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Summer Blonde Protection Pop Quiz


Here’s what we know for sure about summer: If you’re blonde, you go blonder. If you’re not blonde, now’s the perfect time to take the plunge. But no matter how much your fair hair sparkles in the sun and surf, summer has a sneaky way of doing a number on those delicate blonde strands.

Fortunately, we’ve got a lifeguard plan ready and waiting. With the help of Joico pro, Cherry Petenbrink, we’ve put together a quiz that will test your blonde know-how…and give you every tool you need to protect your bombshell investment this summer.


They say the key to happiness lies in doing for others. And we’re the first to agree that acts of charity, of philanthropy, and of goodwill are the sparkling fairy dust that makes the world go round. But here at Joico, we also firmly believe that joi begins with loving yourself inside and out — in ways that bubble up and burst forth like a big, giant rainbow
We’ve found some very simple, very beautiful ways to show yourself a little goodness this month. Won’t you try them?



You can Keto yourself to death, count portions in multicolored serving cups, and swear off sugar, dairy, and gluten ’til the end of time. Sure, chances are, you’ll be a lean, mean, fitness machine. But you might not be happy. So make sure — no matter what healthful plan you follow — to allow yourself something indulgent every now and then. It can be a funnel cake at the fair…a bag of cheesy Doritos… a luscious gratin of lobster mac-and-cheese. But eat it. Enjoy it. And promise us you won’t beat yourself up even once for digging in.



When Katy Perry spied the gorgeous cherry blossoms on her Asia tour, she had our very own Rick Henry, of LA’s Nine Zero One Salon transform her platinum pixie cut into the sweetest rosy ‘do. It’s the kind of pretty that just makes you smile every time you see your reflection…and it’s temporary, so no worrying about a long-term commitment. Just spend 30 minutes with Joico’s Color Butter Pink and watch your glow grow. (10 shampoos later, it’ll be a fond memory.)



Planting flowers is good for the garden. Planting flowers that you allow yourself to cut and put on display in your house, your salon, on your desk…well, that’s good for the soul. It’s not too late to sink some annuals into pots, so they’ll be vase-ready before summer.



You might be the family member who always gives up the remote and goes with the group vote to make everyone else happy. But just once in a while, consciously assert your own wishes. YOU choose the movie. YOU decide what restaurant you’re going to. YOU plan the trip. According to experts at Psychology Today, asserting your own needs can lead to less depression and better relationships. Might sound counterintuitive…but it’s true.



If you’ve bumped up your blonde for the warmer months (Blonde Life Shampoo and Conditioner is a good way to go), or segued to a more intense hair color, now is the time to also head to the beauty counter and indulge in all-new shades. No guilt trip here. Take advantage of the pro lessons, the freebies, and the indulgent time for yourself; and if you happen to stumble upon a gorg spring lipstick or glimmering shadow palette that makes you jump for joi, buy it and love it.

When festival season came rolling in, it was only natural for us to tap social-media hair star, Larisa Love — queen of the perfect cut and color — as our artful ambassador; the hairdresser who can shake up volume, texture, color, and style with the kind of casual cool that’s at the heart of the music industry. (She also happens to be ridiculously good at the fun details, like embellishing a braid with that perfect bloom.) Check out Larisa’s lineup of rock-star looks… we’re obsessed with them.



The vibe: Deep, lush, ginger color and the perfect styling product lands this chill ‘do some serious attention. It’s just tumbled enough to be gorg but not messy.

To nail it: Larisa upped the ante with Color Butter Red, a 5-minute treatment that not only conditions, but takes the intensity of this ginger shade to the stratosphere, and lasts for ten full shampoos. Body Shake delivered the bouncy, full finish that was lightly curled and tousled (and can be touched and retouched as the festival day wears on).



The vibe: Crazy-cool color — a interplay of icy light and daring dark — gives this platinum look a whole new level of blonde dimension.

To nail it: With new Beach Shake to deliver satiny hydration, separation, and a glam sheen, mini detail braids steal the show.



The vibe: Sometimes the simplest throwback styles — in this case, pulled-back twisted strands, loosely gathered and flourished with flowers — make the biggest hit.

To nail it: Tousle-dry hair and then lift layers, spraying lightly with Hair Shake for a touch of texture, volume, and separation. Larisa loved the way it gave each twist a little extra grip.



The vibe: Sheen, sheen, and more sheen is the name of the game to elevate coarse, thick glam hair. The waves? Big-time drama!

To nail it: After curling with a large-barrel iron, Larisa was looking for the kind of shine and illumination that would totally showcase really dark, really intense hair. She reached for Beach Shake, with its combo of Coconut and Sunflower Seed Oils, to maximize that satiny, touchable gleam.

