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As the days get short, cold, and—we’ll just say it, gloomy—your emotional health could be be taking a trip to the dark side, too. Perfect time to try some conscious, uplifting strategies designed to keep your spirits on the rise. Here, five ways to get happy when things are brewing…

Sweet Potato

1) Eat the season.

We’re not talking about 17 snack-size candy bars from the Halloween bag. We’re talking about indulging in the bounty of Superfoods that grace the produce sections of your grocery store in fall. Choices like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, pomegranates, walnuts, and crisp apples are rich in the nutrients (fiber, vitamins, beta-carotene and more) that make us feel and look our best.

Write a Note

2) Write a note.

No, not an email. Not a text. Not a post on Facebook. Take pen to paper and write the kind of good, old-fashioned note that requires postage and a walk to the mailbox. The gesture feels purposeful, philanthropic, and good. Receiving one in this day of bland electronic communication is like hitting the correspondence lottery!


Luster Lock Brunette

3) Change your hair color.

Those autumnal shades of ginger, burgundy, cocoa, and gold inspire a whole new style palette each fall…and that doesn’t have to be limited to your wardrobe. Try tweaking your hair color to something richer and more warming; then keep those strands in the best possible condition with K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment. Because nothing makes a girl smile more than really amazing hair.


4) Spend time with friends.

Sounds like a no-brainer, but a recent study showed that people with a large, healthy circle of friends outlived those with fewer friends by more than 20 percent. And there’s no better time to gather your peeps than during Halloween season, when those dark-and-stormy cocktails, chili bread bowls, and candy corn treats beckon.

exercise 7 minutes joi

5) Exercise for 7 minutes.

It might not undo the candy damage, but exercise—even in minimal amounts—triggers endorphins, the chemicals in your brain that are associated with feelings of euphoria. Granted, 20 minutes would do your body better; but your mind will be joi-ful with a small dose, too.


Another joi boost – go shopping! We’ve got your fall fashion guide right here.





All eyes were laser-focused on stage last week, as Behind The Chair’s Color Show models unveiled transformative new looks for fall, created exclusively with Joico’s LumiShine and Vero K-PAK Color lines. We grabbed the guys who created these sensations—color superpowers Denis De Souza and Ricardo Santiago—and begged for details. Good news for you: They gave them up…




The who: Denis De Souza

The what: A gorgeous, blue-eyed model hankering for drastic change—like this buttery platinum blonde shade that stopped the show dead in its tracks.

The why: “I knew that this beige-blonde was going to look beautiful against her creamy skin and make those blue eyes pop even more!”

PROS: Get her formula here.




The who: Denis De Souza

The what: A stunning Brazilian model with drab, long, dark hair in need of  illumination…the kind you get using Denis’s two favorite techniques, Baby Lights and Sombré.

The why: “The subtly lightened strands soften her overall look and warm up her complexion; that’s super important in the fall and winter, when a lot of people seem to go ashy-pale.”

PROS: Get her formula here.




The who: Ricardo Santiago

The what: An opportunity to showcase Vero K-PAK Color’s rich red palette, which Ricardo mixed and matched to blend naturally with his famous Color Melt technique.

The why: “My idea of fall is being at a cabin surrounded by autumn leaves, with a fabulous blaze in the fireplace. This rich, red look reminds me of that warming intensity.”

PROS: Get her formula here.




The who: Ricardo Santiago

The what: A modern Mohawk highlighted to show off texture, dimension, and edgy color.

The why: “I wanted to capture some of my favorite fall hues, like the cool, violet smoke coming out of a chimney. Translated to hair, it’s mysterious and modern–and it’s a color that suits this model perfectly!”

PROS: Get her formula here.


Feast your eyes on more fall inspiration.


Are you getting that tingly autumn vibe?  The joyous urge to go crunch some leaves…curl up by a fire…bake a pie? (Or, eat a pie.)  We’re with you; in fact, we’re all about doing things that nurture the soul and create happy moments in life. These uplifting ideas should do the trick…


1)    Go apple picking.

