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2015 Fashion Week Hair Trends DIY


LA-based superstylist, Paul Norton, has the lock on summer hair. After all, this sought-after expert has scores of celebrities flocking to his chair for new looks they can rock in a city where the sun (and the stars) shine every single day. He generously gave us the hot list for Summer 2015, including refreshingly simple how-to’s that anyone can pull off, no matter what coast you’re on.

Summer Hair Trend - wet dry look


“The allure of classic, side-swept hair—a little wet, a little dry, and the better part of each!”

·      Start with clean, dry hair, or day-old hair that’s been spiffed up with Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo.

·      Apply a dollop of JoiWhip to the palms of your hands, and work into the roots of hair.

·      Tousle-dry your hair with a blow-dryer and hands only. Using your fingers, direct hair up and off the face as you dry the face-framing sections.

·      Create large, natural waves by wrapping large sections of hair around a 1 1/3-inch curling iron, leaving about two inches of the ends out to avoid the formation of actual curls.

·      After each section is released from the iron, give hair a gentle tug and comb through with fingers only.

·      Emulsify a quarter-size dab of Joico Crème Wax Texture and Shine, then apply to the root area.

·      Comb hair away from the face, directing hair back and to the side. (Note: It’s okay if roots appear wet, even after you’re finished styling.)

·      Apply Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray for hold, texture, and shine.

summer hair trend - sleek look


“Straight as an arrow with a defined middle part, this simple yet chic look makes straight hair the star of the show.”

·      Apply Joico Heat Set to damp hair, blowdrying with a flat boar-bristle brush to achieve minimal volume.

·      After hair is dry, use a comb to create a pronounced middle part.

·      Flat iron hair until utterly smooth, bumping the ends under or allowing hair to hang poker straight.

·      Emulsify a dollop of JoiGel Medium Styling Gel in the palm of your hands and apply flatly to the root area. Using your boar-bristle brush, drag the product down the hair about three inches, leaving a wet look at the crown (this also helps control hair so it stays sleek all day).

·      Tuck hair behind ears for polish, and spray JoiMist Medium all over for holding power and shine.

summer hair trend - ponytail


“Low on the nape and lightly textured for unexpected interest, this ponytail takes things up a notch.”

·      For this look, you will need both a flat iron and a small crimping iron.

·      In small sections, apply Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray to dry hair. Alternating between tools for each section, flat iron and crimp hair about an inch away from the root, all the way down to the ends. (Note: Make sure you use the flat iron more around the hair line, so you can achieve a pony free of bumps and ridges when you gather strands back.)

·      Once the entire head of hair has been styled, use your boar-bristle brush to gather hair into a low ponytail. Secure with a hair tie.

·      Spritz in several pumps of Hair Shake and gently manipulate the ponytail in your hands to add volume and rough up the finish.


Wet Hair Trend


We’re a little jazzed about the latest look to hit the glossies. In a nutshell: It’s sleek and shiny wet hair…that’s not. When we tapped power stylist, Paul Norton, to take us through the step by steps of this style, he was onboard in a minute. “It’s a hot look for summer because it embodies the feeling of a woman emerging from the ocean or a pool…and that’s always such a hit with the guys!” he raves.

Here, two ways to nail this illusion hairstyle (and, ironically, both of them involve a blow-dryer!):

STYLE STRATEGY #1: With clean hair…

·      Shampoo and condition hair.

·      Towel-dry to absorb 80-90 percent of the moisture.

·      Using fingers, detangle strands and push hair away from the face.

·      Mix equal parts of Power Gel Sculpting Gel and Crème Wax Texture & Shine, emulsifying product in your hands.

·      Apply to hair from roots to ends, while smoothing strands close to the head and away from the face.

·      Using paper towels, gently blot hair to absorb excess moisture.

·      Using a blow dryer with diffuser attachment on high-heat/low-power setting (three-to-four inches away from the scalp), allow heat to activate the holding power of the gel.

STYLE STRATEGY #2: With second-day hair…

·      Spray Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo all over hair to liven up strands and create a “canvas” for the look.

·      Next, apply a generous amount of JoiLotion Sculpting Lotion, working product in from roots to ends.

·      Using a blow dryer and fingers only, manipulate the hair away from the face.

·      Emulsify a bit of Flex Control Pliable Paste in your hands, then apply to the root area only to secure the base of the look.

·      For that modern “undone” separation, gently comb through hair with a wide-tooth comb.

·      Secure the style by spraying entire head of hair with JoiFix Firm Finishing Spray.


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