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Making your Haircolorist your BFF

You’re putting your head in their hands; confiding skeletons you might even keep from your BFF; trusting them to give you the best hair ever. Couldn’t hurt to follow a few rules that will bond you and your hair pro forever. Celeb colorist, Denis De Souza, gets totally honest here…

1) Stop coloring at home. Just stop. Doesn’t matter how nice and easy it looks, the risk of wrecking your color and damaging strands with over-the-counter color is huge—especially if you’re going for highlights. Just bite the bullet and make an appointment. You’ll save money in the long run.

2) Discuss hair health at the BEGINNING of the appointment. You might think a consultation is all about color and placement, but it’s also the time to share any concerns you have about your hair’s condition. Freaking out that your fried ends and breakage are out of control? Tip off your colorist so they can choose a product (like Joico’s new LumiShine® line) that will not only repair your strands, but leave them in healthier, shinier condition after the color application.

3) Understand why your pro doesn’t want to retouch every strand. We know, we know. You love your blonde, your bleach, and your touch-ups. But give your hairdresser a break when they refuse to overlap your highlights. Bleach on top of bleach = breakage. And that ain’t pretty.

4) When your colorist wants you to use a product at home, use it. Trust us—this isn’t a sales pitch. There’s good reason for sending you home with, say, Joico’s Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner—they don’t want your gorg new blonde to go brassy or yellow.

5) Let your pro tone your hair. No, it doesn’t mean they got the color wrong and need to tweak it. It might just mean that your colorist wants to make sure the new caramel/honey/sandy strands in your highlighted brunette hair don’t turn brassy-orange. (And when they send you home with Joico’s Color Balance Blue Shampoo…use it. See #5 if you’re still skeptical.)

6) Trust their judgment. You may be dying for Taylor Swift’s new Met Gala platinum hair, but that doesn’t mean her exact shade of blonde works with your skin tone and eye color. If your colorist nixes your choice, believe that it’s for good reason and ask them for a compromise that won’t fry your hair or make you look like a total washout.


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