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5 Ways To Feel Thankful This Month

Gratitude isn’t just for journals and phone apps: It’s a totally legit, proven way to infuse your daily life with positivity, joi, and good health. Thankfully, there’s an actual November holiday that celebrates the concept of being grateful (as well as being stuffed to the gills)…the perfect time, we figured, to share some thoughtful, easy ways to increase the joi factor in your life.

Order Up

There’s no denying that the holiday season brings with it plenty of frenzied tasks, clutter, and a jam-packed calendar; all things known to add stress to your already busy life. But walking into an orderly home offers an immediate sense of serenity amid all the seasonal craziness. We’re not talking about a major overhaul here; but rather, doing small daily tasks that have major impact: making your bed every morning…clearing the kitchen counter of mail and magazines…folding up that TV blanket before you go to bed…putting those reusable grocery bags back in your car. You’ll sigh with gratitude each time you encounter the order.

Make A Play List

You might have football blaring much of the weekend, but you can elevate the pleasure of an actual big family dinner by putting together a portfolio of music that puts everyone in the spirit of the season: A little George Winston (Linus and Lucy: The Music of Vince Guaraldi), plus a smattering of Ol’ Blue Eyes, Jack Jackson, and Brandi Carlile, and it’s instant cheer with the push of a play button.


Embrace “Hygge”

This Danish sentiment (pronounced hue-guh) is used to acknowledge the feeling of ordinary moments as cozy, special, and soul-filling, and the importance of creating those moments every single day. Try pouring a glass of wine before dinner, taking the effort to light a few candles or stoke the fire, donning a comfy sweater, or whipping out a board game on an otherwise ho-hum night; you’ll find yourself mastering the art of Hygge like a champ.


Give Yourself A Hair Break

There’s no rule that says you have to wash your hair every single day. In fact, most hairdressers acknowledge that doing so can actually cause damage, dryness, and color fade. And that’s good news when you’re trying to save precious minutes during the busiest time of the year. With a pass or two of Joico’s Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, you’ll bring second-day hair back to life in seconds, while zapping the greasies, and creating the kind of volume you get after a wet wash.


Be Thrifty

But not in a Scrooge-y way. Saving money on holiday offerings by hitting the second-hand stores is a welcome relief on the pocketbook–especially when you can find something that friends or family would swoon over. Perfect examples of how you can elevate a Thanksgiving food contribution to something more than pie-in-an-aluminum tin, and let the host/hostess keep the container:

  • Glass cake stand: The perfect showcase for a beautiful dessert (usually around $5).
  • Silver serve-ware: Small, elaborately filigreed bowls and platters are perfect for everything from hors d’oeuvres to cranberry sauce ($3-$10).
  • Mini cordial glasses: You’ll likely see a dizzying array of drinking vessels crowding the shelves of most thrift shops. Immediately head for the mini sizes, where you can pick up a couple of delicately stemmed liqueur glasses — a luxe accompaniment to a nice bottle of cognac or Grand Marnier (50 cents – $1 is typical).


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