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Eric Mayes

Joico Guest Artist & Expert Colorist for Vero K-PAK Color Age Defy

“You have to follow the rules. But once you understand the ‘whys,’ you can–and should–break them!”
This philosophy sums up Eric Mayes’ approach to his art and to education perfectly. Master the foundations, he believes, follow the systems, and then infuse your work with your own creative stamp. It’s a philosophy that he has adhered to in his 20 years as a stylist in the top salons in Denver, and as a leading educator and artist for Joico since 1998.

During his time with Joico, Eric has been instrumental in creating the educational curriculum for the ISO division, and creating the hair looks for many Joico brand campaigns. As Expert Colorist for Joico’s Vero K-PAK Color Age Defy range, he most recently designed the haircolor and styles for the company’s latest campaign on Age Defy color. He travels extensively on behalf of the company, bringing his signature down-to-earth, engaged style to colleagues in classrooms around the world. He also represents the company in media appearances and events for editors and bloggers, as well as worked and been featured on campaigns, photo shoots and videos for the company promoting hairstyling and providing how-tos and tutorials. “I originally aligned with Joico because of the integrity of the company and of the brand,” he says, “and the products have never failed to exceed my expectations.”
Clients and students characterize Eric as a strong communicator and an artist with a unique esthetic. He blends clean, modern lines with an acute sensitivity for an individual’s specific needs, resulting in cut and color designs that truly enhance and refine. His most recent collection–Built Ford Tough–was inspired by the classic, masculine style of designer Tom Ford, and was snapped up by top trade publications, including Launchpad and Modern Salon and featured on

Like all dedicated educators, Eric gains boundless satisfaction from the “aha” moment–when a student suddenly “gets it” after grappling with a technique or concept. And like most gifted teachers, he also embraces his role as a student—keeping an open mind to new experiences, furthering his own education and welcoming the inspirations that occur during the course of his travels. He cites former Joico International Artistic Director Damien Carney, and leading educators Vivienne MacKinder and Martin Parsons as his personal role models and mentors–admiring their talent and constant evolution as artists.

Eric’s was chosen as the Expert Colorist for Joico’s Vero K-PAK Color System’s Age Defy range specifically because, of his amazing talent in haircolor and because it’s his go-to for creating beautiful, youthful color at any age. Says, Mayes about the Vero K-PAK Color shades, “Age Defy is formulated so that you don’t have to mix more than one shade to achieve gray coverage, but they can be intermixed to create an unlimited range of possibilities. The best part is that ‘Age Defy’ leaves the hair feeling like the younger version of itself… full of life!”