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How to Get Gaga’s Golden Globes Hair


It started with the dress

When Gaga’s hair and makeup team got their first look at her out-of-this-world periwinkle Valentino gown, creativity went into overdrive. “We were so inspired by the magnificent color of the dress, so we choose to use a similar tone for the hair, too,” reveals Frederic.


She literally stole the show

So Shallow won Best Song. But Lady Gaga won Best Hair in the morning-after press wave, everyone hailing the star’s beautiful blue appearance as a “modern-day Cinderella.”

The hair vision was 16th century European aristocracy

The hairstyle itself took its cue from the history books, explains Frederic, “The sophistication of the women of that era who wore clothes of extreme elegance and regalia was our inspiration.”

Frederic’s her mane man

Referred to as the Haus of Gaga Wigmaker, Joico celebrity artist Frederic Aspiras has been her long-time “manestay;” creating head-turning color, cuts, and style for everything from red-carpet appearances to concerts, movies, and more.


Gaga’s unique blue hair color took a note from the Devil Wear’s Prada playbook

Remember the scene in Prada, where Miranda Priestley lectures a beleaguered Andi on the critical difference between everyday blue and cerulean? Same deal here. “When the Valentino gown came in for the fitting, we knew we had to do cerulean blue hair,” says Frederic.

It was completely collaborative

Not surprisingly, the creative process always involves putting two genius heads together. Frederic explains, “I’ll make a few sketches of the hair or show a mock-up hairstyle and/or color choice of a wig so we can try it on with the gown. We spend so much time thinking it through and trying different options.”

He put a bow on it

Every beautiful package needs a final flourish. Which is why Gaga’s magical, Cinderella-like updo featured a bow-like structure to highlight the beautiful blue tones that danced throughout her icy-blonde strands.

Capture THE color of the night:

Create an overall bright-blonde base, then go in with Sky and Rose mixed with Clear to create the unique hue…

Formula 1: Prelighten with Blonde Life Lightening Powder + 20 Volume LumiShine Developer

Formula 2: Mix Joico Color Intensity 2 parts Sky + 1 part Rose + 2 parts Clear Mixer to create the perfect shade of cerulean blue

Treat: Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque

Nail the updo:

• Prep strands with Joico Blonde Life Brightening Veil and a wide-tooth comb to protect hair and add mega shine.
• Blow hair dry using a round boar-bristle brush; alternating between high and medium heat will protect strands yet move the drying process along.


• Apply Joico Body Shake for texture and hold.
• Using a board-bristle paddle brush, sweep hair up into a ponytail, then wrap and twist hair into a half bun, leaving ends out and parted to each side of the head.
• Finish by wrapping the ends of the hair around a 1 ½-inch curling iron.





What we’ll be seeing: Despite plenty of warm, golden tones expected to flourish throughout the year, cool blonde, white, silver, and grey tones will be in full effect and just important throughout 2019.
Larisa’s fav formulas: Use Joico Blonde Life to Lift. Tone with LumiShine 10SB + 9V with 5 volume.



What we’ll be seeing: Very warm, golden caramel tones with a lot of shine and richness.
Larisa’s fav formulas: LumiShine 9NG + 10NC. Vero K-PAK Color 9G + 9G with a dash of ING.



What we’ll be seeing: Vibrant, coppery color that makes an intense statement.
Larisa’s fav formulas: LumiShine 7CC with dash of 6RR. Vero K-PAK Color 7RC + 8RG.



What we’ll be seeing: Deep, rich, seductive cabernet hair-color that’s elegant yet edgy.
Larisa’s fav formula: LumiShine 5RR+4VV. Vero K-PAK Color 5RR+4VR.



What we’ll be seeing: Chocolate-brown is heading up the brunette scene all the way through 2019, along with medium brown tones;, both luscious, shiny, and healthy.
Larisa’s fav formulas: LumiShine 5NWB+5NG. Vero K-PAK Color 5NWB+5NG.



What we’ll be seeing: Shades of purple from the Color Intensity line will never go out of style…especially this year.
Larisa’s fav formula: Amethyst + Silver Violet.



