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BHA Finalist Images

JOICO releases collections from three of its European Design Team members, finalists at this year’s British Hairdressing Awards.

Ian Davies (Ocean Hair, Cardiff), Daniel Granger (Daniel Granger Hairdressing, Northampton) and Ryan Nicoletti-Dowd (Wigg, Henley on Thames) each entered a four-strong photographic collection that demonstrated their talent within their chosen specialty that all reached the finals.

Sid Cook, managing director of JOICO Europe commented: “This is a huge accolade for each of the team members and for us as a company.  We were all very proud of their achievements being finalists.  It was just over a year of incredible work between our Vision Director, Gianni Scumaci, and the JOICO European Design Team and to have had three finalists at the British Hairdressing Awards is a great accomplishment.”

These incredibly inspiring and stunning collections are available to you for publishing. Boldly done with sex-appeal and impeccable style and aesthetic flare, your readers will love these images.

Ian Davies Collage

Ian Davies at Ocean Hairdressing for JOICO: Disparate Hearts

“I’ve always been fascinated by street style and the ability to mix haute couture with a gritty, urban edge. This collection is all about high-fashion hair for today’s real woman; strong silhouettes, exaggerated texture and an effortless appeal which comes together in these beautiful, timeless looks that take inspiration from across the decades.” – Ian Davies, Ocean Hairdressing


Hair: Ian Davies at Ocean Hairdressing for JOICO

Photography: Andrew O’Toole

Make-up: Clare Read,

Styling: Desiree Lederer

• • •

Daniel Granger Collage



Hair: Daniel Granger and Lucie King at Daniel Granger Hairdressing for JOICO

Photography: Barry Jeffery

Styling: Kate Jeffery

Make-up Artist: Sian Duke

Inspired by guardian angels and mystical figures, Daniel Granger Hairdressing’s latest collection, sponsored by professional hair brand JOICO, is entitled ‘Guardians.’

The collection, which reached the finals of the British Hairdressing Awards in the Eastern category, showcases Daniel’s strength in precision cutting and creating strong, geometric shapes and Lucie King’s eye for feminine, expensive looking hair colour. Together, the pair combines a joint finesse in styling, making for an iconic collection. A lace effect made from hair, an exaggerated Marcel wave and a short, androgynous crop are all part of the journey to portray alluring, angelic but mysterious images with a modern day, high fashion edge.

• • •

 Ryan Nicoletti-Down Collage

Ryan Nicoletti-Dowd, Wigg Hairdressing: Colour in Motion


Hair: Ryan Nicoletti-Dowd at Wigg Hairdressing for JOICO

Photography: Barry Jeffery

Styling: Kate Jeffery

Make up: Beth Alderson

Colour in Motion was the theme for my 2013 British Hairdressing Award collection. This year, I wanted to encapsulate a feeling of weightlessness motion in each image. With this in mind, the hair took a polished and structured feel, allowing the movement in the styling to truly enhance the image. The combination of block colour styling, multi-tonal hair colour and weightless movement were used to for fill my desire to make this a truly mesmerising collection.” – Ryan Nicoletti-Dowd, Wigg Hairdressing