on top of itself.

Pop Noir NYFW Spray

The finale: Tilt head back, allowing hair to dangle down freely, and set the style with Joico’s Flip Turn Finishing Spray for additional body and flexible hold.

Pop Noir NYFW Complete