Elevate Your Life In Business


With a remarkable track record as an international hair educator, top-earning salon owner, and business/life coach, Gina Bianca is known as a true power player in the beauty industry. Lauded for her “honest, blunt, and comedic approach to education and empowerment,” Gina brings this uniquely candid advice directly to you in Elevate Your Life In Business, a dynamic 6-part video series designed to take you on a career-shaping journey of opportunity, increased revenue, and inspiration. Ready to change your life? This is your moment.

Live Your Dreams: Gina's Intro To Business

Carving out a flourishing career involves strategic moves as you navigate your way up the industry ladder. But your first order of business? To create an uplifting emotional structure for yourself that prepares you for the growth ahead. In Live The Dream, the first installment of Joico Global Salon Business Expert, Gina Bianca’s new video series, Elevate Your Life In Business, this inspirational pro gives you a literal, 5-point checklist that covers every self-care base.

You’ll learn how to:

Set boundaries and prioritize your own needs

Turn big dreams into achievable realities

Find joi in the climb, not just the destination

Tune in, and you’ll be ready for anything life and work doles out!

Grinding It Out As A Stylist

You’re new, you’re hungry, and you’re ready to launch your career in the beauty industry as a creative and thriving hair artist. In Grinding It Out As A Stylist, the second installment in Joico Global Salon Business Expert, Gina Bianca’s new video series, Elevate Your Life In Business, this no-holds-barred superstar is going to arm you with tools for immediate–and consistent –success.

Here, Gina’s hows you:

How to pick the perfect salon

Invaluable marketing tips that it takes some pros years to learn

Benchmarks to ensure $$’s, productivity, and client loyalty right from the get-go

Watch it –and you’re in business!

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Evolving As An Independent Artist

Joico Global Salon Business Expert, Gina Bianca, is an unparalleled success in the hair industry not because she navigated her winning career perfectly –but because she made mistakes. Big ones. In Evolving As An Independent Artist–the third installment in Gina’s new video series, Elevate Your Life In Business–she gives you the wisdom to bypass her own early blunders; empowering you with a true reality check on what it takes to become a successful independent artist.

A few of the highlights you’ll take away:

How to maintain a full, consistent book -The art of allocating time for business tasks, self-care, and salon

Nuts and bolts tips to stay on top of taxes and accounting

The importance of earmarking earnings for the future

This is a must-watch investment in your own career!

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Serving As A Salon Owner

This may be the most important business tutorial you’ll ever watch. Why? Because Joico Global Salon Business Expert, Gina Bianca, doesn’t sugarcoat her priceless advice, specifically designed to prepare you for life in the driver’s seat. In Serving As A Salon Owner, the fourth in Gina’s new video series,

Elevate Your Life In Business, our sage pro gives you critically important how-tos, like:

Creating an emergency fund for situations like Covid-19.

Preparing an exit-strategy so your salon is always a hot commodity

Empowering your team to think like leaders

Dealing with –and preventing –employee turnover

Tune in, and you’ll always have a back-up plan!

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Leveling Up As An Educator

Teaching and inspiring others adds true purpose to your career and takes you to the next level, says Joico Global Salon Business Expert, Gina Bianca,who calls the opportunity “life changing.” In Leveling Up As An Educator, Gina’s fifth installment of her new video series, Elevate Your Life In Business, she proves the value of instructing others, with teachable takeaways that include:

The importance of carving out your “specialty”

Learning how to build a class and develop an outline/syllabus

Tips for stepping on that stage with confidence

The value of asking for –and integrating --feedback

Tune in, and you’ll quickly segue from student to teacher with Gina’s pro guidance!

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Everyone Is An Influencer

Use your social platform to change lives –yours as well as your followers! With Everyone Is An Influencer, the final installment of Joico Global Salon Business Expert, Gina Bianca’s new video series, Elevate Your Life In Business,you’ll be armed with all the skills necessary to make serious money as a visible player in the beauty social world.

Join Gina as she shows you how to:

Maintain your authenticity in an often “fabricated” medium

Quickly build an audience and network of supporters

Protect your business with legal smarts

Earn $$’s doing what you love most

Create opportunities for collabs and affiliates

Watch this and you’ll never wonder “how they do it” again

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