No reason kids should have all the fun. Believe it or not, there are actual physical and psychological benefits to spending time plucking ripe, juicy fruit from a tree: It puts you in the great outdoors, which is known to reduce depression and tension. It usually means valuable shared time with friends or family. And biting into that fiber-rich apple lowers the risk of diabetes, while helping you reach your weight-loss goals. Plus, the Instagram photo ops are perfection.

flaming fireplace

2)    Find a new flame.

Sure, new love will bring a smile to your face. But we’re talking about the kind of flame that you don’t find on Match or Tinder. Simply buy yourself some fireplace flame crystals (like these), and prepare to be mesmerized by a spectacular display of color rainbow color.

cooking baking class

3)    Develop some class.

Whether it’s a writing lab, a public-speaking course, sailing lessons, or even a cake decorating class, putting aside some time for learning and self-improvement pays off big-time in the psych department. In addition to boosting confidence, personal development can result in sustained happiness…the kind you don’t get from money or a string of nice things.


4)    Create color in your life.

Punching up life with new hues is a surefire way to change your mood for the better. For hair, that can mean a pop of fun color (the kind you get with Joico’s InstaTint Temporary Shimmer Sprays); in your makeup, a gorgeous new burgundy lipstick may be just the ticket; and at home, try changing out your throw pillows, lap blankets, and sultry candles to a warming autumnal palette.

tea time

5)    Make time for tea.

Aside from the proven health benefits, pausing for an afternoon tea break is comforting and rejuvenating. It gives you time to think. Stops the insanity of your day for a moment. And soothes your soul. Says Philadelphia psychologist, Dr. David Weiman, Ph.D., “There’s quite a bit of evidence that nurturing yourself is one of the most reliable ways to increase happiness. While it’s nice when others do things for us, the more things we do for ourselves, the greater the satisfaction.”


Want more? Here are a few ways to keep sharing the joi.


Boots and sweaters for now, sure. But the designers at New York Fashion Week had their eye on the next season, and wait ‘til you see what you’re going to be wearing in 2017. We put trend-spotter Sheridan Gregory, creator of the popular style blog,, in the middle of the action. Her Top Six Picks are here…

Rebecca Minkoff - Runway - September 2016 - New York Fashion Week


Florals popped up all over the runway, especially at the Rebecca Minkoff show, where they were playfully mixed with edgy prints. With everything focused on fall right now, it was so refreshing to see all those whimsical, pretty floral patterns,” reports Sheridan.

Anna Sui - Runway - September 2016 - New York Fashion Week


It’s not uncommon to see racks and racks of seersucker and lace in the warmer months, but you’re going to love the chiffon choices in every imaginable shape—dresses, tops, skirts, and more. According to Sheridan, these delicate pieces are light and airy, and often paired—no surprise here–with florals.



“Every single show I attended had models with gorgeously “messy” hair,” raves Sheridan of the natural ‘dos that came down the runways. The looks, which ranged from Boho braids to piece-y buns, were surprisingly flawless, though. (Translation: undone hair that’s thoughtfully and methodically styled/pulled apart/tousled to look carefree.) Best product to make that happen? Joico’s Hair Shake…perfect for adding texture and a casual finish.



In a nod to classic, retro style, our fashion-meister spied plenty of “clashing” prints on fashion-show attendees. Think: intense chevron stripes in green, fuchsia, and black… sunshine-yellow sundresses…and royal-blue pants strewn with 70’s-style stars.

Rebecca Minkoff - Runway - September 2016 - New York Fashion Week


Patterns and prints mixed with abandon called to mind Gypsy style…free-flowing fashion that was feminine, easy to wear, and—spoiler alert—available right now. “Rebecca Minkoff’s ‘see now, buy now’ feature to her collection was very interesting and effective. I definitely came across a few pieces that I wanted to purchase right off the runway.”

