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4 Things You’re Doing That’s Killing Your Hair



Sure, the ability to achieve silky-smooth hair with a flat iron is invaluable. And really…is there any better way to get gorgeous beachy waves than to take a turn with your curling wand? But here’s the straight scoop: “Those irons go up to 450 degrees, which is the temperature pizza is cooked at!

When you look at it that way, it sort of puts things in perspective.” Translation: A pizza is designed to get nice and crispy. Your hair is not.

The Fix: We don’t expect you to ban the heat stylers…but we do expect you to guard those vulnerable strands from the proverbial oven with something powerfully protective.


The solution? Brand-new Defy Damage Leave-In Treatment:

A brilliantly engineered pre-styling product that not only fortifies hair inside and out, and immediately shields against the hot temps, but includes a delivery system that keeps streaming those ingredients day after day. “Defy Damage – the entire line, including Protective Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque — is life changing for both the stylist and client. It’s
broken so many barriers in terms of lifting hair health and building its integrity,” explains Zoe.



While you think you’re speeding things up, what you’re really doing is shattering the hair’s cuticle, causing strands to fray and break,” explains Zoe.
The Fix: Blot – don’t rub – hair dry.
(Good visual cue: If you wouldn’t do it to a fragile baby, don’t do it to yourself.) A bonus here: Chilling out on all that rubbing and tugging reduces tangles; but if you also apply a few spritzes of Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray, you’ll get the comb-glide of a lifetime.



“K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil has been by my side for years and always will be,” says Zoe. “It’s in my purse, the center console of my car, in every room in my house. I can’t live without the stuff. Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil is another great option if you’re looking to brighten blonde while nourishing and protecting each
But here’s the hitch: When you use them is key to your hair’s health. Zoe’s brilliant analogy: Picture, if you will, a hot frying pan, and what happens to it once you throw some oil in. The oil heats up quickly and fries whatever you throw into the mix. In
this case, your hair.

The Fix: According to Zoe, those nourishing oils are best applied AFTER you’ve done your heat styling – at which point they not only add another protective layer to your hair, but also add out-of-this-world shine.



Ok, so you might not be the person who plops down in the chair and shares the details of your Aunt’s messy divorce; but remember that communication is the key to healthy hair.

The Fix: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” advises Zoe. “Educate yourself on what products are being used on your hair…ask for recommendations for at-home care solutions…find out how you can keep your scalp healthy as well.” Think of it like this: If you buy a car, you put in the right gas, have it waxed and polished, make sure it gets a tune-up on a regular basis. When you invest in valuable cut and/or color, your hair deserves the same TLC.


The 901 Download: “We’re seeing a lighter red – almost like a strawberry-red tone with some luscious highlights. Reds are in full force right now; from intensely deep reds to these natural lighter tones, they’re perfect all year long and we’re going to keep seeing them pop up on – what else? – the red carpet.”

The product that nails it:
K-PAK Color Therapy keeps the vibrancy and shine of rich reds like Amy’s intact long after the salon service.



The 901 Download: “When it comes to blonde, Lady Gaga is giving us a full, modern-day, Marilyn Monroe moment with her stunning bleach and tone (by Joico’s very own Celebrity Artist, Frederic Aspiras). We’ve seen similar blondes before, but it’s never been done the way Gaga does it: With the classic vintage-white shade from root to ends…I’m obsessed with this white blonde. It will forever be my favorite!”

The product that nails it:
Blonde Life Brilliant Tone Violet Foam Styler is at Frederic’s side every time he works with Gaga. The dual-action styling breakthrough tackles brass and leaves blonde hair exceptionally cool, smooth, bouncy, and super-soft.



The 901 Download: “With a root look, this is going to be such a big trend for 2019. I think it looks very natural, but still has that edge with the darker root-to-light ends; this is everything right now. Bonus points, too, because those roots make it not only chic, but effortless and low-maintenance.”

The product that nails it:
Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner keeps the brass at bay, leaving blonde hair like Margot’s super cool between appointments.