Smooth & Polished: Decidedly smooth, polished hair — achieved with either a blow dryer or flat iron.

The Best Bob: Striking and blunt — hitting both below and above the jaw line.

The Seventies Shag: Inspired by a vintage decade, this look is characterized with eyebrow-grazing bangs that are longer on the sides; plus layers that give the hair volume and movement.

An All-One-Length Clean Cut: Perfect for those who have fine, textured hair and want to keep the length while giving their strands a thicker look and feel.


Katy Perry: “I’m loving Katy’s hair,” says Larisa of Hollywood’s most colorful gal. “She’s been switching up her hair color so oftenl It’s amazing to see how confident she is, and how well she can pull off all the vivid tones as well as the natural hues.”


Mary Kate and Ashley: “They’re very fashionable when it comes to clothing. But I feel like their hair hasn’t evolved much in years. I’d love to see a drastic change of color or cut from them in 2019.”


According to Mark Manson, standing in front of the mirror and repeating affirmations saying that you’re beautiful only serve to remind you that you’re not beautiful right now. “Ironically, this fixation on the positive…reminds us over and over again of what we aren’t.” A better habit: Just BE. Whether it’s beautiful, hardworking, successful, charitable…start living the habit instead of reminding yourself of your shortcomings.



Nothing puts you in the pressure cooker more than placing an unrealistic timeline on self-improvement. Want to lose weight this year? Fine…but don’t tell yourself you have to do it in three months. Instead, gradually begin small changes (not eating after dinner, taking a dance class, etc,) that build toward your goals without hard-and-fast rules.



Should can be a toxic part of your vocab, because what if you don’t? (Then you’ve essentially failed.) Here’s an alternative approach:
Should thought: “I should wash my hair today.”
Negative result: “I didn’t have time to and now I look awful!”
More joi-ful choice: “If I don’t have time to wash my hair today, no biggie. I’ll just grab my Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo and do the full-on shampoo-and-style when I have more time.”



According to leading gratitude researcher, Robert Emmons, finding things to be thankful about (rather than beating yourself up about what’s missing) can reduce many toxic emotions, “from envy and resentment to frustration and regret.”



Rather than compiling an intimidating personal punch list for 2019, go into the New Year patting yourself on the back for the things you DID do well over the past 12 months. Maybe it wasn’t weight loss (and maybe it wasn’t enough hair washes!)…but we guarantee that if you actually look in the rearview with fresh eyes, you’ll find plenty of joi worth celebrating.


Pulling hair into a lofty pony at the crown gives your swept-back style a more playful look in mere seconds. But add Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil, and your instant party look takes on a special, healthy gleam. Before gathering strands, simply apply the product to your hands and emulsify; then smooth the oil over the crown of the hair and throughout the ponytail itself. Secure with an elastic and you’re out the door.


Pesky individual strands are known to pop up here and there when you’ve gathered hair into a bun. But when you want them to stay put (and add an out-of-this-world gleam to your updo), just try this clever trick: Apply Joico JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray to the bun, wrap it with a hair net, and set the look using a blow-dryer that has a cool-shot button. You’ll get a high-gloss ‘do that’s neat as a pin.



Lots of holiday styles involve pulling hair neatly away from the face (ponies, updos, half-do’s, you name it). But that often means loose, flyaway, or frizzy strands making a mess of your handiwork at the hairline. Try Richard’s “neatening” strategy: Simply apply JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray to a toothbrush (yes, a toothbrush) and smooth back any errant strands around your face. The tiny, firm bristles give you precise styling power, allowing you to easily blend those strands into your pulled-back style.


When the party says glam and you’ve got no time to spare, try these quick-and-easy accessory hacks that turn everyday hair into something gloriously festive. Joico Guest Artist, Ricardo Santiago, has some pretty inviting ideas….


Up the ante of curly looks in mere seconds by adding the flourish of a blinged-out headband.

• Prep hair with Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray, followed by an application of Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Crème.

• Blow-dry hair with a large diameter round brush to build volume.

• After finishing the blow-dry, apply Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray and Hair Shake to get strands ready for curls.

• Divide hair into quadrants. Starting at the nape, take 1-inch horizontal slices and begin to curl each section with a 1/2”-barrel iron.

