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A Stunning New Collection By Joico’s Eric Mayes


A Stunning New Collection By Joico’s Eric Mayes

Invokes The Style and Masculinity of the Tom Ford Esthetic

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When Joico Guest Artist Eric Mayes set about seeking inspiration for the collection that he would be creating on behalf of jcpenney salons for the newly-created men’s category of the North American Hairstyling Awards, his first thought was the talented fashion designer and director Tom Ford.  Not Ford’s work, but the man himself, whose personal style is the ultimate in masculinity, fashion and luxury.  From there, Eric created an acronym using the world “male:”

M – masculine

A – asymmetry

L – luxe

E – exotic

The result is a sizzling collection of men’s looks that incorporates some of the most cutting edge trends in men’s hair with the best of classic men’s style elements.  “One of the most interesting trends in men’s hair at the moment,” Eric notes, “is the fact that nowadays, many men’s shapes and techniques are influencing women’s trends—think Miley Cyrus!”

Here’s a closer look at the cut and grooming techniques that Eric used for each look.

The look:  The 1940s meet punk couture thanks to classic undercutting and extreme disconnection.

The cut: Eric sectioned off the top with an asymmetric triangular parting from the temple to an offset point to one side of the crown.  The sides and back were cropped with a scissor-over-comb technique, and the edges were refined with a clipper fade.  To maintain maximum length in the disconnected top section, Eric cut from shorter to long from the crown to the front hairline

The style:  To texturize this model’s fine hair, Eric created small subsections throughout the top, braided each with a three-strand braid, misted each braid with Joico Power Spray Fast-Drying Finishing Spray and pressed it between the plates of a flat iron.  Once the hair cooled, he separated each braid with a tail comb, brushed through to release the texture, applied Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo at the scalp for buoyancy and sprayed with more Power Spray.

The look:  A classic masculine silhouette with elongated movement and texture.

The cut:  Eric sectioned the hair from the recession along the parietal, just past the center crown.  Starting at the front hairline at the sides, he created subsections that mimicked the natural shape of the hairline, and created a square shape), following the contour of the head.  Once the silhouette was established, aggressive point cutting released weight and bulk and produced texture and movement.

The style: Eric applied Joico JoiGel Medium Style Gel to damp hair and directed all strands from back to front with his fingers.  Once hair was dry, Instant Refresh at the scalp provided lift, Joico Crème Wax Texture & Shine produced separation and Power Spray provided long-lasting hold

The look: Full, lush and sexy!

The cut:  This full-textured hair was cut with a slight taper on the sides and back that was incorporated into the natural hairline.  Eric lifted the top sections straight up and point-cut to accentuate the natural texture.

The style: Eric applied JoiGel Medium Style Gel to the sides and back sections and worked Joico Power Whip Whipped Foam through the top sections.  He blew the hair dry with a cushion brush, wrapping it around the head for a smooth finish.  Once strands were dry, he directed all of the hair back, worked in a small amount of Joico Super Shine Glossing Polish and finished with Power Spray for touchable hold.


Hair: Eric Mayes

Photography:  Roberto Ligresti

Makeup: David Maderich

Stylist:  Beagy Zielinski