The 901 Download: “Rumer Willis made a really huge debut with her brunette hair, co-colored by Amber Maynard and myself. And I think it’s going to have major impact for the year; by going as dark as a level 3 and with so much shine, this becomes a classic brunette look – it not only stays true to Rumer’s natural color, but shows off health and gleam. We used Joico 3N LumiShine Demi-Permanent color and it’s my favorite look on her so far.”

The product that nails it:
K-PAK Color Therapy locks in the depth and health of brunette hair, allowing the rich color to shine in the spotlight.



The 901 Download: “Mandy’s brunette is so natural and effortless looking and that’s going to be a mega trend with brunettes. She has a beautiful, dark base going into natural, caramel-beige ends; which lends a sun-kissed look. This is a huge fav among those with darker hair, because it allows some dimension at the same time. Truly, Mandy is living her best hair life.”

The product that nails it:
Brand-new Defy Damage At-Home Care — a breakthrough collection of bond-protecting and bond-strengthening products including a Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and Shield that deliver 80% less breakage, along with visibly brighter, softer, stronger hair right before your very eyes – is the perfect solution for protecting Mandy’s gorgeous dimensional color.


Want to make hair bigger and better? These 10 tips will do the trick…


1.Try the “dragonroll” technique

Richard slides a section of hair up and down, over the barrel of a curling iron for added volume without creating a tight wave. “It produces a bend in the hair, not a full-on curl.” Then, pull the section out and away from the rest of the hair, so it’s essentially lying on top of the rest of your strands and brush it out for an arc of fullness.

2.Add volume in short bursts

Now, take that section and hit it with Body Shake in short bursts from mid-lengths to ends. Use your fingers to break up the strands.
(Bonus: No frizzy hair in sight. Body Shake contains weightless, invisible crystal-clear polymers that fight humidity without leaving a white residue behind.)


3. Do the head tilt for added lift

Tilt head to the side while spraying and use your hands to scrunch the hair upwards. It locks in mega volume.

4.Add a comb maneuver

Richard loves to use the end of a long, pointed tail-comb while he sprays body Shake; that way, he can manipulate specific strands.

5.Try some lifts

Lifting sections of hair as you’re spraying literally creates fullness as strands fall.


6.Get your fingers in there

Once you’ve added that oomph and texture, use your fingers – rather than a brush or comb – to style the hair. That way, you’ll preserve the fullness you just created without flattening your handiwork.


7.Avoid the roots

When you want to create lots of body in the hair, focus on mid-lengths to ends only, creating a full triangular shape.

8.Remember that less is more

A little Beach or Body Shake goes a long way; you don’t need to oversaturate hair for results.
(Plus, with Beach Shake’s coconut and sunflower seed oils, you’ll notice that hair is nourished, shiny, and healthy with even a minimalist application.)

9.Spray your hands

Then, use them as tools, scrunching hair upwards to control the amount of product and lift.

10. Do a flip

Flipping hair over and applying Body and Beach Shake while blow-drying hair on a cool setting locks in the perfect texture. “You’ll feel instant softness and fullness,” explains Richard.


You know that pristine feeling when you snuggle into luxurious bleached-white sheets? There’s a sneaky reason: R & D scientists have caught on to the big-time appeal, literally training us to associate the scent of freshly-washed linens and clothing with feelings of happiness, productivity (you got the laundry done!), and freshness. It’s also why researchers are always working on ways to make those clean scents linger longer on our fabrics.



Here’s the bizarre thing: Even folks who don’t touch java often still adore its heady scent…breathing deeply every time they walk into a Starbucks or catch the aroma of someone’s morning brew. And once again, it’s thanks to science: It seems coffee contains molecules of universally beloved scents, including sweet, spicy, fruity, floral, and smoky. Even better, the smell of coffee alone can send a wake-up call to the brain and reverse feelings of sleep deprivation. If that isn’t joi-ful, we don’t know what is.



Feeling a little down? Try breathing in the scent of everyone’s favorite Vitamin C-packed citrus fruit, which has been shown to power up energy and alertness, reduce tension, and even leave an upbeat impression on others. It’s probably the very reason that Clinique’s citrus-infused Happy fragrance has been a best-seller for years.



