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Runway Hair With A Fall Flair

SHOWTIME! If you’ve ever seen The Devil Wears Prada, you know just how important Fashion Week is to the beauty industry. So we were pretty darn thrilled to design the hair at Malan Breton’s NYFW Fall/Winter 2017 show with our Guest Artist Director, Vivienne Mackinder. The vibe–edgy with a strong vintage influence–set the scene for everything from sleek waves to faux bobs.

We’ve got the how-to’s here…


Gothy gowns edged in glam lace, ruffles, and bows set the stage for starkly beautiful lengths of brunette waves.


  • Start by applying hair extensions (if needed) underneath the occipital bone.
  • Next, using a small-barrel iron, “Marcel” the top sections of hair in a horizontal pattern, giving the look of finger waves.
  • Curl the lower sections of hair vertically with a large-barrel iron, leaving ends out for a loose bend that flows naturally.


Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray

Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray



With a nod to the Roaring Twenties, faux bobs capped off cool pewter metallics and man-style pantsuits.


  • Section the hair off at the occipital bone and under the temple, braiding and securing at the nape. (With 40 percent of the longer hair pinned out of the way, you now have the base for a faux
  • Curl the remaining top hair with an iron and spritz with Power Spray for hold.
  • Loosen the set with fingers and a large comb; then apply Hair Shake for added texture.
  • Twist and pull apart hair, then pin into the braided base at the nape of the neck.
  • Dry hair around the face into soft finger waves, leaving a few tendrils out to soften the look.
  • Using fingers, gently relax and loosen the ‘do for a modern edge.



Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray

Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray



Sleek, short, and side-parted or touched with a wave, this guy style recalls a vintage sensibility.


  • Comb out short, damp hair.
  • Apply Power Sculpting Gel, then mold into a wet finger wave and allow to set.


Power Sculpting Gel


See all the behind-the-scenes images, then get your hands on this Spring’s genius Fashion Week hair how-to’s.




Hoping Ol’ Blue Eyes will give us a pass on tweaking his lyrics for the most romantic day of the year; because we’ve got three of the dreamiest date-night looks lined up for February 14th.  All of them feminine. All of them easy. And all of them inspired by the latest celebrity red-carpet looks, says super-stylist Paul Norton, who walks you through the how-to’s.

“Don’t change a hair for me?” We say go for it…and start right here:



A braid, a bun, and an updo-in-one is sure to give rise to love.

  • Apply JoiWhip and tousle hair until fully dry.
  • Gather hair into a mid-to-high ponytail at the top of the head and secure with an elastic.
  • Take one-to-two pieces of hair at a time from the pony and wrap them around a medium-size curling iron or wand. Continue until the entire pony is completed. No perfection necessary; you just a tad of texture and bend.
  • Spray the ponytail with Hair Shake and finger-comb to break up strands and give it a natural look.
  • In the front, top area of the ponytail, section off a three-inch piece of hair and separate it from the rest of the pony.
  • Next, take the rest of the ponytail and gently back-comb it with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.
  • Twist the ponytail until it begins to collapse on itself and secure it to the base with bobby pins.
  • Now go back to the separated section and braid it (either fishtail or classic), then wrap the braid around the bun and anchor with additional bobby pins. Finish with Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray.




This romantic “tail” has a very happy ending…

  • Apply JoiWhip and tousle hair until fully dry.
  • Using a medium-size round brush on the top section for extra lift, blow-dry that hair back and away from the face.
  • Section hair into three parts: top, middle, and nape.
  • Begin working on the middle section, by splitting it into two subsections and making two super-messy braids out of those pieces.
  • Spray Joico Hair Shake from the roots to the end of each braid and begin to tug side to side to bulk them up and create a “fluffier” texture.
  • Now, move back to the top section, spraying additional Hair Shake, and back-combing hair from the crown. Work your way forward until you get about an inch from the hairline, and push the entire top section back to meet the middle section, securing them to each other with bobby pins.
  • Return to the face-framing hair and gently pull out soft pieces to frame the face.
  • Next, move to the lower section and gather it along with the two braids from the middle section. Using these three strands, build one massive braid down the back. Secure with an elastic; add Hair Shake for extra hold and texture; and manipulate sections with fingers for a rough texture.
  • Finish with Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray.




The kind of ‘do someone just HAS to run their hands through.

