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5 Reasons You’re Going To Smile In February


There are lots of reasons to feel joi-ful this month, despite the fact that February is stuck right in the middle of the not-quite-winter/-not-quite-spring slot. Like: Easter isn’t ’til April, but Cadbury Eggs are already making their appearance on store shelves. Or: Most of your friends have put those irritating New Year’s diet and drinking resolutions aside, so it’s fun to hang out again.

Here, a few more ways to wade through this wintery month with a smile on your face…


1.Jazz up your annual Superbowl party.

Throwing one is fun. Having people bring food so you’re not stuck in the kitchen all day, even better. But crank things up a notch by having guests dress as their favorite player in the NFL and you’ll have people laughing even if their team loses. (Think: Tom Brady in a tux…Cam Newton in a wild hat…Richard Sherman as Harry Potter…).


2) Make homemade Valentine’s cards.

There’s always something sweetly nostalgic about getting–and making–those iconic, romantic greetings. Not so much the kind that come in a box emblazoned with cartoon characters; but the kind that you fondly and thoughtfully craft from pink and red tag board, white paper doilies, ribbon and bling. Not only does it bring you back to simpler, sweeter times, but the quiet work of making them soothes the soul.


3. Think pink–hair that is.

Dabble in a dose of commitment-free color–especially a rosy pink, fuchsia, or magenta–and you’ll be right in step with every fashion trend in the book. With Joico’s InstaTint, you can spray in those joi-ous V-Day tones, then shampoo them right out on February 15th.


4. Make a romantic play list.

Songs that evoke feelings of love are a perfect way to express your heart, minus cheesy commercial greeting cards. Want to save yourself the trouble of searching endlessly for the right words? Let Apple do it for you with their February…I’m in Love! (Most Romantic Songs Playlist).


5. Hand out Sweethearts boxes.

Those adorbs little Necco Sweethearts boxes (you remember–the ones that everyone taped to your Valentine or bought as a candy-gram at school) are a lot more affordable than giant heart-shaped containers of chocolate…and so easy to casually leave on a co-worker’s desk, tuck into a child’s lunch box, or hand over in a meeting that’s dull as dirt. After all, making someone else smile is the fastest way to put one on your own face.


Other joi-ful ideas for the new year…