• Continue all the way up the quadrants, starting at the bottom and working up to the top.

• Once all the hair has been curled, apply Beach Shake and brush out using fingers (this will separate the curls and build volume).
• Place your favorite sparkling headband around the crown.
(Hint: For extra volume, pull the headband down just below the crown, then push back up into place.)


Forget the mantel…these favorite flowers bloom beautifully in a simple pulled-back style.
Prep hair with Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray, followed by Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil.

• Blow-dry hair using a paddle brush to smooth strands.

• Finish blowout by applying Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray throughout, then add a bit of Hair Shake to ready the hair for curls.

• Start at the perimeter around the face, by taking vertical sections approximately 1 1/2”-2” wide.
(Tip: For more control, make sure your sections take up no more than approximately half of the barrel of the iron.)

• Using a 1 1/2”-barrel iron, begin curling vertically, and turning the iron away from the face. Be sure to leave the last 2 inches without curl for a more relaxed effect.

• Continue taking vertical sections, working towards the center back of the head. Once you have reached the center back, repeat the same motions/technique on the other side, curling away from the face and towards the center back.

• Once everything is curled, spray with Beach Shake and brush out, using a boar or combo styling brush to smooth the curls into tamer waves. Take a piece from both sides around the face and meet them in the center back. Tie those sections into a loose knot and secure with a couple of bobby pins.

• Now add decorative craft-store poinsettias over the knot, and discreetly pin into place with additional bobby pins.


Embellish a lovely lavender bob with the newest clip-free hair jewels.

• Prep hair with Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray, followed by Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil.

• Blow-dry hair using a paddle brush to smooth strands.

• Finish blowout by applying Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray throughout, then add a bit of Hair Shake to ready the hair for curls.

• Starting at the perimeter around the face, take vertical sections approximately 1-1 1/2” wide. Using a 1”-barrel iron, begin curling vertically, turning the iron away from the face.

• Curl hair all the way around, alternating your directions with each section (this will give a more separated/textured curl effect). Also, be sure to leave the last 2” out of the iron at the ends of hair for a lived-in look.

• Once all the curling is finished, spray with Body Shake; use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to separate the curls.

• To finish the look, place Bandless Clipless Jewels by Pink Pewter (they’re made with a unique Velcro design) on the parting.

What makes this stunning ‘do a snap is that it avoids having to manipulate hair into a complex allover French braid; instead, Richard creates interest on one side only (which means the look is not only easy, but also a bit of a novelty).

A few tips to get you there:


• Start by prepping the area of hair to be braided with a grippy product — like Body Shake Texturizing Finisher — so each section isn’t sliding out from under your fingers.

• Resist the instinct to take big, bulky sections of hair; the key to this elegant look is creating a braid that’s diminutive and fine.

• If you want a more undone look after you finish braiding, you can loosen it by gently pulling on pieces from each side.

(Note: Avoid braiding it loosely to start with; it’ll unravel before you’ve poured the eggnog.)

• Be sure to go over the braid with a mist of Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray to lock in your work and keep flyaways tamped down.



TRICK #1: Start with a good part

Crisp lines help define your braid line, so make things neat and sharp before you start.


TRICK #2: Wet your hair

The biggest bane of newbie braiders is the tendency to loose a section while working on the next one (all that slipping out from under your fingers). Body Shake is a big help, but so is starting with damp hair to keep things more immobile.


TRICK #3: Avoid the mirror

Yes, it helps to have a guide and check your work, but the backwards reflection might just confuse you more than help you.
(Similar to when you’re curling hair with an iron and instinctively hold it in the wrong direction.)



We love the sheer femininity of an easy topknot…but there’s something so confident about going with a half-up/half-down combo that doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. Here, Richard Mannah’s step-by-steps to pull it all together:

The under-5-minute style:

• Take a parting above the ear and clip that section out of the way. Wrap 1 to 2-inch sections of the bottom hair around a curling iron and create curls throughout. Allow to cool for holding power.


• Apply Joico Body Shake over the bottom section, and mist lightly over the top as well — this texturizing mist will build the foundation needed to maintain the look.

