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The Look of Love: Hot Date, Hot Hair

When we asked superstar stylist, Eric Mayes, to create romantic, do-it-yourself coifs that would cover the hot-date spectrum—everything from chill to thrilling—he captured our hearts with four looks you’ll love…

 Date Night Hair 1

THE FIRST-IMPRESSION ‘DO: Blindingly Beautiful Braids

There’s a reason our pro loves braids for a first meet-up: “I think they give the vibe that you’re pulled together, but not trying too hard to impress,” says Eric of this play-it-cool strategy. What to ‘do:

·      Skip the wash (but not the shower, please) and start with second-day hair. Now add a few spritzes of Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo to create some dimension and holding power.
·      If you want a little more oomph, use a barrel iron and a bit of Texture Boost on random strands to accentuate the undone look.
·      Braid your hair into something playful. Anything playful, really…a fishtail braid, a French braid, a braid that’s pinned up into a bun or crown.
·      Keep that not-trying-too-hard thing going by loosening the braid a tad, pulling lightly from the top and working your way down.
·      Give hair a good shot of Flip Turn for finish and hold, and you’re set. Literally.

Date Night Hair 2

SPORTY AND SPICY: A Practically Perfect Ponytail

You’re about to hit the slopes, take a hike, run for fun—but we’re still talking romance, so a crazy, stupid hairdo (read: just throw it up there with any old elastic) is not an option. What is: a shiny high pony (for shoulder-length hair and beyond) that gives the illusion of longer, Rapunzel-esque tresses. What to ‘do:

·      Or, in this case, not do…don’t wash your hair. (We told you we’d make this easy.) Second-day strands—even better if they have some wave or texture—are the key to keeping this look cool. Hit hair with Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo for extra staying power.
·      Divide hair horizontally at the base of the crown, essentially forming two ponytails—one upper, one lower. Clipping the top section out of the way for the moment, secure the bottom half with an elastic band fairly high on the head (in line with the top of your ears). Now unclip and secure the upper section with another elastic band, spreading its layers to loosen the shape, and allowing it to flow over the other pony.
·      Spray liberally with Flip Turn to keep your ponies in place…and start making your moves.

Date Night Hair 3

RED-HOT NIGHT: Waves To Knock ‘Em Over

You can have long hair, you can have short hair…and you can have these waves. They don’t discriminate. But here’s the rule, says Eric: “Your hair has to be smooth, shiny, and beautifully finished to show off the texture.” What to ‘do:

·      Start with clean hair. Cocktail a mixture of Power Whip Whipped Foam and new K-PAK Color Therapy Dry Oil Spray, working the products through hair with a comb to evenly distribute.
·      Blow dry hair with a large, round brush for maximum volume.
·      Grab a curling iron or wand and create “foundation” waves in a repeating pattern—horizontal sections on longer hair, vertical sections for shorter hair.
·      Cool curls completely (temporarily pinning longer sections in place so they don’t release the curl before they cool).
·      Using fingers or a paddle brush, loosen the set and arrange wavy strands as you like.
·      Hit those waves with a shot of Flip Turn…and watch your date flip over your sexy, bouncy, voluminous coif.

Date Night Hair 4

WON’T YOU STAY (IN) WITH ME: The Blow-You-Away Blowout

Nothing too finished, nothing too intentional…just clean, gleaming hair that’s perfectly finished. What to ‘do:

·      Start with squeaky-clean hair. If your  tresses are fine, mingle Power Whip Whipped Foam with K-PAK Color Therapy Dry Oil Spray; if they’re coarse or thick, combine K-PAK Smoothing Balm and K-PAK Color Therapy Dry Oil Spray. Work this love potion into sections of hair no larger than the diameter of your brush.
·      Blow dry hair into beautiful, flowing strands (this is not the time for those determined, straight-as-a-flat-iron styles).
·      Work some magic into the hair with Joico’s brand-new Hair Shake—a liquid-to-powder texturizer that produces the most velvety soft, mega-volume finish.
·      Finish with Design Works Hair Spray for hold that’s still totally touchable. And touchable. And touchable…





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