  • Prep damp hair with Joico Curl Contouring Foam Wax, scrunching product throughout.
  • Taking small sections of hair from the bottom to the top (use clips to keep things organized), add a small amount of Curl Controlling Anti-Frizz Styler and separate/define each strand by using your finger to twist and spiral out the section. Work your way up the head, allowing tendrils to become thicker, softer, and fluffier as you get to the top layers.
  • Next, flip your head upside down and, using a diffuser, blow-dry hair, leaning from side to side to gain lift in all directions.
  • Once hair is fully dry, flip back up and define curls on the bottom and around the face with a 1 to 1 ½-inch- barrel curling iron, always wrapping the iron away from the face.
  • Finish with Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray.


Find more date-night hair ideas…


Images courtesy of Getty Images.



There are lots of reasons to feel joi-ful this month, despite the fact that February is stuck right in the middle of the not-quite-winter/-not-quite-spring slot. Like: Easter isn’t ’til April, but Cadbury Eggs are already making their appearance on store shelves. Or: Most of your friends have put those irritating New Year’s diet and drinking resolutions aside, so it’s fun to hang out again.

Here, a few more ways to wade through this wintery month with a smile on your face…


1.Jazz up your annual Superbowl party.

Throwing one is fun. Having people bring food so you’re not stuck in the kitchen all day, even better. But crank things up a notch by having guests dress as their favorite player in the NFL and you’ll have people laughing even if their team loses. (Think: Tom Brady in a tux…Cam Newton in a wild hat…Richard Sherman as Harry Potter…).


2) Make homemade Valentine’s cards.

There’s always something sweetly nostalgic about getting–and making–those iconic, romantic greetings. Not so much the kind that come in a box emblazoned with cartoon characters; but the kind that you fondly and thoughtfully craft from pink and red tag board, white paper doilies, ribbon and bling. Not only does it bring you back to simpler, sweeter times, but the quiet work of making them soothes the soul.


3. Think pink–hair that is.

Dabble in a dose of commitment-free color–especially a rosy pink, fuchsia, or magenta–and you’ll be right in step with every fashion trend in the book. With Joico’s InstaTint, you can spray in those joi-ous V-Day tones, then shampoo them right out on February 15th.


4. Make a romantic play list.

Songs that evoke feelings of love are a perfect way to express your heart, minus cheesy commercial greeting cards. Want to save yourself the trouble of searching endlessly for the right words? Let Apple do it for you with their February…I’m in Love! (Most Romantic Songs Playlist).


5. Hand out Sweethearts boxes.

Those adorbs little Necco Sweethearts boxes (you remember–the ones that everyone taped to your Valentine or bought as a candy-gram at school) are a lot more affordable than giant heart-shaped containers of chocolate…and so easy to casually leave on a co-worker’s desk, tuck into a child’s lunch box, or hand over in a meeting that’s dull as dirt. After all, making someone else smile is the fastest way to put one on your own face.


Other joi-ful ideas for the new year…




Our new Color Intensity Metallic Muse Collection has been crazy-popular (check out our Instagram for some shining examples). And now there’s a makeup-to-match trend that’s picking up big steam: shadows, shimmer powders, and even lipsticks burnished with an intensely metal edge. Here’s what we’re loving…


Pair these with Color Intensity Moonstone…

The Estée Edit: Metallishadow Créme + Powder in Wild Cosmos: highly pigmented blue cream shadow with blue-silver loose pearl,  $25,

Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art in Cobalt Crystal: dual-ended vial with an intensely pigmented cream shadow on one end, and a brilliant sparkle on the other, $8.99,


Pair these with Color Intensity Violet…

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in ACDC: superfine purple-y shimmer in a clear base that dries down quickly and stays put,  $20,

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Vintage Capsule Collection in Asphyxia: a throwback lavender shade touched with blue micro-glitter, $11,


Pair these with Color Intensity in Bronze…

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette in Redemption: super-affordable palette of every shade in the beige-to-brass-to-bronze category, $7,

NYX Pigment in Stunner: loose, shimmery pigment that amps up the smoky- bronze eye, $6,



Pair these with Color Intensity in Mauve Quartz…

NARS Lipgloss in Risky Business: shimmering raspberry with just the right amount of dusk, $20,

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Metallized in Peyote: dusty mauve-rose in a cream base with a high level of eye-catching pearl pigment, $17,


Pair these with Color Intensity in Pewter…

NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow in Stud: highly-pigmented soft pewter-bronze…so pretty, you’ll want to dive into the pan, $26,

OPI New Orleans Nail Lacquer Collection in Take A Right On Bourbon: the perfect way to have pewter from head to toe(s), $10,


Metallics are fun, but so are pastels. Get the scoop on gettting and maintaining pastel locks.