Where there’s smoke, there’s happiness. Evoking images of cozy warmth, memories of holidays, and nostalgic campfires, the scent of burning wood is immediately relaxing and evocative. It’s the reason why swanky candle companies turn out scents designed to mimic the heady earthiness of an open fire. (Case in point: Diptyque’s Feau de Bois.)



There’s nothing like that sexy whiff of super-clean hair. Unfortunately, though, hair is porous and permeable; making it all too easy to pick up a trace of someone else’s cigarette or teriyaki dinner (and losing that seductive scent of your morning cleanse, condition, and blow-dry!) To the rescue: Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, which literally puts back that energizing fresh fragrance, along with volume, and oil-absorbing ingredients. It’s like happiness in a can.

There was big buzz in the air (and the press) when Gaga hit the Globes’ red carpet in a magnificent blue hue inspired by her out-of-this-world periwinkle Valentino gown. And her longtime hairdresser, Frederic Aspiras, wanted nothing less fab for her appearance a mere two days later at the National Board of Review Gala. What he created was as unpredictable as the star herself, a trait she highlighted in her memorable acceptance speech. “In my career I have over and over again tried…to create something unexpected….every time. If they told me to go left, I would take a sharp, sharp right.”

“Winter Blonde” with a faux tousled bob was about as right (on) as it gets. And here’s how you can get the winning look, too….


Lady Gaga Transition from Golden Globes “Cerulean” to National Board of Review “Winter Blonde”

Formula 1: Joico Color Intensity Eraser + 20 Volume LumiShine Developer

Formula 2: LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 10SB + 5 Volume LumiShine Developer

Lady Gaga National Board of Review “Winter Blonde”

Formula 1: Blonde Life Crème Lightener + 20 Volume LumiShine Developer

Formula 2: LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 10SB + 5 Volume LumiShine Developer



1 – Wash pre-lightened hair with Blonde Life Shampoo and treat with Blonde Life Brightening Masque. This will remove all color build-up and brassiness while nourishing and repairing hair.
2 – Next, apply a mixture of Lumishine 10SB and 5 Volume Developer onto wet hair. Let process for 5 minutes, then rinse, using Joico Blonde Life Shampoo and Conditioner.


3 – Begin by spraying the Blonde Life Brightening Veil over towel-dried hair. Comb the product through to incorporate. Next, incorporate the Brilliant Tone Violet Foam Styler. Shake well and dispense a small amount in hands. Apply evenly.


4 – Before drying, spray a liberal layer of Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray, holding the can 8-10 inches from the face, and spritz hair liberally before any exposure to heat styling. Then, using a medium-size round brush, blow-dry the hair under and away from the face.


5 – Using a 1-inch curling iron throughout, clip and set the curls, allowing them to cool down. After removing clips, spray Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax throughout the curled hair before brushing it out. This allows for grip and control when brushing, yielding perfect waves. Secure each curl with a bobby pin at the nape of the head to create a tousled bob look. Finish with JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray for the longest hold and shine possible.



Allure magazine captured the moment best: “Frederic Aspiras went for a sleek, low chignon with a slight finger wave at the front that gave a nod to the Old Hollywood starlets of the ‘40s and ‘50s. He used styling products by Joico…to get the finish he envisioned for the look. Needless to say, Gaga stole the show yet again, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for the rest of the season.” Frankly, neither can we; especially since Joico Celebrity Guest Artist, Frederic Aspiras, will be by her side.

In the meantime, here’s how to nail the full-blown gothic angel vibes Gaga brought to the SAG Awards (complete with ethereal white Dior gown and glorious gold-and-cabernet makeup):

The Vision:

Gaga’s elegant updo was inspired by a timeless ballerina bun, her bright, blonde hair swept away from her face.


Step 1: Treatment

• Use Joico Defy Damage Protective Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain the color and strength of the hair, by gently cleansing and protecting against past, current, and potential future damage. “I love the results of these two products, because the hair is left shinier and softer with each use,” says Frederic.

