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Seventeen Latin – OCT 2013

October 2013

As Emily Fields on the popular ABC show Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell has been known to create some sizzling drama, but she turns up the heat in the current cover of Seventeen magazine Latin this month offering hot looks for Fall plus twenty accessory trends to show off those curves! Apropos for Shay who’s character on “PLL” isn’t shy about showing off and using her curves. Stylist Craig Gangi takes us behind the fun and flirty hairstyle he created for the sizzling magazine shoot.

For the Seventeen cover with Shay Mitchell, Craig says, “I wanted to create a sexy, voluminous, and wavy style that was not so polished but still a very controlled-texturized style.” Craig started by wetting down Shay’s hair, then applying Joico Power Whip – Whipped Foam. This provided the extra body needed for the styling. After blowing the hair dry, Craig applied Joico’s Texture Boost- Dry Spray Wax in order to create texture and hold a loose wave. “Since we ended the shoot on the roof, I was fighting the wind, so I used Joico’s Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray to keep the fly-aways under control. Since it has a layaerable effect with increasing hold without flakes or residue, “this was perfect to keep the style in place while still allowing it to be worked as needed through the shoot even with the wind!”

But the wind wasn’t the only environmental culprit Craig and Shay had to contend with that day. Craig explains what seems like a little behind the scenes magic, “on the day of shoot the weather was hot and humid, so I needed something for more than just holding the overall style.” Enter Joico’s Humidity Blocker. “Humidity Blocker absolutely saved me!” says, Craig. “Shay has thick, coarse hair that tends to frizz easily, and you can’t get away with frizz on any shoot,” he continued. Craig shares that he loosely curled her hair with an iron then lightly sprayed Humidity Blocker to keep the moisture in the air at bay. Craig exclaims, “with this, Shay’s hair did not frizz at all!”