• Using fingers, rake through the hair and pull entire top section into a ponytail at the crown.
(Note: If you want to go for a more traditional, full-on topknot, pull all the hair up at the crown and proceed through Finishing Spray step, below.)

• Secure tightly with an elastic.

• Add a bit of Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil into your hands, emulsify, and then work the oils throughout the ponytail. Begin twisting hair around the base until it forms a tight bun.

• Secure with discreet hairpins.

• Apply Joico JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray to the bun for hold and shine.

• Now, gently loosen the bottom curls for a soft, wavy look.


One of the fastest, most clever ways to “zhuzh” up a hairstyle for the holidays: Bring some bling into the picture. Richard Mannah loves weaving a rose-gold chain (any delicate necklace will do) into a topknot, and allowing the sparkle to dangle seductively from the crown of the hair. Alternately, attach a few shimmering beads to a small section of hair before securing those strands into the rest of your knot or chignon.


Here’s what this heady-scented candle isn’t: a knock-off holiday fragrance that’s sweet and sappy. Here’s what it is: a candle that instantly transports your senses to a forest or Christmas-tree farm, with the earthy snap of Siberian Fir needles, cedarwood, and sandalwood. Close your eyes and prepare to be in evergreen heaven.


K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment

This miracle worker for color-treated hair unlocks the secret to out-of-this-world vibrancy, while providing deep repair, illuminating shine, and the kind of super slip that gives your brush serious glide power.



For the gal (or guy) who’s famous for their beloved signature “dish,” here’s a literal interpretation that turns their popular recipe into a bonafide keepsake.


Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil

Get ready for the gorgeous illumination that puts a powerful spotlight on blondes. Just a single application of Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil instantly revs up the radiance of even the lightest hair, nourishing and protecting each delicate strand with a mega-watt gleam.



The perfect accompaniment to all those New Year’s resolutions about getting organized and tidying the house from top to bottom, this gift of service will guarantee a hug.


K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray

Fusing the hydrating benefits of exotic oils with a unique damage-control formula, this use-it-everyday spray protects hair from heat styling and delivers shiny, frizz-free swing. Anyone you gift this baby to will be safeguarding their gorgeous hair-color and hugging you for life.



If they love their fur babies, they’ll love this snuggly, hooded sweatshirt outfitted with a special pouch for the small pooch (or kitty!) in their life.


K-PAK Shampoo

To say that K-PAK shampoo “cleanses your hair,” is like saying a Chanel coat “keeps you warm.” Sure, it gets the grime out… but it also turns your cleansing into the first step of a reconstruction process specifically designed for hair that’s been put through the ringer. Whether the culprit is overzealous thermal styling or harsh chemical services, our star shampoo actually restores hair’s original condition, measurably increasing strength, and giving it a cloak of protection to fend off future damage.



Fans of the hit series, This Is Us, will howl over this (spoiler alert!) cheeky decal that reminds you to unplug your crockpot before you go to bed.



If the loved-one on your list isn’t familiar with style-influencer dynamo, Rachel Parcell, get them started by bestowing this so-cool holiday top from her hot collection. The swanky, oversized bell sleeves turn it fancy or fun, depending on what you’re pairing it with…jeans, say, or a slim pencil skirt.


K-PAK Conditioner

Hand over this healer at holiday time, and your recipient will be in truly good hands. When the (hair) damage is done, K-PAK conditioner zeroes in on that ravaged cuticle, filling in the battle zones with moisture, silkiness, and strength so nothing tangles with those tresses again.



How do we love thee? Let us count the ways: It’s waterproof, super lightweight, glare-free, has double the storage, teams up with Audible and Bluetooth headphones, and the battery lasts for HOURS.



“We find that a lot of clients want something different at this time of year, but they want to keep their hair long,” explains Richard, who offers up three different lengths of bangs to suit both face shape and “fear factor.” One suggestion: Bring in a photo to show your stylist the length you’re looking for — a picture is worth a thousand words.

Look #1:


“This is super versatile,” says Richard, who loves experimenting with these long bangs, parting them from side to side, or even letting them fall forward into a “curtain” look.


