Richard Mannah's Bespoke Bob


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In partnership with Cosmoprof, Joico International Artistic Director, Richard Mannah shows us the step-by-steps for his Bespoke Bob Hair Cut technique. It’s classic and modern and easy to master – basically, a hairdresser’s dream.

Techniques you will learn during this video:

Tips and tricks for cutting in the salon

Creating a customizable, modern bob that works with almost any texture and face shape. Its all about customizing and tailoring the shape to the client.

Styling a bob with texture.

Did you know that…Richard Mannah reinvented the bob?
When Joico’s International Artistic Director unveiled his Bespoke Bob at the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show, attendees were awed by the contemporary versatility of this historic hairstyle. “I wanted to create a modern version of a classic shape. A shape which can be worn many different ways. It’s also a shape the consumer can relate to as many models and celebs are wearing this length.”

Richard Mannah’s History of the Bob

Richard Mannah hair model before hair cut
Richard Mannah hair model after haircut
Richard Mannah cutting models hair

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