Tadashi Shoji - Runway - September 2016 - New York Fashion Week


Pops of bold shadow paired with nude lips (to keep the look balanced) was a crowd favorite for spring; especially at the Tadashi Shoji fashion show, where beauty reigned supreme. Best part, says Sheridan? “This makeup look is completely wearable for everyday life!”


Want to know what trends are cool now? See our fall forecast.

The scene? Designer Malan Breton’s Spring/Summer 2017 show at New York Fashion Week. The Hair? A 1920s-meets-1970s collaboration of soft and serious, designed by industry sensation Vivienne Mackinder for Joico. The how-to’s? We’ve got them right here!





Bump up ‘70s structured style with a twist/pony combo that gives a nod to the era of elevated elegance.

Here’s how…

1)    For maximum lift, apply Joico Power Whip Foam to damp hair, then blow dry straight and away from the face.

2)    Next comes IronClad Thermal Protectant Spray to shield strands from heat styling.

3)    For the faux hawk, start by creating volume using a large-barrel curling iron (leave ends straight); then attach a hair pad at the crown.

4)    Apply a few hair extensions at the nape of the neck to create a ponytail.

5)    Tease face-framing hair, then pull it back with hair at the base of the head. Mesh the top and bottom hair together from mid-shaft to ends.

6)    Smooth crown hair over the pad to create a sleek, elevated effect, making sure the fullest part of the style is on top.

7)    Pin the rest of the hair into a twist at the base of the bun, and fasten with a long chignon pin.

8)    Lightly back-comb the hair that lies under the pad (from crown to nape) at the roots.

9)    Divide hair into three strands and braid into the nape of the head.

10) Now, secure the ponytail with an elastic and gently pull apart the braided twist for texture. Finish with Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray.





The curls are pure flapper, but a bit of boho whimsy brings this look decades ahead.

Here’s how…

1)    Start by assessing the texture of the hair and length of the hair (attach extensions if necessary). For fine strands, apply Power Whip for extra volume; for thick or coarse hair, stick with Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray.

2)    Spritz in IronClad Thermal Protectant Spray. Working from the nape to the top of the head, begin creating random waves with a flat iron; this is done by “walking” the iron to the left and then to the right, while pulling hair through in an S pattern. Leaves shorter pieces out to fall naturally around the face. Apply Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray to secure the waves.

3)    Next, take the side sections of the hair from temples upward and gather into a loose pony, twisting and pulling strands apart for an undone look.

4)    Finish with additional Power Spray, plus a small dab of K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum to create gleam and separation to the waves.




Curls aren’t only for girls. This sexy, lived-in look has maximum masculinity…and still makes waves.

Here’s how…

1)    Apply styling product to create base texture. On thick and wavy strands, use a dollop of JoiGel; Power Whip is the best choice for finer, thinner hair.

2)    Next, take little sections—vary the size—and curl with a small-barrel iron, walking out the curl to create looser ends. Keep things random by bending some hair at the root and leaving others more abstract looking.

3)    Apply Hair Shake for additional texture and flexibility. Then finish with Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray Or Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray for extra holding power.


See every look from the fashion show here.


We’re not talking football. We’re talking fashion and beauty…and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s as passionate about it as LA blogger/stylist/Instagram-star Deniz Selin (a.k.a. LeFashionMonster). So passionate, in fact, that her fall shopping list is already written and ready to roll. We snagged a peek and fell in love. We think you will, too…

Fall Fashion Chunky Heel


Why: Anyone who’s ever thumbed through my Instagram feed know that I love a good shoe. Whether it’s a pump, strappy heel, stiletto, or tennis shoe, I always make sure that my shoe game is on point.

What: Fun, chunky heels—the ones you wore in summer—can transition easily into fall.

How: Choose a bold, vibrant pair to pop up a neutral outfit; or team neutral heels with one of your more colorful ensembles. It’s fun to mix and match.

