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If you haven’t seen the trend of mermaid-colored hair in magazines, on TV, and even on the street recently, then you have likely a) been vacationing on a remote desert island or b) living under a very nice rock. These fun-and-feisty shades are sizzling-hot right now…and no longer reserved exclusively for gutsy, fashion-forward people. According to Internet sensation, Larisa Love, one of the most imaginative stylists on the hair scene, mermaid colors have hit the mainstream big time. “When I started seeing the look not only on stylists and celebrities, but also on the everyday client, I knew something had changed. People started being “brave” and curious enough to play outside their color comfort zone.”

Pulling off bold hair requires some finesse—and a few wise rules. And who better to download them than Larisa herself. Catch the color wave right here…

Mermaid hair trend Larisa Love

Is the look high-maintenance?

Depends. A person with minimal time for salon visits and upkeep should probably steer clear pastel or metallic tones, as they tend to fade faster than more intense shades, like the Fiery Coral, Black Pearl, Mermaid Blue, and Light Purple in Joico’s Color Intensity Mermaid Collection. You can also extend the longevity of the color by using Color Endure Shampoo and Conditioner.  (My favorite tip: squirting a bit of Color Intensity into my shampoo bottle so hair color lasts even longer. Your hairstylist can do this for you as well.)

Once you decide to take the plunge, how do you know which mermaid shades are best for you?

Always take your cue from skin tone: If you have a fair complexion, stick with warm tones (pink, red, peach, yellow, or orange). Olive and darker complexions should opt for cool colors (blue, purple, and green). If you’re unsure, hold paint swatches up to your face and see what feels naturally flattering.

fall colors mermaid trend larisa love

Mermaid shades are typically associated with summer. Can you tweak them so they work all year long?

Absolutely. Enjoy these shades in the fall and winter months by choosing less vibrant hues, or wearing those vibrant hues in darker colors, like deep plum or deep red.

If I’m still unsure about going “all in,” is there a way for me to try the trend and still keep it subtle?

You can dip a toe in by trying Balayage (a delicate, highlighting technique using hand-painted strands), and weaving a mermaid shade into some of those highlights for a pop of color. Or consider a subtle “color melt” (similar to Ombré), using mermaid shades on the ends only. Another understated idea: Choose an extremely pastel mermaid shade that adds just a touch of color, visible only in natural lighting or direct sunlight.

Mermaid Hair trend fiery coral larisa love

Do mermaid shades work better on blondes or brunettes?

Either. But the results are different: On blondes, the vivid shades will appear noticeably vibrant and bright; brunettes will find them less extreme looking.

Does hair texture play a role in how the look will turn out?

Both super-curly hair and poker-straight hair work well with mermaid shades, but in either case, hair must be in excellent condition to get maximum results. If strands are dry or damaged, color won’t lock into the cuticle properly, causing quick fading. Keep placement in mind, too: Try multiple colors in curly hair because the waves will naturally separate the strands, putting each shade in the spotlight; on straight hair, color tends to blend.


Does mermaid hair require different maintenance than the usual color-care guidelines?

Because the colors are vivid and playful, grow-out won’t be as natural looking as, say, a brunette with caramel highlights–so the name of the game is protect the fade. Ideally, wash hair no more than twice a week, with lukewarm-to-cold water to lock in color and add shine. Choose a shampoo—like Color Endure—designed especially to protect your investment; and head to the salon every four-to-six weeks or so for a quick touch-up.


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Because that’s all you need to pull off the sexy-yet-simple ‘dos we’re bringing you today. Five minutes. Not kidding.

We think 2016 should be all about effortless, elegant, relaxed hair that pulls your whole look together without endless grooming sessions in front of the bathroom mirror…quick maneuvers that are trendy yet time saving…looks that allow you to dash out the door and spend time doing more important things without sacrificing an ounce of style. Hollywood stylist, Paul Norton, agrees; and he’s brought us four hot looks—and the stress-free step-by-steps–so you can recreate them on your own. Set the timer…your five minutes starts NOW.

j lo top knot


·      Gather hair into a high pony on top of your head, adding a dab of Flex Control Pliable Paste to keep things neat. Secure with an elastic.

·      Flip hair upside down and twist the ponytail (like a candy cane), then secure the end with another elastic.

·      Wrap the twisted tail into a ball shape on the top of the head, winding an elastic around the base and anchoring with a few bobby pins.

·      Finish with Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray for extra hold and shine.

