Virtual Classroom

Hiar stylist showing different hair color swatches

LumiShine Product Knowledge Series

The ultimate LumiShine classroom: Your front-row seat will make you a true expert on the features, benefits, and how-to’s of the entire LumiShine product line from A to Z.

Womens hair being colored at the roots

Diffusion Glow Color Tutorial

A perfect, glamorous, allover bright blonde –is truly effortless when you follow Jill’s insider how-to’s… techniques she actually uses every day to create her most popular signature look.

Womens hair being colored at the roots

Root Tap & Tone Color Tutorial

Jill teaches you how to customize formulas for cool blondes using LumiShine Demi Permanent Liquids; and then demo’s her technique of toning specific zones of the head to maintain brightness around the face.

Womens hair being colored at the roots

White Out Color Tutorial

Ricardo Santiago’s one-of-a-kind tricks for creating a cool, level-10 blonde with Defy Damage protection; learn how to customize your formula to different zones of the head; and watch as he tones his blonde to perfection.

Womens hair being colored at the roots

Trifecta Technique

Using deposit-only LumiShine Demi-Permanent DD Crémes, Larisa will teach you her brilliantly easy way to achieve this seamless, stunning blonde transformation that dazzles with dimension and shine.

Womens hait being trimmed into a short bob

Bespoke Bob Cut Tutorial

Tricks for adding volume and texture to this super-wearable short-hair look; as well as Richard’s easy-to-nail interior cutting techniques –designed to add movement and life to this classic and beloved hairdo.