The clocks have moved forward and everything is starting to peek out from behind winter’s shadow (cherry blossoms, workout-starved bodies, dark roots!). According to psychologists, human beings are programmed to go into rest mode when it’s dark, and to be more active and in high spirits when it’s bright; which is exactly why people are positively joi-ful on a beautiful spring day. Here, more ways to shine, inside and out, this season…



Light has an enormous impact on mood, thanks to an upsurge of the happiness hormone, serotonin, and a diminishment of the sleep hormone, melatonin, when the sun starts to shine. So take advantage of welcoming mornings and longer days by getting outside as much as possible. You’ll actually trigger the pineal gland, which sends orders to the brain to make you feel cheery.



If you’re thinking about taking those highlights up a few notches over the next few months, give them a head start by revitalizing your blonde with Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner. Swap them out for your regular cleanser and you’ll also be protecting hair from damaging elements — the healthiest, best possible canvas for lightened locks.



In the same way your wintery palette lent a cozy feel to your home in the colder months, adding a sense of airy lightness can get you in the right mindset for spring. Hit the discount stores for natural-looking throw pillows (linen, white denim, nubby weaves), along with clusters of fresh white candles, green plants, and lots of light-bouncing mirrors.



You’ve started walking, signed up for that yoga class, and vowed to put more nutritious food on the shopping list. Just make sure plenty of vibrant produce is at the top of it, say a host of nutrition experts, who claim there’s a strong day-to-day relationship between positive mood and higher fruit-and-vegetable consumption.



Like an actor on a stage, sometimes all it takes it the right costume to get into character. (Or in this case, get a spring in your step.) Pull out your favorite woven fedora; that paler, roomier tote; the pair of wedge espadrilles that you’ve been missing…and watch as your mood become as light as your outfit.

Are you seeing hearts and flowers? We certainly are — along with the hairstyles that guarantee you get them. From seriously romantic waves to easy updos that will have you on a high, these looks are red-hot for Valentine’s Day (and night!).
Get the five seductively easy how-tos here:



A wave here, a curl there…these loose, natural, bodacious tendrils create the kind of hair that you (and others) can’t keep their hands out of. It’s all about imperfect texture and tons of plush volume.

Start with: Dry hair (second-day hair is even better, because it grabs the curls). Spray sections with Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray, then create loose waves using a large-barrel curling iron; allow curls to cool before finger-fluffing and separating strands for sexy dimension.

Now add: Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray. Lift layers of hair, applying product from the roots upward, and let strands fall naturally; scrunch and continue finger-fluffing for extra volume.

The finish: Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray to hold your luxe look in place for the rest of the evening.



Sometimes, a hairstyle looks complicated…and you’re the only one who knows just how easy it is to create. This sophisticated roll is utterly elegant for a night of fine dining and dancing, yet comes together in a snap.

Start with: A drop of K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil to smooth hair and add instant sheen. Next, create a simple low ponytail with an elastic band, leaving a few strands out to loosely frame your face. Split the ponytail in two, rolling the ends of one side up, tucking them under, and securing with discreet bobby pins. Now repeat on the other side. Using a medium-barrel curling iron, add waves to the loose, face-framing strands.

Now add: Embellishments. Tuck an elegant, bling-topped comb or clip into the top of one of the rolled ponies.

The finish: Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray to keep flyaways at bay.



What happens when you pair a blonde pony with wild waves and a clever wrap trick? You get this luscious, honeycombed half-up/half-down ‘do that’s destined to break a few hearts.

Start with: Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner, followed by Blonde Life Brightening Veil to bump up shine, protect hair from thermal styling, and make comb-through a breeze. Blow-dry hair thoroughly and create loose waves from the ears down using a large-barrel curling iron.

Now add: Some trickery! Gather curls loosely into a ponytail (leave a few tendrils around the face), and secure with an elastic. Next, create a split just above the elastic and pull entire ponytail up and through the hole, tugging gently to loosen the look. Optional: Wind one of the swept-back tendrils around the base of the ponytail and secure discreetly with bobby pins.

The finish: Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray throughout the curls, followed by gentle finger scrunching for max volume and hold.



The sexiest Mermaid-y fishtail braid makes a feminine splash when it’s gently teased into submission. The kind of nonchalant hairstyle that looks like it’s playing hard to get…but is an easy catch when you know the how-tos.

Start with: K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment, the quick-as-a-flash performer that instantly illuminates and nourishes every single strand you’re about to braid.

Now add: Your handiwork. Gather long hair to one side, and begin fishtail braiding starting low on the forehead, leaving plenty of sexy tendrils out to frame the face. Secure end with a transparent elastic band.

