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10 Ways To Get The Healthiest Hair Of 2018

When the New Year rolls around, prepare for 12 months of the healthiest hair ever…because we’re determined to turn the locks you’ve got into a strong, lustrous, gorgeous mane event. Your resolutions start TODAY…

New Year’s Resolution #1: Protect hair from heat styling

Like any daily habit (teeth brushing, taking vitamins, exercising), once in a while is not enough. Use Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray every single time you hit your hair with a heat source — blowdryer, curling wand, flat iron, even the sun — and you’ll see a visible difference unfold before your eyes.


New Year’s Resolution #2: Get strong

No matter long or short, dark or light, fat or fine your hair is, powering it up with award-winning K-PAK Revitaluxe will give even the most damaged strands a mighty boost.


New Year’s Resolution #3: Lock in the shine

A product that can transform your hair in a single at-home session is worth putting on your January list. And that includes Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair treatment…the secret to out-of-this world color vibrancy, unbelievable glide power, and gleam like you’ve never seen.


New Year’s Resolution #4: Stop tugging the tangles

A wide-tooth comb and Joico’s Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Crème applied to damp, snarled hair won’t leave you in knots…the kind that only lead to split ends. (Bonus: You’ll also save strands from damage.)


New Year’s Resolution# 5: Spend less time fiddling

Any day you can shave a few minutes off your beauty routine is a good one. By avoiding harsh daily cleansing, and opting for a health break with Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, you’ll save time (and your hair): This magic in a can gives you the volume of a wet wash and brings your style back to life in seconds.


New Year’s Resolution #6: Have fun with color

Going lavishly pink or flirting with purple doesn’t have to mean ten weeks of trotting around with fashion-forward hair. But it can easily mean ten shampoos of that fun fantasy look when you play with new Color Butters, lusciously nourishing refreshers that amp up the intensity of bold hair color and add shots of bold tones to blondes.


New Year’s Resolution #7: Enjoy a weekly treat(ment)

Surely you’ve got five minutes once a week to let Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm infuse its nourishing ingredients (like Shea butter) into your dry, frizzy, desperate hair. That’s all it takes to rehydrate even the driest of stranded strands.


New Year’s Resolution #8: Give your ‘do a fair shake

Like: some oomph, some height, and some serious dimension! Simply spritz on a dose of extraordinary Hair Shake, the liquid-to-powder texturizer that gives you the velvety-soft, mega-volume finish you can play with and mold to your heart’s content.


New Year’s Resolution #9: Turn back the clock

No one has to know that your telltale roots are showing (in fact, no one has to know that you have roots!) when you hit them with your perfect shade of Tint Shot Root Concealer — our flash-dry, humidity-resistant formula that blends the bad stuff in seconds.


New Year’s Resolution #10: Be unabashedly blonde

We say, if you’re going to lighten up, do it with pride — and then care for your hair like nobody’s business. With Blonde Life Shampoo, Conditioner, Brightening Veil, and Masque, you can strengthen each strand, bump up the shine, and know that your fair hair is in the safest of hands.


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