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Byrdie – MAY 2014

May 22, 2014

Byrdie got input from Denis De Souza, Joico celeb colorist on a haircolor guide for every shade on lightening your hair this summer.

If you have dark brown hair… try Golden Sombre. Ombré not your thing? You might want to consider sombré, like the one de Souza created for client Lucy Hale. A phrase coined by de Souza, sombré means “subtle ombré” and is a more natural color fade that’s perfect for summer.

If you have chocolate brown hair… try Reddish Undertones. Add warmth to your face by adding a hint of red to your chocolate brown locks, like de Souza did for his client Lily Collins.

If your hair is red… try Rose Gold Ombre. “Kate Mara had never colored her hair before going blonde,” de Souza reveals. “It gives her a certain edge!”