The finish: To keep your braid from appearing overly “done” and help hold it steady for the big night, apply Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray, gently pulling on the sides of the braid to loosen the look.



Beautiful woman holding artificial heart

Start with: If you’re fair-haired, an application of Blonde Life Brightening Masque will instantly soften and hydrate your pale strands, neutralizing any nasty yellow trace minerals. Leave in 3 – 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly; then follow with your regular blowout.

Now add: Gently rolling waves. Part hair deeply to one side, and then apply Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray before winding generous sections of hair around a large-barrel curling wand, starting below the eyes. Release, and allow strands to cool thoroughly. (To keep waves intact, do not finger-comb or tousle.)

The finish: Apply Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray to bump up shine and keep flyaways in check.

Plenty of magazines speculate on celebrity hair. (You know the drill: “So and so appears to have added highlights…“). Not us. We’ve got Katy Perry’s lead celebrity hair pro, Rick Henry, on board; which means an express lane right to the source of all things Katy. When she sits in the chair, cuts her hair, goes blonde or black, uptown or down, we’ve got the scoop.

There’s good reason that Rick’s at the center of celebrity central. Famed for his work at LA’s Nine Zero One Salon and a Hollywood favorite, Rick landed the coveted gig of Katy Perry’s lead stylist for her global world tour, Witness. He’s also coiffing her for American Idol — all of which makes him eminently qualified to give us this first-hand dish.


Us: You clearly love working with Katy. What makes the gig so much fun?
Katy is amazing! Not only is she a beautiful canvas to work on, she is the best boss you can ask for. As we all know, Katy loves “a look.” She’s all about the glam! In over ten years of working with her, we’ve had so many evolving styles; I love the daily challenge of creating all the fun, artistic ideas she brings to the table.

Us: Tell us about her well-known willingness to change her hair.
Katy definitely loves to change it up! The short hair is super-chic and sexy…like a modern-day Twiggy. But when she’s in the mood for a whole different look, we love going with a wig. Whether it’s a long, blonde look or an edgy black bob, it’s so much fun to be inspired and create look after look after look.

Us: Sounds like you never have a dull day! What’s the single most memorable hair session you’ve ever done with Katy.
I don’t even know where to begin with this one! There have been so many…it could have been in a tent in India…or on one of the world’s largest private yachts off the coast of the South of France. (The boat had its own private salon that was nicer than most salons you see in the States!). I could go on and on…


Us: Okay: Hands-down favorite look on her…which is it?
Has to be the one in Cannes in 2016. Katy wore all red, and her hair and makeup were perfection. Simply put, she was stunning.


Us: We know you love to coif with Joico products. What’s your can’t-live-without choice?
My hands-down favorite is Hair Shake. These days, it’s all about texture…I can’t get enough! So I like to finish the style with a light spray of Hair Shake at the roots; that gives me all the lift I need without harsh teasing. It’s the best!




Katy Perry Goes Platinum For The Oscars

Even the glittering gold gowns and statues couldn’t hold a candle to the icy cool luster of Katy Perry’s platinum pixie ‘do, dreamed up by Rick Henry.

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The sensational Katy Perry has a rep for a) looking gorgeous, b) pushing the boundaries with edgy hair, makeup, and costumes, and c) being able to pull off almost any trend with aplomb. So when star colorist, Rick Henry, wanted to take her to platinum heights for her red carpet Oscar moment, she was all in. Good thing, too, because this shatteringly icy shade takes some gumption; once you nail it, though, your competition’s toast.

Styling Secrets:

When hair is this fair and this edgy, product becomes absolutely key. Rick prepped Katy’s freshly-shampooed ‘do with Blonde Life Brightening Veil to protect each strand from heat damage and keep the blonde bumped way up.
Then after a blowdry, used Joico’s Body Shake to throw in that perfect textured definition and volume. A bit of JoiMist Medium Finishing Spray and she was good to go for a whole round of parties. (And btw…those eyebrows? We’re swooning.)

When the New Year rolls around, prepare for 12 months of the healthiest hair ever…because we’re determined to turn the locks you’ve got into a strong, lustrous, gorgeous mane event. Your resolutions start TODAY…

New Year’s Resolution #1: Protect hair from heat styling

Like any daily habit (teeth brushing, taking vitamins, exercising), once in a while is not enough. Use Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray every single time you hit your hair with a heat source — blowdryer, curling wand, flat iron, even the sun — and you’ll see a visible difference unfold before your eyes.


