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Daily Makeover – March 2014

March 1, 2014 

Daily Makeover wants to make it loud and clear: second-day hair is perfect for styling versus freshly washed hair. Aly Walansky spoke with Joico International Artistic Director Damien Carney about the styling benefits of second-day hair. Damien says that if the hair is too clean, it can be overly soft, slippery and harder to control. The natural oils, humidity and moisture create texture which is key to an off-the-runway look!


“When hair is too clean, it can be static-y, overly soft and hard to control. Hair can be slippery and often hard to braid and secure with a hair band or hair pins. Fresh clean hair often loses all the cool delicate textures that natural oils, humidity and moisture create. This is important, because texture is key when braiding. You want to look more like you’ve stepped off the runway than out of the salon… quick, cool, semi-undone and not overly perfect. Often when hair is ‘second day,’ the natural oils add subtle textures, kinks, waves, etc. can help to improve and create your braided look, since the hair is easier to control. Often, finer hair has more body or flexibility second-day. In this case, characteristics we often try to avoid are what we want: frizzy, thick, unruly hair is easier to control. The hair has settled and is easier to manage,” Carney says.

Hair should never look lifeless, flat to the head, greasy or grungy, Carney cautions. Greasy is not the look to go for when creating braids. There’s nothing sexy or modern about greasy hair. However, hair that’s been a little lived in? You can get a whole lot more life out of it.