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Hair Braids

Hair Braids From Joico Experts

From crowns and fishtails, to waterfalls and coils, braids seem limitless and this broad range of style within a style has cemented their popularity. The braid has been around for a while but its versatility keeps them current. An easy DIY braid can be a real head-turner and your next best-look. Here are some braid how-tos that you can make your own and even help jump start your own imagination!


Joico Pop-Up Braid Event How-To Videos

“Waterfall” Braid

Watch this how-to tutorial and learn how to create the perfect “Waterfall Braid” hairstyle for your hair.

“Fishtail Braid”

Watch this how-to tutorial and learn how to create the perfect “Fishtail Braid” hairstyle for your hair.

“Bow” Braid/Bun

Watch this how-to tutorial and learn how to create the perfect “Bow” braid/bun for your hair.


Step-by-Step Downloads

BeachyHeadband_thumbnailHeadband Braid:

Braids are a no-brainer hairstyle for every season. Joico hairstylist Katie Bilovol shows you how to create this headband braid – perfect for any casual occasion!

>> Download the Headband Braid How-to


BRAIDEDUPDO_thumbnailUpdo Braid:

The latest PM ‘do du jour is this upstyle created by Joico hairstylist Katie Bilovol. Attempt this tutorial for your next rooftop soiree or cocktail event – your hair might steal the show!

>> Download the Updo Braid How-To


FISHTAIL_thumbnailFishtail Braid:

The classic fishtail is having a moment – give the beloved braid a fun update by adding a pop of color into the mix.

>> Download the Fishtail Braid How-To


Always wanted to attempt a braid crown updo but didn’t know how? Joico hairstylist Katie Bilovol shows off surprisingly simple steps to achieve the look! Switch up your mid-season ‘do for one that’ll keep you looking chic no matter the occasion.

>> Download the Crown Braid How-to


bridal-braid-thumbAccented Braid:

Sometimes a special occasion style requires something special! Diane Pickett shows how to use pearl and feather accents to embellish your creations.
Joico Educator Diana Pickett suggests applying Joico Matte Grip Texture Creme to dry hair and brushing through before braiding. This will give hair cohesion and prevent it from being too slippery so that the style will hold.

>> Download the Accented Braid How-To


layer-cake-thumbLayer Cake Braid:

Learn how to create a curved and graceful multi-layered braid that looks complex.
Joico Educator Katie Bilovol secret weapon is Joico Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax. “It gives the hair ‘grip’ and cohesion which makes strands easier to work when braiding.”

>> Download the Layer Cake How-To