Fall Fashion Hair Shake


Why: All over social media, I’m known for my big, volumized hair, and this product is my secret weapon—the one I turn to day after day.

What: The product is so easy to use—you just mist it right into dry hair and scrunch/style with fingers—and it literally doubles your texture instantly.

How: I love those Bohemian waves (and have every intention of wearing them right through fall and winter), and Hair Shake is my go-to for creating this signature, LeFashionMonster look.

Fall Fashion Choker


Why: I am absolutely in love with choker necklaces; my favorite is a thin velvet ribbon and I will never retire it from my accessories collection.

What: This fall, I’m seeing more and more “statement” chokers that actually cover the entire neck.

How: The ones with different, interesting embellishments on them—like, beading or jewels—are perfect for pulling together a new fall outfit.

Fall Fashion Bold Lip


Why: In the fall, I love to wear a really intense lip with subtle eye makeup—it’s great for day or night and gives a mysterious, classy twist to your look.

What: I think the darker the lip, the more fall style I’m portraying; right now, that means bold, wine colors with a matte finish.

How: I’m all over Smash Box’s Matte Liquid Lipstick…it’s a rich look that stays put and is easy to apply.

Fall Fashion Velvet


Why: Velvet’s hardly a new trend on the fall fashion scene, but I’ve noticed a vibrant update this season and am excited about all the choices.

What: The colors are intense, and the unexpectedly elegant fabric really brings out that trendy fall vibe.

How: I love to tie velvet into my outfits in clever ways…by, say, adding a pair of velvet shoes, a blazer, accessories (my famous choker!), or even a full-on velvet statement dress.

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 22: Actress Lela Loren, bag detail, attends the season three premiere of "Power" on June 22, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for DuJour)


Why: Metallics and shimmer always seem to come back in different ways; and this year, I’m seeing more and more gold. It’s a fun trend and best combined with carefully chosen accessories.

What: When wearing gold, I like to keep my look simple and classy—nothing head to toe or too blinged-out.

How: Pair a gold, metallic blazer with a simple white dress for a night out; or incorporate the metal into your look with lively accessories, like a fun evening clutch or strappy heels.


Fall is coming… get your hair ready for the cold-weather with these tips.



We’ve got a challenge for you: to live your life with as much joi and happiness as you can possibly muster. And we’re not just paying lip service; here at Joico, we walk the walk every day, making sure that life is infused with all the things designed to bring on a smile. Here, a few ideas to get your grin going this summer…



1)    Lose yourself on Pinterest.

But if you do, be prepared to sail into a sea of beauty, ideas, and creativity. The popular online bulletin board might be the place you instinctually go for a cocktail recipe, but before you know it, you’re surfing photos of magical tide pools, pinning mountain vistas, and downloading peonies for your desktop image. Pinterest is inspirational…it’s fun…and it’s free.


2)    Splurge on a blowout.

Unlike, say, a full-on color appointment or a special-occasion updo, having a pro dry and style your hair is comparatively affordable. And the bump you get from having shiny, bouncy, don’t-need-to-touch-it-for-three-full-days hair can rival the joi of a great cut or a makeup haul at a fraction of the price.



3)    Listen to the ocean.

If you’re lucky enough to live near water, take advantage of your proximity and let the tranquility of the waves wash over your soul; believe it or not, studies have shown that hanging out near the sea is actually better for your emotional health than a walk in the park.  If water’s nowhere to be found, go it the high-tech route and download a mood-boosting iTunes recording, like Ocean Waves by Sounds For Life.



4)    Pack a posh picnic.

We always marvel at how the smallest rituals—like the practice of eating alfresco—can turn an ordinary meal into the quintessential happy summer experience. Trade expected fried-chicken-and-coleslaw menus for something simple but special: a crusty baguette, the best salumi, a sampling of your favorite French macarons. And don’t forget to tuck in that bottle of sparkling wine…



5)    Pay it forward—all day long.

