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5 Ways To Make It Through The Holidays Smiling

Sure, Thanksgiving’s all about gratitude. (And too much food.) But the minute all that peace and tranquility is over, the holidays hit full force. Time, we think, to focus on things that fill your heart with joi. You can start with these…


relationships kat tanita joi

Make relationships a priority.

This is the season of merry and bright, but don’t miss your golden opportunity to reconnect with those around you, by making it your mission to infuse every gift, event, and tradition with personal connection rather than materialism. Instead of gifting a tea set, offer to take someone to high tea; trade that flashy new nail kit for the pleasure of treating your best friend to a mani/pedi-for-two; open a bottle of wine with friends in lieu of sending them your favorite Pinot.


wrap a gorgeous gift

Wrap a gorgeous gift.

You know what’s depressing? Wrapping present after present that looks exactly the same as the one before it. (Thank you summer sale on that jumbo roll of paper.) Feed your creativity and your senses by shaking things up a bit with mix-and-match holiday prints, playful satin ribbons, and tiny treats–candy canes, rosemary, dreidels–tucked into your bows. We’re betting you’ll get as much pleasure creating a spectacular package as the person on the receiving end.


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Get glam.

There’s always that party. The one where you can pull out all the stops and dress to the nines…but never seem to have the time at the 27th hour to do it up right. This year, make a few appointments when the invitation arrives: Schedule a blowout; a professional makeup application; and buy yourself an outfit that dazzles. Just this once.


cut yourself some slack

Cut yourself some slack.

Just because the gal you follow on Pinterest is gilding her walnut centerpiece does not mean you have to follow suit. Nor does it mean you’re any less celebratory if you skip over-the-top decorating missions. In fact, you may just be happier…since you’ll have time to eat those walnuts (minus the gold paint) with friends and family.


movie night for one

Throw a movie-night-for-one.

Picture this: It’s A Wonderful Life. Popcorn. A roaring fire. Slippers and sweats. No one to steal the remote or change the channel. Just you, George Bailey, and a heart full of joi.


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