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Gina Bianca

Joico Global Salon Buisness Expert
With an impressive track record as an international hair educator, this two-time salon owner has made a serious name for herself as a top-notch biz-building expert – not only teaching thousands of stylists about the fine art of color placement, but also showing them exactly how to grow their business and take themselves to the next level. Known for her “honest, blunt, and comedic approach to education and empowerment,” Gina is going to open her vast portfolio of knowledge and deliver up-to-the-minute ideas, guidance, and late-breaking trends that you can put into practice for immediate, money-making results.
“I’m so happy to work with a company who not only sees my value, but sees the value of every stylist in the trenches…” ― Gina Bianca
International hair and business educator, two-time salon owner, coach, hair educator, entrepreneur and Global Salon Business Expert for Joico; Gina Bianca has made a name for herself in the hair and education business through hard work, taking risks and never giving up on her dreams.

Gina Bianca

Over the last decade, Bianca has taught thousands of hairstylists how to understand color placement and grow their business through salon-friendly techniques, tried and true business practices and her experience as a stylist and salon owner. Bianca’s honest, blunt and comedic approach to education and empowerment leaves her attendees feeling refreshed, inspired and wanting to make that 10% shift their businesses need.

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Hairstylist Gina Bianca coloring hair

Smart, down to earth, polished and will tell you what you need to hear the way you need to hear it. Truly a lover of teaching… From veteran hairdressers to new stylists, Gina Bianca has a gift for being able to break down information in a way that anyone can understand.

This haircolor queen is all about LumiShine and Joico Color Intensity but her finishing go-to is Joico’s Beach Shake Texturizing Finisher. That’s just one tidbit tip she has to add effortless beachy waves to finish off her vibrant looks.