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Around here, we’re big on joi. Not just the kind you get from having really beautiful, healthy hair, but the kind that actually changes your outlook in life. Infusing your day with moments of happiness, having those unexpected laugh-fests, and finding your smile in a stressful world. It’s easier than you think…

Live Happy book

1)    Practice the art of joi.

In her popular book, Live Happy: 10 Practices For Choosing Joy, author Deborah K. Heisz, offers up an inspiring life guide of step-by-step ideas that empower readers to achieve big happiness breakthroughs. With chapters written by everyone from singer Alanis Morissette to news powerhouse Arianna Huffington, the habit-based advice—i.e., writing down three things that go right in your day–is surprisingly simple but effective.


2)    Try a TED Talk.

21 minutes of listening to Dan Gilbert’s speech, The Surprising Science of Happiness, can reframe everything you might currently believe about reaching daily nirvana. According to Gilbert, NOT getting what we want can actually make us happier in life than GETTING what we want. He calls it “synthetic happiness.” Find out why it works here.

Own a pet

3)    Get a pet.

Furry creatures aren’t just cute and loveable…they’re considered a legitimate mental-health booster. Studies have shown that people with pets experience lower levels of depression, stress, and anger than their animal-free neighbors. (After the house-training stage is over anyway!)

Making others happy

4)    Work on making others happy first.

This might sound counterintuitive, but research shows that bringing a smile to those around you—we’re talking even the smallest daily interactions, like holding a door, sending a “love you” text, or throwing out some praise—spreads positive energy that bounces right back to you.

Delicious food

5)    Indulge in really delicious food.

Sure, there’s something to be said for nutrition and mindful eating. But life’s just too short to constantly bypass the most luscious champagne truffle, buttery pasta, or sea-salt sundae. The occasional indulgence—the kind that makes you close your eyes and go, mmmm—nurtures your soul and your spirit. Even more so when you share those moments with people you love.


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