Half bun J Lo 5 Minute Hairstyles


·      Separate the crown section, clipping the back part away while you work on the top.

·      Gather crown hair into a high pony using Flex Control Pliable Paste for hold; secure with an elastic.

·      As with the Classic Top Knot, flip hair upside down and twist the ponytail (like a candy cane), then secure the end with another elastic.

·      Wrap the twisted tail into a ball shape on the top of the head, winding an elastic around the base and anchoring with a few bobby pins.

·      Unclip the bottom section. Create a gentle wave by wrapping all the hair around a large-barrel curling iron for a few seconds. Immediately brush through to loosen, and finish with Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray.

Simple Front braid 5 min hairstyles


·      Apply a dollop of JoiWhip to damp hair and tousle with a blowdryer until fully dry.

·      Using a beveled flat iron, gently bend the middle of the hair in different directions, leaving ends naturally wavy (or straightening if you like).

·      Spray entire head with Hair Shake and scrunch with fingers for extra texture and dimension.

·      Separate a two-to-three-inch section in the front and braid away from the face (traditional or mermaid—your choice); then secure the end with a small elastic, pulling the braid back off the face and anchoring with several discreet bobby pins.

·      Finish with Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray for hold and shine.

High Ponytail 5 Min Hairstyles


·      Work a bit of Power Gel into damp hair for extra hold, then tousle dry.

·      Create a few beachy waves using a medium-barrel curling iron.

·      Next, spray the entire head with Hair Shake for texture, lightly back-combing hair randomly (but evenly) at the root for extra volume.

·      Gather hair up into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Split the pony with both hands and give it a gentle tug to tighten the base.

·      Finish with a generous spritz of Power Spray to hold the look in place.


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Winter Hair Rescue

You put snow tires on the car; pull out the leather boots, and add a rich moisturizer to your skincare regimen. Meanwhile, your hair’s going, “Hello? Forget something?”

Winter brings with it a special set of coif challenges, but we’re tackling every single one of them here…with targeted, carefully chosen products that combat any harsh hit the weather might dole out. The forecast? Just gorgeous…


The Problem: Arctic temperatures mean it’s time to cover up. But we don’t think you need to be stuck with flat (as in: unflat-tering) hair in the process of trying to fend off frostbite.

The Fix: Please go ahead and grab that hat. But before you do so, bump up the volume with Joico Hair Shake, an extraordinary liquid-to-powder texturizer that injects velvety dimension in a single shot. Once you remove your hat, just finger-scrunch hair a few times and watch you ‘do come right back to life.


The Problem: You turn up the heat and end up not looking so cool, as those bone-dry rooms sap the moisture right out of your hair, causing an electrifyingly unattractive condition known as the flyaways.

The Fix: One long, tall drink of K-PAK Intense Hydrator, and those standing-room only strands take their seat. Add a spritz of Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray and you’ve sealed the deal for good.


The Problem: The very same indoor conditions that cause static electricity are also responsible for leaving your hair so parched and prone to split ends that ordinary conditioners don’t stand a chance. Add overzealous blowdrying (since letting hair air-dry in freezing winter isn’t always an option) and you’ve doubled the dryness.

The Fix: First things first…a good trim every six weeks will keep those splits at bay. Then add a dab of our brilliant K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum, a serum that seals and protects strands from those fraying ends.


The Problem: You’ve taken the time to blow out your hair all sleek and shiny…and one step outside in the wet, sloppy snow and your ‘do has seemingly tripled in volume. Not in a good way.

The Fix: Spritz our fine-mist aerosol Humidity Blocker onto hair before you leave the house and you can kiss that frizz goodbye. An undetectable protective barrier provides a buffer around each strand of hair, safeguarding it from the kinking effects of winter moisture.


The Problem: You’ve kept up with color appointments; but all of a sudden, your blonde highlights are looking sort of meh…and those dimensional brunettes have dimmed. That’s because dry air/dry hair does a number on color by sucking the moisture out of strands so your ‘do appears to be stripped of shine…dull…dreary.

The Fix: Lock in both pigment and gloss with products designed to preserve that just-out-of-the-chair look…the perfect way to combat dull winter locks between appointments. Joico’s Color Balance Blue Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated specifically for brunettes, keeping fading (and brassiness) at bay for up to eight weeks by bonding to hair fibers like a new best friend; Color Balance Purple works similarly for blondes and grays…bringing a burst of brilliance and depth with a single cleanse-and-condition treatment.