Look #2:


Slightly more committed, but still offering up the illusion of length, these bangs work on practically any haircut, from the longest mane to shorter crops. Big bonus here: The subtle sweep falls sexily over one eye.


Look #3:


The most committed of the three styles, this eyebrow-grazing length is sophisticated but not severe — thanks to plenty of vertical scissoring to break up any harsh lines.



When a full-on chignon or topknot is just too done and free-flowing waves are too undone, try a combo that gives you the sophistication and sexiness of both.


The steps…


•Take a parting above the ear and clip that section out of the way. Wrap 1 to 2-inch sections of the bottom hair around a curling iron and create curls throughout. Allow to cool for holding power.

•Apply Joico Body Shake over the bottom section, and mist lightly over the top as well — this texturizing mist will build the foundation needed to maintain the look.

•Using fingers, rake through the hair and pull entire top section into a ponytail at the crown.

•Secure tightly with an elastic.

•Add a bit of Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil into your hands, emulsify, and then work the oils throughout the ponytail. Begin twisting hair around the base until it forms a tight bun.

•Secure with discreet hairpins.

•Apply Joico JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray to the bun for hold and shine.

•Now, gently loosen the bottom curls for a soft, wavy look.


Embellish holiday hair with gilt and glam — it’s one of the easiest ways to dress up a look without resorting to an exceptionally complex hairstyle. Two of Richard’s favorites: Adding a rose-gold chain to the topknot, and letting it drape gently down the hair. Or: Affixing glimmering beads to a strand of hair before securing the topknot.



After applying Joico JoiMist Firm Finishing Spray to your bun, wrap it with a hair net and set the look using a blow-dryer that has a cool-shot button. For any pesky flyaways at the hairline, spray a bit of the Finishing Spray on a toothbrush, and gently comb the untidy strands into place.

Flop: The heat is on, and there’s no time for homemade pies…

Joi Boost: Everyone may be expecting your famous pecan pie or that Cook’s Illustrated pumpkin trifle, but even some of the biggest experts on the food scene believe there’s nothing wrong with store-bought dessert (especially when you’re feeding a crowd). Says one savvy food blogger, “Don’t stress! A party is just a gathering of people that WANT to be there, WANT to enjoy your company, and are really happy to not be cooking the entire meal themselves.


Flop: Time to eat and your turkey’s not done…

Joi Boost: I’m leaving, said no one ever. Pass the cheese and crackers, pop open the champagne, pour some wine, and start a game that gets everyone interacting. One example? Go around the room and have each person finish this sentence: “The craziest moment I’ve ever had was when…” Trust us, while the evening will be memorable, no one will remember that the meal was late.


Flop: You’ve been cooking all day and your hair looks like hell…

Joi Boost: When you’re trying not to burn the marshmallows on that sweet potato casserole, we’re pretty certain the last thing you want to do is slip into the bathroom and start an hour-long hairstyling sesh. Instead, be thankful you can reach for Joico’s Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo — it instantly zaps the greasies, plus creates the kind of glam volume you get from a full-on wet wash.


Flop: Between the gravy, the stuffing, and Aunt Lou’s green bean casserole, you broke your diet in a big way…

Joi Boost: According to dietician, Patricia Bannon, RDN, save the self-flagellation for another day. “There are certainly times when people overeat unhealthy foods and feel emotionally and/or physically bad afterwards….but it’s really your total diet and total lifestyle that matters.” So give yourself permission to indulge, and jump back on the diligent-eating bandwagon on Black Friday.


Flop: Your cousin just showed up — um, with his adult kids. And their spouses.

Joi Boost: The etiquette pros at PopSugar have some perfect suggestions…and they’re easy as pie. “Invite them in, get them a drink and quickly squeeze in their place setting at the table. Don’t worry if you have to use makeshift seating with office chairs or outdoor chairs. And if you don’t think you have enough food for everyone, whip up a quick side dish such as spaghetti and jarred pasta sauce. It’s not exactly standard Thanksgiving fare, but at least this way there’s enough to go around.” Some experts even believe that this kind of “emotional flexibility” is actually good for our mental health, because it helps avoid feeling stressed or panicky.