Sure, picking up the coffee of the guy behind you is solid gold. But try moving through your day making small, conscience gestures of kindness and joi, paying close attention to how those actions make you feel. Wave a driver into your lane; smile and say Hi! to a stranger on a walk; pick up that pacifier for the harried mom; bring your friend or neighbor a piece of your luscious chocolate cake. They’ll feel good. You’ll feel great.


More joi ideas




You’ve likely heard the benies of letting your hair air-dry more than once; how giving strands a rest from the intense heat of blow dryers and styling tools leaves you less prone to damage and color fade. Fair enough. But according to celebrity hairstylist, Paul Norton, air-drying isn’t quite as care-free as you might expect. Here’s how to go at it in the best possible way…



Seems like a no brainer: If you’re heat styling, you need heat protectant. But if you air dry, you can skip the stylers. Not true.  Curly hair can become a frizz-fest if you don’t bring a nourishing cream to the party (like Joico’s Curl Controlling Anti-Frizz Styler); while straight hair—with its tendency to hang limp and lank–needs a volume boost from an uplifting product, like Power Whip Whipped Foam.


Think a vigorous rubbing will get the wet out? Sure…but it also roughs up the cuticle, leading to excess breakage, frizz, and dull strands. A better bet: Squeeze out excess moisture with your hands, then use a gentle microfiber towel-wrap to absorb remaining dampness.


Air-drying long, heavy hair can pull on roots, causing crown hair to fall flat. But the antidote is easy: Simply apply a bit of volumizer at the part, like Joiwhip Firm Hold Design Foam, then switch your part to the opposite side until hair’s dry. Once you’re ready to roll, flip hair back to your usual side and get a lift just where you need it.


Visiting your hairdresser soon? Here’s 6 ways to make them fall in love with you.





As Pharrell likes to say, “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.” Trust us, we’re clapping; because finding joi is the motto we strive for each and every day. Sometimes it’s major (like the kind of happy you get from an epic summer vacation); sometimes joi shows up in subtle ways…when you jump in the ocean, get an awesome text, or finally manage to nail that challenging updo. Five more ways to find your joi this summer…

Grow something

1)    Grow something.

No store-bought produce or pre-packaged bouquet can hold a candle to the sensory experience of connecting to the earth and creating beauty with your own two hands: smelling the blooms…tasting that sweet tomato…playing in the dirt…breathing fresh air. It’s primal stress release at its best.

Have a really good convo

2)    Have a really good conversation.

The kind that lingers long after all the other guests have left the BBQ. Studies actually show that people who spend more time having meaningful discussions are actually happier than those social butterflies who fill their lives with hollow small talk.

feed your inner child

3)    Feed your inner child.

We spend so much of our time trying to make healthful choices (I’ll bring a fruit salad sound familiar?), that allowing yourself to indulge—utterly guilt free—in a happy food once in a while can put a smile on your face better than any kale wrap. So this summer, make it a mission to sip that root beer float, shamelessly buy a Slurpee, or get your fingers sticky with a fluffy mound of cotton candy.

Joi-ful playlist

4)    Make a joi-ful playlist.

No joke: Scientists have found that listening to music makes us happier by increasing blood flow in the body; which may explain why a great tune keeps you pumping during those grueling workouts, gets your party guests feeling celebratory…or becomes the car cure when you need an emotional lift.

take a nap

5)    Take a nap.

That shady hammock is beckoning but you feel guilty getting shut-eye in the middle of the day? Stop, drop…and let your drowsy take over. There’s a reason toddlers are less cranky after they’ve taken their afternoon nap. And it works for grown-ups, too!


We think these fun stencil hairstyles will make you smile too…





Everyone has hair drama. Not everyone has a starring role. But take this quiz to predict your very own movie persona, and you’ll also end up with a tailor-made prescription that unlocks the secret to outrageously shiny, healthy, vibrant hair.