• When it’s a really busy time, and the hair is going through constant stress from styling and extreme weather temperatures, Frederic strongly advises adding Joico Defy Damage Protective Masque to your hair care regime at least once a week; it offers extra protection and rebuilds broken bonds. “Totally a game-changing product that consistently and instantly changes the way your hair feels and looks.”

Step 2: Styling

• Add 2 to 3 pumps of Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield throughout towel-dried hair.

• Apply Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Tone Violet Smoothing Foam to create smooth, soft bounce, and to tone out unwanted brass, keeping cool blondes cool.

• Use a detangling comb to evenly distribute the product and untangle hair.

• To create the perfect blowout, start from the bottom and blow dry downwards using a paddle brush – this creates a smooth, frizz-free finish.

• Spray Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray onto an oval dressing brush, as you brush hair up into a low ponytail to achieve a smooth, controlled finish on the side and back of hair.

• Secure with an elastic.

• Spray Joico Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray lightly throughout.

• Wrap the loose strands of hair in the ponytail around a curling wand to define and give ends a feminine curl.

• Spray Joico Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray on the hair and onto a narrow dressing brush; molding a flat ballerina bun at the base of the head.

• Finish with Joico JoiFix Finishing Spray for long-lasting, strong hold and shine.


Despite the morning press raves for her fairytale hair at the SAG Awards, it was — ironically — the actress herself who first referenced her updo. Upon scooping up the Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role for her work in A Quiet Place, Emily Blunt took to the microphone with this: “Guys, that truly has completely blown my slicked hair back. Thank you so, so, so much. I’m so moved and completely lost for words, and unprepared.”

Ok, so she might have been unprepared with a speech, but she was anything but unprepared in the style department. As one reviewer described it, “Emily Blunt’s hair was business in the front, party in the back.” And what a party it was: With a show-stopping Lelet NY barrette accessorizing her gleaming chignon, the look was frankly… beautiful.

The Vision: “Emily wore this beautiful Michael Kors custom gown,” explains Joico Celebrity Guest Artist, Laini Reeves. “The dress is so graphic in design, that I wanted the hair to complement the dress by keeping it really sleek and shiny.”


• Treat the hair to make strands strong and appear 2X shinier by applying Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment and allowing it to penetrate for 5 minutes before styling.

• Blow-dry wet hair using a soft brush to get strands as straight and shiny as possible.

• Add a center part, and pull hair into a slick pony, keeping it as low to the nape as you can. Secure with a hair band.

• Spray the pony with Joico Beach Shake Texturizer Spray to add fullness and waves.

• Now spray Beach Shake on flyaways.

• Roll the pony into the nape and secure with a barrette.

• Set with additional Beach Shake for a high-gloss finish.

Wondering…why purple in winter?

“Violet hues are always in style for every season. They play with spring tones, but still have a wintery vibe,” explains color superstar, Larisa Love. The real question is: Which one’s for you?

The Look…

(top left)

Violet Roots melting to Silver-Lilac
Who’s it for…
Someone who wants to play with Intensity shades, but is still looking for a more “natural” feel within that fashion concept
Why it works…
The lighter the Intensity shade, the softer the color will appear

The Look…

(top right)

Amethyst Jewel Violet
Who’s it for…
Someone who’d like to intermix their blonde with an Intensity shade, but wants the color to fade back to blonde easily
Why it works…
This tamer combo compliments a drama-free personality – someone who’s not looking for the spotlight

The Look…

(bottom left)

Deep Purple with Dimensional Deeper Purple melting through
Who’s it for…
Someone who doesn’t want to go too vibrant, and is normally a brunette or a darker blonde
Why it works…
The bolder Intensity shade is tempered with hints of light and dark; just enough fun to show off an outgoing personality

The Look…

(bottom right)

Vibrant Purple Plum
Who’s it for…
Someone who wants to go all-out bold, but doesn’t want to lift their color to light
Why it works…
Dramatic color is perfect for an exciting personality who loves to have all eyes on them

How to care for purple hair…


• Wash hair in lukewarm-to-cold water, no more than twice a week, max.
• Make sure to use a professional color-protectant product every time you cleanse – like Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner.
Extend the longevity of your shade with Joico Color Butter in Purple.
• Ready to transition out? It’s easier than you think, explains Larisa Love. “Because purple cancels out warmth, it fades beautifully and naturally.” Chomping at the bit to move forward to your next look even faster? Simply re-tone hair to the newly desired color.