When the clock strikes midnight, put a big smile on your face…because we’re making it our mission to help you have a very Happy New Year. And that joi starts right now, with some really easy, actionable ways to elevate your heart…



Half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only eight percent actually follow through, says Forbes magazine. One likely reason? Those goals are so lofty you’re literally setting yourself up for failure. So go ahead and vow to improve your life, but make those resolutions more manageable: Instead of vowing to earn 100K this year, resolve to network once a week. Trade the I’ll lose 50 pounds by July for a more do-able, I’ll keep a food diary for six months.



Feeling good physically = happiness, so put wellness on the priority list by committing to something in 2017 that benefits your body: an annual physical on your calendar…an extra serving of green veggies every day (no, iceberg doesn’t count)…taking a walk during lunch hour…adding more water to your diet.



And by this, we don’t mean start a cleanse. We’re referring to people and habits that bring you down and suck the joi right out of you. Whether it’s deciding to ditch the drama in your life (i.e. reacting to every negative remark or someone else’s bad day), or distancing yourself from those who cast a perpetual shadow in your life, reducing emotional toxicity is the ultimate happy pill.



…from damaging heat stylers. If you have to actually put yourself on hot-tool restriction (repeat after me: I will not use my flat iron more than twice a week), go for it. And make sure you apply a liberal dose of Joico Heat Set before you do succumb to the blow dryer.



We love glam magazine pics, YouTube videos, and Pinterest boards as much as the next person. They can be inspiring. Motivational. Creative. But when you start beating yourself up because you can’t get the winged eyeliner as perfect as your favorite vlogger; or your piped buttercream roses look more like dandelions, then it’s time for an attitude check. Remember, the definition of inspire is: to create a positive feeling in a person. Enough said.


Inspired to switch up your hair this year? See the best hairstyle for your horoscope!




We hear it all the time. Especially in the winter months, when the ravages of bone-chilling, super-dry, or wet and soggy weather do a serious damage dump on your hair. Fortunately, we’ve got our pros ready and waiting to help resuscitate those winterized strands…


Dear Joico,

I live in a cold, dry mountain climate and am walking around with flat, flyaway hat hair every single day. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get volume in…and static out!


Desperate in Denver


Dear Desperate,

We hear you. Your poor, parched strands are crying out for moisture; and until you give them what they need, no amount of teasing, spraying, or praying will do the trick. The real healer here is a once-or-twice-a-week dose of K-PAK Intense Hydrator, a profoundly nourishing deep treatment–stocked with lanolin and shea butter–that quenches thirst and brings hair back to life. Once you’ve restored moisture, all your other stylers will spring into action. Another favorite trick: Keep a dryer sheet in your brush drawer–it’ll grab the electrical charges instead of transferring them to your head!


Dear Joico,

With the cold, wet weather, I’ve been blowdrying and flat-ironing like crazy to beat my hair into submission. And it’s not working. The only result is that it looks dry, dull…and still frizzy!


Sleekless in Seattle


Dear Sleekless,

You already know the speech we’re about to give you: Overzealous heat styling doesn’t make your hair look better; it just causes more of the damage–like split ends, and lackluster color–that you’re trying to combat. So here’s your prescription: First, limit the appliances to no more than twice a week if possible. And put Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment front and center. This little miracle instantly re-nourishes hair, providing deep repair, amazing shine, and glide power so your brush slides right through your strengthened strands.


Dear Joico,

No matter how carefully I style my hair at home, the minute I walk outside into the insanely cold winter wind, my hair, which is looking drier and drier, ends up all over my head. Help!