New Year’s Resolution #2: Get strong

No matter long or short, dark or light, fat or fine your hair is, powering it up with award-winning K-PAK Revitaluxe will give even the most damaged strands a mighty boost.


New Year’s Resolution #3: Lock in the shine

A product that can transform your hair in a single at-home session is worth putting on your January list. And that includes Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair treatment…the secret to out-of-this world color vibrancy, unbelievable glide power, and gleam like you’ve never seen.


New Year’s Resolution #4: Stop tugging the tangles

A wide-tooth comb and Joico’s Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Crème applied to damp, snarled hair won’t leave you in knots…the kind that only lead to split ends. (Bonus: You’ll also save strands from damage.)


New Year’s Resolution# 5: Spend less time fiddling

Any day you can shave a few minutes off your beauty routine is a good one. By avoiding harsh daily cleansing, and opting for a health break with Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, you’ll save time (and your hair): This magic in a can gives you the volume of a wet wash and brings your style back to life in seconds.


New Year’s Resolution #6: Have fun with color

Going lavishly pink or flirting with purple doesn’t have to mean ten weeks of trotting around with fashion-forward hair. But it can easily mean ten shampoos of that fun fantasy look when you play with new Color Butters, lusciously nourishing refreshers that amp up the intensity of bold hair color and add shots of bold tones to blondes.


New Year’s Resolution #7: Enjoy a weekly treat(ment)

Surely you’ve got five minutes once a week to let Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm infuse its nourishing ingredients (like Shea butter) into your dry, frizzy, desperate hair. That’s all it takes to rehydrate even the driest of stranded strands.


New Year’s Resolution #8: Give your ‘do a fair shake

Like: some oomph, some height, and some serious dimension! Simply spritz on a dose of extraordinary Hair Shake, the liquid-to-powder texturizer that gives you the velvety-soft, mega-volume finish you can play with and mold to your heart’s content.


New Year’s Resolution #9: Turn back the clock

No one has to know that your telltale roots are showing (in fact, no one has to know that you have roots!) when you hit them with your perfect shade of Tint Shot Root Concealer — our flash-dry, humidity-resistant formula that blends the bad stuff in seconds.


New Year’s Resolution #10: Be unabashedly blonde

We say, if you’re going to lighten up, do it with pride — and then care for your hair like nobody’s business. With Blonde Life Shampoo, Conditioner, Brightening Veil, and Masque, you can strengthen each strand, bump up the shine, and know that your fair hair is in the safest of hands.


Try these once-a-week prescriptions for happiness.

We get it: Big changes and lofty resolutions can seem overwhelming when all you want to do is infuse life with a little more “happy” here and there. So we say, let’s take it one day at a time this year…and change the course of your life with deal-able 24-hour doses that make a big difference in the feel-good department…


We know it sounds tough, but take just one day a week to steer clear of email, the phone, the news, social media…and every other technological assault that comes your way.


Eat Clean

A daily diet that has you permanently avoiding sugar, dairy, processed foods, carbs — basically anything that sounds good — can be a set-up for failure. So how about setting aside just one weekday for nourishing your body with the cleanest, purest foods, plenty of water, and chemical-free meals?


Get 8 Hours

Yeah, right — how many people actually manage to get the recommended amount of sleep each night? If you’re in the majority, you’re probably averaging somewhere between five and seven sad little hours before you have to get up and function like a human. But aim for that golden 8 hours of slumber just once a week, and you may find the payoff enough to motivate you to hit the sack earlier on a semi-regular basis.


Deal With A Drawer

Notice we didn’t say Edit your closet. Or, Clean out the garage. Instead, simply tackle a single, small space during a spare moment in your week and reap the benefits of feeling more and more organized as your home begins to slowly take shape.



Now that you’ve tidied up and trimmed the excess, it’s time to reward yourself with the gift of beauty…like Joico’s Luster Lock Instant Shine and Repair miracle for color-treated hair. It has the uncanny ability to deliver vibrancy, super slip, brush glide power, and gorgeous gleam in a single treatment. (And that delivers the feels, big-time!)


Be Charitable

You may not have the resources to write big checks, or the stamina to run a philanthropic marathon, but committing to a small weekly “give-back” has enormous benefits in the “joi” department. Maybe it means donating the contents of your spare-change jar…scanning your pantry for a few food-bank items…or making an extra dinner for someone who could use a good meal (a new mom, say, or that neighbor who’s back is out). Whatever you choose, make it manageable, make it regular, and make it “joi-ful.”

Read more tips on finding your “joi.”