The prob:

Doesn’t matter HOW cute your Moncler pom pom hat is — wear it (or anything else on your ‘do) for a few hours and you’ll be stuck with a flat…head of hair.

Cherry’s save:

“Joico Body Shake is the perfect product to bring back volume and fullness after a long, cold hat day.”

Here’s how:

“Take large section of hair and spray Body Shake from scalp to ends, holding bottle 6 – 8 inches from hair. Tousle hair with head upside down…and Bam! It’s like CPR bringing your hair back to life.”



The prob:

You walk into a bone-dry room, take out a brush, and watch as your dehydrated strands take on an electrifyingly hideous stance…standing right up.

Cherry’s save:

“Static electricity is a big problem, especially in fall and winter, when the heat gets turned on full blast. Luster Lock Spray prevents thermal and UV damage in seconds, and tames those nasty flyaways.”

Here’s how:

“Spray onto damp hair prior to styling.”



The prob:

The very same indoor conditions that cause static electricity are also responsible for leaving your hair so parched and prone to split ends that ordinary conditioners don’t stand a chance. Add overzealous blow-drying (because letting hair air-dry in freezing winter isn’t always an option) and you’ve doubled the dryness.

Cherry’s save:

“With the weather changing and indoor heat blasting, it’s common for hair to need some extra TLC. Use Joico’s Defy Damage Protective Masque weekly to rebuild hair bonds, replenish, and protect hair from breakage, mechanical, and environmental damage.”

Here’s how:

“When used in conjunction with the Defy Damage Daily Protective Shampoo and Conditioner, you’ll replace lost moisture, add resilience, and all-day protection from damage.”



The prob: Doesn’t matter how meticulously you’ve dried, styled, and flat-ironed/curled your hair into shining sleekness…take a step outside into the wet, winter mess and every strand seems to develop a mind of its own.
Cherry’s save: “Blonde life Brightening Serum is the perfect solution to frizz created by exposure to humidity or damp air.”

Here’s how: “One-to-two drops will not only get your hair 5X shinier, but it will replenish and protect your hair from the elements. It’s weightless but powerful, for long lasting frizz-free locks.”



The prob:

Seemingly overnight, your blonde highlights are looking sort of meh…and those dimensional brunettes have dimmed to a dull, lackluster shade of brown. Want to know why? It’s because the dry air pulls moisture right out of each strand…the moisture that’s necessary for shiny, healthy-looking hair.

Cherry’s save:

“The fastest way to add some “summer” back into your hair color and regain that quick, bright, shiny tone is by turning to a glaze or gloss, like Joico’s LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid Color.

Here’s how:

“In as little as 10 minutes, your color can be replenished with warm or cool tones. LumiShine contains powerful Arginine, a key, enriching ingredient that strengthens, adds shine, and bring dull hair back to life.”


It started with the dress

When Gaga’s hair and makeup team got their first look at her out-of-this-world periwinkle Valentino gown, creativity went into overdrive. “We were so inspired by the magnificent color of the dress, so we choose to use a similar tone for the hair, too,” reveals Frederic.


She literally stole the show

So Shallow won Best Song. But Lady Gaga won Best Hair in the morning-after press wave, everyone hailing the star’s beautiful blue appearance as a “modern-day Cinderella.”

The hair vision was 16th century European aristocracy

The hairstyle itself took its cue from the history books, explains Frederic, “The sophistication of the women of that era who wore clothes of extreme elegance and regalia was our inspiration.”

Frederic’s her mane man

Referred to as the Haus of Gaga Wigmaker, Joico celebrity artist Frederic Aspiras has been her long-time “manestay;” creating head-turning color, cuts, and style for everything from red-carpet appearances to concerts, movies, and more.