There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. And when it looked good, it looked very, very good. And when it looked bad, it looked, well…like a big, hot mess.

Now, the little girl’s all grown up. And that curl? It’s evolved into a mass of happy tendrils, sassy corkscrews, and womanly waves, showing off the facets to her personality like nothing else can. Here at Joico, we’re celebrating curls, because we recognize that hair with texture is also hair with great character—deserving of the best care, the most innovative products, and, frankly, a little re-joi-cing for a change.

Join us on this journey as we take you into the wild and wonderful world of curls, and let’s find out what you—and your glorious ‘do—are all about. Our story starts here…


Coiled In The CityWho says chic hair has to be sleek? Not me—and I prove it every single day by wearing my elegantly cropped coils proudly around town. I like to think there’s something assertively sexy about a woman who’s not afraid to take some unexpected twists and turns; pairing a saucy ‘do with a straight-up serious pantsuit; showing that playful hair and a powerful persona can easily co-exist; and knowing deep down that it doesn’t take a long mane to be a main event in life.


What’s on my plate: Takeout from Nobu, Bulletproof Coffee, a ribeye steak, green juice, Greek yogurt, Thai noodles from the best food truck in town.

In my closet: My friends…Coco, Calvin, Ralph, Giorgio, Tory, Jil, Helmut, Donna, Carolina, Oscar…

My colors: Black, white, grey, navy…and a pop of orange when I need to shake things up

Heaven scent: Tom Ford Black Orchid, Prada Infusion D’Iris, Versace Crystal Noir, Hèrmes Calèche, Chanel No. 5

You’ll find me on weekends: At a spin class, shopping for artisan cheeses, drinking Starbucks, winetasting, enjoying my reservation at that impossible-to-get-into restaurant, buying good luggage

I scream for: Gelato

Cocktail of choice: Red wine

My pedicure: OPI Ink

Flower: One perfect Calla Lilly in a cut-crystal vase

Now watching: Madam Secretary

Listening to: Lay Me Down by Sam Smith

This describes me in one word: Sophisticated

My hair icons: Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Ashley Judd

In my beauty bag: Joico Curl Cleansing Shampoo and Curl Nourished Conditioner; Curl Controlling Anti-Frizz Styler

How I pull it off:

  • Apply Styler to damp hair.
  • Take several large sections one by one and twist toward or away from the face.
  • Scrunch those sections, taking small pieces out and scrunching those individually around the hairline.
  • Tousle hair gently with hands while drying with a diffuser—leaning head left to right to create even volume and tousle.
  • Finish by scrunching in a bit more product for shine and control.


Hollywood CurvesYou know those women who walk into a room and all heads turn? Who boldly show some leg or a bit of cleavage without fear of repercussion? Who manage to glide in five-inch heels? Who seem to transform healthy, well-tended tendrils into a showpiece hairstyle in minutes? That would be me; and I’m not afraid to admit I use those romantic waves to my advantage day…and night. As much an accessory as a favorite pair of statement earrings or a slick of vermillion lipstick, cascading curls are my trademark, and I show them plenty of love.


What’s on my plate: Oysters on the half shell, dark chocolate, triple crème Brie, fresh strawberries, artichokes dripping with butter, bowls of pistachios.

In my closet: Body-con dresses, La Perla, Monique Lhuillier, J Brand jeans, Jimmy Choos, Spanx, velvet, bling (real…or not)

My colors: Merlot, fire-engine red, gold, silver, black, emerald, sapphire

Heaven scent: Dior J’Adore, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Coco by Chanel, Stella by Stella McCartney

You’ll find me on weekends: At a party, in my favorite stylist’s chair, front row at Beyoncé, having cocktails, getting (or giving) a massage, watching the Oscars, luxuriating in bed

I scream for: Sea-salt dulce de leche

Cocktail of choice: Champagne

My pedicure: Dior Rouge

Flower: Red roses… preferably a dozen

Now watching: All About Eve

Listening to: The Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack

This describes me in one word: Sexy

My hair icons: Blake Lively, Amal Clooney, Scarlett Johanssen, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez

In my beauty bag: Joico Curl Cleansing Shampoo and Curl Nourished Conditioner; Curl Perfected Curl Correcting Milk or Curl Defining Contouring Foam

How I pull it off:

  • Apply products to damp hair from roots to ends.
  • Blow dry hair with a large, round brush, leaving each section wrapped around the brush until it’s completely cool.
  • Next, section off the hair in several places, moving from bottom to top. (Use clips to hold each one out of the way while working on others.)
  • With a large-barrel curling iron placed in the middle of each strand, close the tong and gently drag down to the ends, then rolling back up to the middle. Hold for several seconds to lock in a smooth wave.
  • Once the entire head is completed, vigorously brush through with a large paddle brush from roots to ends; then apply a bit more product to ends only for shine and definition.