Chicago Blues


Dear Chicago,

We have a few suggestions…one of which would be a really warm (snug-fitting!) hat that protects hair from the elements, and your ears from frostbite. Then, once you’ve thawed, consider taking an inside-out approach to caring for your winterized ‘do: Start with a really good, hydrating shampoo and conditioner–like Joico’s Moisture Recovery, which is stocked with hardworking sea minerals, butters, and oils–used no more than twice a week. To keep hair looking swanky between cleansings, turn to Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, which will give you the volume and freshness you want without exposing hair to water and unnecessary blow-drying. And finally, spray hair generously with Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray–it will provide that bounce you’re looking for, plus help keep wind-blown strands in place.


Still got the winter woes? Check out more expert tips on winter-proofing your hair.



The predictions are in: 2017 is the year of change, say the experts. It’s a time of transition, bold moves, personal magic, courage, and a positive attitude. And who better to forecast your astrological style than our hairdresser-to-the-stars, Paul Norton. From Capricorn to Cancer, he’s got every sign sealed and delivered!

gina horoscope hair


Your vibe: The bold and brave trailblazer. You’re always up for anything new, especially if you’re the one setting the trend.

Your look: Asymmetry, plenty of texture, and maybe even the gumption to go with a shaved side is definitely on the horizon for you.

Your star styler: Hair Shake–the ultimate texturizer–is your go-to product. It brings out your edge with every hit of the nozzle.

Alessandra horoscope hair


Your vibe: You’re a creature of habit and love to stay in your comfort zone.

Your look: The safe, always-elegant style of long hair with some face framing layers and maybe a bit of texture works well for you this year.

Your star styler: Don’t forget your Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Creme before straightening those strands with a blowdryer.

anne h horoscope hair


Your vibe: An adventurous spirit, always looking for something new and exciting, is the hallmark of your fun personality.

Your look: You’re the perfect candidate for 2017’s spunky cropped cut, especially with texturized layers that lend a playful spirit.

Your star styler: Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax is perfect for piecing up those edgy strands.

hailey b horoscope hair


Your vibe: The world may think you’re remote and stoic, but underneath that steely exterior lies a delicate soul.

Your look: A long, softly layered cut with heavy-but-piecey bangs gives you the best of both worlds.

Your star styler: JoiWhip, worked into damp hair before your blowout, offers that desired control.

kate-upton horoscope hair


Your vibe: You’re a leader at heart and truly love all the attention this lofty position delivers.

Your look: Nothing holds you back, so lots of volume and fun, flirty layers dovetail perfectly with your head-of-the-pack personality. A mid-length cut gives you the versatility to wear hair up or down.

Your star styler: Hair Shake (for sassy texture) and Flip Turn Volumizing Spray (for that upside-down blast of volume, hold, and shine) are your best friends.

jourdan dunn horoscope hair


Your vibe: The amazingly precise, dedicated, and critical nature of your Virgo personality make you an ace at whatever you put your mind to. You’re the one who always get the job done.

Your look: An angled or asymmetrical bob has the no-nonsense quality that allows you to stay focused on life, but enough style to lend feminine elegance.

Your star styler: Heat Set protects your strands from the mighty blowdryer, and a little dab of K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum brings out your gleam big-time.

rosie h horoscope hair


Your vibe: A people-pleaser at heart, your social, flirty disposition charms everyone.

Your look: A mid-length cut with some fun layers allows you the freedom to throw hair into a cute ponytail or wear it down with a sweet flip.

Your star styler: Power Whip Foam gives those layers the oomph they need and Power Spray keeps them perfectly in place.

rose byrne horoscope hair


Your vibe: Dark and mysterious, your withdrawn nature sometimes makes you seem aloof. But friends know you’re loyal to a fault (as long as they don’t cross you!)

Your look: A long, sultry bob with blunt bangs that rest at the brow line speaks volumes…so you don’t have to.

Your star styler: K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum adds the kind of luster your sophisticated hair deserves.

kylie horoscope hair


Your vibe: A fun, daring approach to life makes the risk-taker in you the envy of everyone.

Your look: No doubt here…you need a haircut with a lot of edge. Try a funky bob with some asymmetry; then add bright, bold, fashion color to show off your courage.

Your star styler: InstaTint Temporary Shimmer Spray is the IT product for your hair wardrobe. Try a new color a day…or mix things up for extra sass.

jessica alba horoscope hair


Your vibe: Stable, strong, and consistent, your traditional, reliable nature is a comfort to everyone in your inner circle.

Your look: All-one-length hair–whether it be longer strands or a shorter bob–is a safe bet and easy to maintain.

