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The bubbly’s poured, lights are twinkling, and bling is in the air–and hair!—as the glam season arrives full force. While those calendars start filling up with invites and events, you can start thinking about how to get festive from head to toe; and Joico’s going to get in on the act with a new series of step-by-step video tutorials designed to maximize your sparkle.

With the help of Glam Hair Expert Katie Bilovol, TV fashion pro Sydne Summer, and All My Children star, Brooke Newton, ringing in any gathering—from the simplest holiday happy-hour to a full-on evening of glitz and glamour—becomes a piece of cake, thanks to the most perfectly do-able hair, makeup, and fashion tips that will set you apart from the crowd. Beginning November 13th, tune in online to learn these pro secrets (including surprisingly simple hair tricks used behind-the-scenes at beauty and fashion shoots), that cover a multitude of shindigs…

Videos in our holiday series can be found here:

 Bar None: Dazzling for Drinks: When happy hour is on the menu, learn the secret to a double-braid “headband” that turns your hair into its very own accessory.

Step by Steps

 Prep: Set hair with a one-inch curling wand, taking each section twisting hair forward and placing the curling wand behind the hair, wrap the opposite way of the twist. Once section has been curled, take the curl, wrap it and bring it close to the hair, setting it with a pin while the curl is still hot. Undo the pins once the hair has completely cooled down.

  1. Create a part on the heavy side that is just behind the ear. Separate the hair forward, clipping the hair away. Repeat the part on the opposite side. Make sure you have enough crown hair left in the back section for enough volume. Separate the back from the front in a low ponytail. Take the front part, splitting the section creating two halves with a comb. Repeat on the opposite side of the head.
  1. Separate the back from the front in a low ponytail. Take the front section, splitting the hair vertically creating two halves with a comb. Repeat on the opposite side of the head. If needed, clip the two halves away from each other.
  1. Rub Super Shine Glossing Polish through the fingers, using hands to comb product through the front sections. Start with one side of the front section vertically. With the section take a diagonal piece all the way by the ear and start French braiding across the head framing the face like a headband would. Make sure the braid is braided loosely for a soft appearance. Finish off the braid once you run out of hair on the sides. Fasten with a clear elastic band.
  1. Repeat the French braid starting at the base of the head on the opposite section of hair in the front. Reapply Super Shine for control. Start braiding in the opposite direction of the first braid, finishing off the braid once you run out of hair on the side.
  1. Release the back section of the hair and tug the second braid (closer to the back) up to create a crown effect. Secure with criss-cross bobby pins.  Repeat this step on the opposite braid. Tuck the braids behind the ear to hide the ends, fastening with bobby pins. Spray back section with Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax to give hair a little more separation.
  1. For more glamour, curl hair with a wand to add more curls. Mist hair with Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray for hold.

Fashion Styling Tips: To keep this edgy-yet-feminine style going from head-to-toe, rock some leather leggings, a cable-knit tank, and—the key to dressing up casual pants or jeans—a blinged-out sequin jacket that shines all night long. Accessorize with studded earrings (or dare to go bare, since the voluminous ‘do actually hides delicate jewelry); then layer on a statement necklace for instant glamour. Day or night this look works!

Filled with the latest styling techniques, secret shortcuts (and even accessory ideas to tie things together), consider these holiday webisodes your very own, one-on-one workshops with the pros. Even better, discover the must-have products—like Joico’s famous Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray–that instantly create festive looks, and keep them perfect from midday to midnight. It’s Joico to the world…the World Wide Web, that is!