Gaga’s unique blue hair color took a note from the Devil Wear’s Prada playbook

Remember the scene in Prada, where Miranda Priestley lectures a beleaguered Andi on the critical difference between everyday blue and cerulean? Same deal here. “When the Valentino gown came in for the fitting, we knew we had to do cerulean blue hair,” says Frederic.

It was completely collaborative

Not surprisingly, the creative process always involves putting two genius heads together. Frederic explains, “I’ll make a few sketches of the hair or show a mock-up hairstyle and/or color choice of a wig so we can try it on with the gown. We spend so much time thinking it through and trying different options.”

He put a bow on it

Every beautiful package needs a final flourish. Which is why Gaga’s magical, Cinderella-like updo featured a bow-like structure to highlight the beautiful blue tones that danced throughout her icy-blonde strands.

Capture THE color of the night:

Create an overall bright-blonde base, then go in with Sky and Rose mixed with Clear to create the unique hue…

Formula 1: Prelighten with Blonde Life Lightening Powder + 20 Volume LumiShine Developer

Formula 2: Mix Joico Color Intensity 2 parts Sky + 1 part Rose + 2 parts Clear Mixer to create the perfect shade of cerulean blue

Treat: Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque

Nail the updo:

• Prep strands with Joico Blonde Life Brightening Veil and a wide-tooth comb to protect hair and add mega shine.
• Blow hair dry using a round boar-bristle brush; alternating between high and medium heat will protect strands yet move the drying process along.


• Apply Joico Body Shake for texture and hold.
• Using a board-bristle paddle brush, sweep hair up into a ponytail, then wrap and twist hair into a half bun, leaving ends out and parted to each side of the head.
• Finish by wrapping the ends of the hair around a 1 ½-inch curling iron.





What we’ll be seeing: Despite plenty of warm, golden tones expected to flourish throughout the year, cool blonde, white, silver, and grey tones will be in full effect and just important throughout 2019.
Larisa’s fav formulas: Use Joico Blonde Life to Lift. Tone with LumiShine 10SB + 9V with 5 volume.



What we’ll be seeing: Very warm, golden caramel tones with a lot of shine and richness.
Larisa’s fav formulas: LumiShine 9NG + 10NC. Vero K-PAK Color 9G + 9G with a dash of ING.



What we’ll be seeing: Vibrant, coppery color that makes an intense statement.
Larisa’s fav formulas: LumiShine 7CC with dash of 6RR. Vero K-PAK Color 7RC + 8RG.



What we’ll be seeing: Deep, rich, seductive cabernet hair-color that’s elegant yet edgy.
Larisa’s fav formula: LumiShine 5RR+4VV. Vero K-PAK Color 5RR+4VR.



What we’ll be seeing: Chocolate-brown is heading up the brunette scene all the way through 2019, along with medium brown tones;, both luscious, shiny, and healthy.
Larisa’s fav formulas: LumiShine 5NWB+5NG. Vero K-PAK Color 5NWB+5NG.



What we’ll be seeing: Shades of purple from the Color Intensity line will never go out of style…especially this year.
Larisa’s fav formula: Amethyst + Silver Violet.



Smooth & Polished: Decidedly smooth, polished hair — achieved with either a blow dryer or flat iron.

The Best Bob: Striking and blunt — hitting both below and above the jaw line.

The Seventies Shag: Inspired by a vintage decade, this look is characterized with eyebrow-grazing bangs that are longer on the sides; plus layers that give the hair volume and movement.

An All-One-Length Clean Cut: Perfect for those who have fine, textured hair and want to keep the length while giving their strands a thicker look and feel.


Katy Perry: “I’m loving Katy’s hair,” says Larisa of Hollywood’s most colorful gal. “She’s been switching up her hair color so oftenl It’s amazing to see how confident she is, and how well she can pull off all the vivid tones as well as the natural hues.”


Mary Kate and Ashley: “They’re very fashionable when it comes to clothing. But I feel like their hair hasn’t evolved much in years. I’d love to see a drastic change of color or cut from them in 2019.”