Ride The WavesYou know those long, flowing ‘dos that look perfectly disheveled…straight-out-of-bed-sexy…and natural as all get out? That’s my mane 24/7—and I wouldn’t change a hair on my head. The messy, beachy tendrils make maintenance a breeze (besides, I’m far too spontaneous to wrestle endlessly with a flat iron); and anything more formal would cramp my style.


What’s on my plate: Kale chips, smoothies, seared ahi, truffle fries,

In my closet: Lulu Lemon, aviators, a bikini (actually, ten bikinis), vintage cowboy boots, ripped skinny jeans, a Michael Kors watch, well-worn rock tees, anything from Free People

My colors: Turquoise (it reminds me of the water), shell, sand, stone, and plenty of white

Heaven scent: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Acqua di Parma Colonia, Fresh Brown Sugar

You’ll find me here on weekends: At the beach (you have to ask?), walking my dog, playing guitar for friends, cooking, doing hot yoga, skiing in Colorado

I scream for: Green-tea ice cream

Cocktail of choice: Water (with an ice-cold Corona chaser)

My pedicure: Clear or buff neutrals

Flower: Pale-blue Hydrangeas in a vintage milk can

Now watching: Outlander

Listening to: Riptide by Vance Joy

This describes me in one word: chill

My hair icons: Kate Hudson, Giselle Bundchen, Jennifer Aniston, Anna Sophia Robb, Drew Barrymore, Shay Mitchell

In my beauty bag: Joico Curl Cleansing Shampoo and Curl Nourished Conditioner; Curl Perfected Curl Correcting Milk or Curl Defining Contouring Foam

How I pull it off:

  • Apply styling product to partially dry hair.
  • Air dry or use a diffuser while tousling strands gently.
  • With a medium-barrel curling iron, wrap medium-size sections of hair around the iron in varying directions so it’s not too “studied.”
  • Using fingers, gently separate strands of hair.


Curls Gone WildMy shamelessly tameless hair is best described as Shakira-meets-Shirley- Temple, but in the very coolest way. Left to its own devices, it’s a long mass of wildly wonderful ringlets…with a cheerful vibe that always makes people assume I’m one of those eternally happy-go-lucky gals. Sometimes I am. Sometimes, I’m not. And that’s perfectly okay with me.


What’s on my plate: Tex-Mex, cupcakes, watermelon, a hot dog at the ball field, Skittles, chop-chop salad

In my closet: Kate Spade in spades, fringe boots, my boyfriend jeans, vintage sweaters, floppy hats, Trina Turk tunics

My colors: Sunshine yellow, Bazooka pink, poppy red, apple green

Heaven scent: Clinique Happy, Jo Malone Orange Blossom, Marc Jacobs Daisy

You’ll find me here on weekends: At an outdoor concert, cooking up a storm, cutting fresh flowers, dancing, planning your next party

I scream for: Cookie-dough ice cream

Cocktail of choice: Margarita—extra lime

My pedicure: Pink—the hotter the better

Flower: The lushest peonies at the farmer’s market

Now watching: Dancing With The Stars

Listening to: Domino by Jessie J

This describes me in one word: Playful

My hair icons: Sarah Jessica Parker, Shakira, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Annalynne McCord

In my beauty bag: Joico Curl Cleansing Shampoo and Curl Nourished Conditioner; Curl Perfected Curl Correcting Milk; Curl Controlling Anti-Frizz Styler

How I pull it off:

  • Apply product to thoroughly wet hair.
  • Taking small sections, wrap hair around fingers from root to ends and remove finger gently so curl stays put.
  • Diffuse on the lowest blow-dry setting with the highest heat possible, so hair dries quickly without frizzing.
  • Scrunch hair with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture and create minimal frizz.
  • Once hair is dry, use a smaller curling iron to perfect random pieces, wrapping them gently around the barrel.
  • Flip head upside down and move fingers at the roots to “wake up” the curls and add separation.

CURLY CUES: Joico Curl How-To Tutorial Video