Your star styler: To combat the damage of blow-drying and flatirons, make sure Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray is always within reach. A touch of Power Spray will tame those flyaways.

jennifer law horoscope hair


Your vibe: You’re an original…a pioneer…and a visionary who doesn’t spend time worrying about approval from others.

Your look: That same independent spirit applies to your hair, which is why you can go super edgy or very done without a care in the world.

Your star styler: For those rock-it-out days, Matte Grip Texture Creme will help define individual strands, and Hair Shake amps up texture like no one’s business.

blake-lively horoscope hair


Your vibe: With an emotional, compassionate nature, your mood is known to  swing high and low.

Your look: A ponytail of any height (high and flirty for those “up” days; low and sleek for those tamer moments) is an ideal and easy hair solution for you.

Your star styler: Two loyal products–just like you–must never leave your side: Matte Grip, for keeping face-framing flyaways in place; and K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum for putting the sleek into your slicked-back ‘do.


See some more glam hairdos Paul recently created for celebrity beauties.



It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But with holiday-palooza in full force, you might just need something a little more meaningful than wrapping paper and reindeer to feed your soul. We’ve got a few ideas…


Joi for yourself


It might sound counterintuitive, but studies show that setting aside some solo time doesn’t just bring a calming catch-your-breath moment during the intensity of the holiday season, but actually gives your brain the opportunity to function more effectively. According to Scientific American, “downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to both achieve our highest levels of performance and simply form stable memories in everyday life.”

Joi brunch


Elaborate cocktail parties and even family dinners can seem daunting and exhausting when you’re balancing them with work, shopping, and life. A much more manageable option: Brunch! Much of the assembly can be done the night before (think: French toast bread pudding, quiche, stratas, fruit salad), and it’s all served buffet/family style, so there’s no tiresome plating, serving, or table setting to worry about. That means you get to en-joi yourself.

joi hair up


Lots of happiness to be had when you go with an updo for a special occasion: like the fact that it works best with second-day hair, so you can bypass that elaborate blow-dry session. Then make yourself even happier by spraying it with Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray, a guarantee that you won’t have to fiddle with it for the rest of the night.

joi walk in the snow


Assuming you live in a frosty climate, stop for a moment and soak up the beauty of that magical fluffy stuff instead of looking at Pinterest pictures of snow scenes or worrying about putting on chains. A walk outside is serene. Doing it with family or loved ones even better.

Joi facetime


The month of December is busy, and reaching out to long-lost friends may be the last thing on your mind. But reconnections are soul satisfying and they feed our hearts and minds like a big dose of emotional comfort food. So grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and set aside 30 minutes of uninterrupted catch-up time with someone who really makes you smile.


More JOI-ful ideas…


Put away those bows, bands, and spendy hair accessories, because we’ve got a plan for holiday-party hair that’s ingenious and easy. And all it requires is a can or two of Joico InstanTint Shimmer Spray, a splash of creativity, and the ingenious eye of hair stylist, Janine Ker (@janine_ker_hair on Instagram).

Holiday Hair Stencil 1


Tip: Finish with a vivid red lip and blouse to bring out the intensity of the hair art.

1)    Create and secure an updo that will accommodate your stencil design. (In this case, Janine went with a side-swept look with a side bun that left plenty of space for color.

2)    Hover the stencil above the hair to explore composition until you finalize placement.

3)    Place stencil securely against hair, and using InstaTint Fiery Coral Shimmer Spray, begin with short bursts of sprays to evenly apply a foundational layer first. Keeping the stencil in place, and repeat using broader, longer sprays. Use a blow dryer with a diffuse on a light setting to set the color if necessary. Repeat until desired amount of coverage is achieved.

4)    Keeping the stencil in place, apply Gold Dust on top of the Fiery Coral, spraying in light, short bursts. For dimension, focus Gold Dust on some of the edges for a highlighted effect.

5)    Gently peel the stencil off the hair.

6)   Hold the design in place with a generous spritz of Joico Power Spray.


Holiday Hair Stencil 2


Tip: Keep this particular look centered on the silver and gold of the holiday season, and consider pairing with vintage makeup (like a gold eyeliner).

1)    Apply a traditional thermal set, then comb out and style, choosing a preferred side for your decorative element and securing with gold bobby pins.

2)    Spray the secured surface with Power Spray to smooth down any flyaways.