So much for resorting to a classic slicked-back pony when the invitation says “fancy.” International hair superstar and Joico Guest Artist, Vivienne Mackinder, has dreamed up a portfolio of holiday hair looks that take gorgeous to new heights…and we’re bringing the party to you. Here’s the scoop on these sexy, stunning styles from her 2017 Silhouette Collection (plus the products to pull them off):



Harkening back to the days of old Hollywood glamour, this Marilyn-inspired loose updo encourages a chin-length halo of sexy, voluminous waves without sacrificing an ounce of actual length. With some clever teasing, hidden bobby pins, and strategic curls here and there, you’ll have them at Hello. (Or should we say, Halo?)

Product cache:



Half-up, half-down, but fully fabulous! The secret to this heightened hair look: French Lace, a light teasing technique that creates volume despite the illusion of silky-smooth hair; and a Flat Wrap on the ends to lend piece-y appeal.

Product cache:




Your hair will be long on style and short for the evening only with this dramatically plush faux bob look. It gets its secret hold and drama from Vivienne’s unique Push/Pull teasing technique.

Product cache:



Calling this utterly sophisticated ‘do a “ponytail” would be ‘do-ing it an injustice — as it’s actually a cleverly deconstructed French Twist that hides the magic of a Mohawk for height.

Product cache:



When elaborate French braids scare you off, take a look at this genius mass of rope braids — impossibly intricate-looking, but actually a cinch to master. Coupled with tons of texture, the style is one of the most beautiful ways to keep hair up and off this face this season.

Product cache:

This may seem like a strange letter to you, but I wanted to let you know that your Color Intensity Amethyst hair color has actually changed my life in an incredible way…

So began the note we received from Joico client, Donna Bedard, of Springfield, MA — a note that seriously validated the work we do, not just as a hair care company, but as a hair company that CARES. Read on for the rest of Donna’s powerful story…

When the letter from Joico fan, Donna Bedard, landed in our mailbox, we got actual goosebumps — the kind that signals something special is in the air. Or in this case…the hair.  Fifty-something Donna, you see, had been battling breast cancer, which meant losing her pride-and-joy, waist-length hair during intense rounds of chemo, a transition that is often said to be one of the most traumatic elements of a woman’s cancer fight. As she began her recovery and her locks grew back in, Donna realized it was time for a life change; and she turned to Joico’s Color Intensity in Amethyst to make it happen.

Interestingly, Amethyst is considered a healing color. Those who believe in the power of crystals say that this heliotrope shade enhances physical vitality, especially after chemotherapy or radiation treatments. What’s more, it brings with it a sedative energy that can promote peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. So when Donna told us her story, we were thrilled…but not entirely surprised.

Joico: Let’s start by asking about your hair before the chemo — can you describe it to us?

DB: My hair was actually down past my waist. I was a pretty shy and withdrawn person, but that hair was actually the one thing I loved about myself.

Joico: And what happened after the treatments?

DB: Hearing that I had to get chemo was devastating; but strangely, losing all my hair was the hardest part about the treatments. Cancer, however, gave me a new perspective on life, and a second chance to grow a bit bolder in the things I wanted to try for myself.

Joico: And that included hair color?

DB: Yes! My hair grew back, and one of the things I wanted to try was to have a bit of fun and dye it purple. At that point, my hair was past my shoulders and a mousy-blonde color, so I decided to start small and just color the ends of my hair –the last inch or so, using Color Intensity in Amethyst. I fell in love with it and that’s when I took the dive and dyed my entire hair this intense purple color. My husband was shocked and I was worried…but it was what happened next that has changed my life DRASTICALLY for the better.

Joico: Amazing. Tell us about that transition…

DB: Well, not only was the change accepted by those around me, but I started to get compliments …compliments from people I didn’t even know. I work in the public in retail and now, every single day, at least a few people tell me how much they love my hair.  I’ve been stopped in parking lots and in stores and on the street, and everyone has the nicest things to say about my hair — not just women, but men as well.

Joico: As a shy person, how did you react to this sudden attention?

DB: Well, at first it was shocking, because I’ve always been one of those people who’s never noticed — I’m no beauty, rather plain, and on the large side. But since the color change, my self-esteem has gone through the roof. I’m much more social and outgoing; quick to smile and engage people in conversation; and finally proud of myself…something I never was before. I walk taller and feel so much better that I’ve completely shed my shyness.

Joico: How are you feeling these days?

DB: I was blessed with a full recovery and have no plans on ever changing my hair color. I’ve told my family that I’ll be in my 90’s and still rocking the purple! Mostly, I hope that my story inspires others to find their joi. To this day, I get women coming up to me saying they wish they had the confidence to take such a bold step. I always tell them to go for it — and obviously, recommend Color Intensity.


Learn more about Color Intensity semi-permanent color…