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5 Ways To Guarantee A Grin


They say the key to happiness lies in doing for others. And we’re the first to agree that acts of charity, of philanthropy, and of goodwill are the sparkling fairy dust that makes the world go round. But here at Joico, we also firmly believe that joi begins with loving yourself inside and out — in ways that bubble up and burst forth like a big, giant rainbow
We’ve found some very simple, very beautiful ways to show yourself a little goodness this month. Won’t you try them?



You can Keto yourself to death, count portions in multicolored serving cups, and swear off sugar, dairy, and gluten ’til the end of time. Sure, chances are, you’ll be a lean, mean, fitness machine. But you might not be happy. So make sure — no matter what healthful plan you follow — to allow yourself something indulgent every now and then. It can be a funnel cake at the fair…a bag of cheesy Doritos… a luscious gratin of lobster mac-and-cheese. But eat it. Enjoy it. And promise us you won’t beat yourself up even once for digging in.



When Katy Perry spied the gorgeous cherry blossoms on her Asia tour, she had our very own Rick Henry, of LA’s Nine Zero One Salon transform her platinum pixie cut into the sweetest rosy ‘do. It’s the kind of pretty that just makes you smile every time you see your reflection…and it’s temporary, so no worrying about a long-term commitment. Just spend 30 minutes with Joico’s Color Butter Pink and watch your glow grow. (10 shampoos later, it’ll be a fond memory.)



Planting flowers is good for the garden. Planting flowers that you allow yourself to cut and put on display in your house, your salon, on your desk…well, that’s good for the soul. It’s not too late to sink some annuals into pots, so they’ll be vase-ready before summer.



You might be the family member who always gives up the remote and goes with the group vote to make everyone else happy. But just once in a while, consciously assert your own wishes. YOU choose the movie. YOU decide what restaurant you’re going to. YOU plan the trip. According to experts at Psychology Today, asserting your own needs can lead to less depression and better relationships. Might sound counterintuitive…but it’s true.



If you’ve bumped up your blonde for the warmer months (Blonde Life Shampoo and Conditioner is a good way to go), or segued to a more intense hair color, now is the time to also head to the beauty counter and indulge in all-new shades. No guilt trip here. Take advantage of the pro lessons, the freebies, and the indulgent time for yourself; and if you happen to stumble upon a gorg spring lipstick or glimmering shadow palette that makes you jump for joi, buy it and love it.