3)    Choose a stencil that compliments the shape and amount of space you’re working with. (We used a small, round vintage-feel design.)

4)    Place stencil securely against dry hair. Using Gold Dust, start off with several short sprays to build a foundational layer, then build up with additional layers, always keeping stencil in place. A blow-dryer with a diffuser on low can speed up drying between layers.

5)    Gently remove the stencil by peeling it away.

6)    Once dry, mix a small amount of glitter and hair gel, dabbing some accent sparkles on top of your design.


Holiday Hair 3


Tip: Match the fun, festive hair color with holiday makeup looks that could play with bold trends and metallic.

1)    Style a long bob straight, using a flat iron to create a perfect surface.

2)    Secure a foundation for stenciling by spraying on a few layers of JoiShape, held at least ten inches away from hair to avoid a stiff look.

3)    Starting at the back of the head, place a geometric hair stencil at the perimeter of the long bob, making sure stencil is held in place firmly and closely.

4)    Using Pink Dust (or InstaTint Pink, apply several short sprays over the entire area, evenly spraying and repeating until desired covered is achieved. (Use the blow-dryer with diffusion on low heat again to dry the Pink between layers.)

5)    Repeat and continue the stencil pattern to the front left and front right perimeter, placing the stencil where the first pattern left off.
Get even MORE creative stencil hairstyles by Janine.



When you want to give that perfect girlie holiday gift–something they’d die for, but never actually buy for themselves–look no further than our 2016 Holiday Beauty Wish List. We scoped out the finest goods, the best prices, things that are on the cusp of cool…and are bringing them to you here so you never have to take so much as a glance at the mall. How’s that for personal shopping?

The beauty haul starts here…

beauty list be beautiful palette

bareMinerals READY BE Beautiful Palette

Wait for the ooohs and aaahs that only slip out when a makeup junkie encounters the ultimate cornerstone of any collection. This perfect matte palette compliments any skin tone with a signature bare look designed to take you from day to night–stocked with neutral eye-shadows, powder, blushers, and bronzer. (We’re kind of in love with Inner Beauty, a warm peachy-pink shade to sweep on your cheeks.) $49;

beauty list holiday duos trios

Joico Holiday Duos and Trios

Our Holiday Hair Kits–available in duos and trios–have gift-giving all wrapped up. That’s because we’ve encased our most popular K-PAK threesomes in sleek gold cosmetic cases that barely need a bow; and wrapped our hardworking twofers– like Color Therapy, Curl, Color Endure, Moisture Recovery, Body Luxe, and Daily Care–in holiday JOI boxes that are ready for giving and receiving. $20.00-$33.99;

beauty list holly let down your hair compact

holly drive let your hair down compact

Next time you want to channel your favorite screen star–or just touch up your makeup with a little flourish–you’ll likely reach for this glam gold-and-enamel mirror compact. In a nod to Holly Go Lightly’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany, It’s got a touch of that turquoise. So pretty and elegant…and gift-worthy!  $30;

beauty list ibuki gift set

Ibuki Quick Fix All Day Set

Shiseido’s taken all the guesswork out of skincare with this ready-to-roll complexion collection: From moisturizers to mists and plenty more, the chosen products target visible pores, dry, rough skin, and even blemishes in one lovely scarlet holiday pouch. $70;

beauty list diptyque candle set

Limited Edition Diptyque Holiday Candle Trio

A candle collection that has a cult celebrity following (as in: they’re actually requested in contracts for dressing rooms) makes perfect scents for the spa girl who loves a little indulgence. This seasonal set, in gem-tone glass votives, contains three new aromas inspired by “a marvelous winter tale in three acts”–Sparkling Incense, Delicious Spices, and The Festive Fire Tree. $100;

beauty list christal initial choker

Christal Initial Velvet Choker

Take the single hottest jewelry trend–the velvet choker–and doll it up with a customized monogram letter, and you’ve pretty much nailed the gift of the year. This one’s black and delicate; perfect for day or nighttime festivities. $38;

beauty list blowout

The Busy Girl’s A Holiday Blowout

Here’s the easiest way to make someone feel like a million bucks when Power Ball’s not quite the ticket: Buy a gift card from the swankiest local salon and send your girlfriend in for the ultimate magic blowout. Perfect hair, an hour to relax, and glammed-up hair that can go anywhere. Prices vary from city to city.