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5 Ways To Find Your Smile This Summer


As Pharrell likes to say, “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.” Trust us, we’re clapping; because finding joi is the motto we strive for each and every day. Sometimes it’s major (like the kind of happy you get from an epic summer vacation); sometimes joi shows up in subtle ways…when you jump in the ocean, get an awesome text, or finally manage to nail that challenging updo. Five more ways to find your joi this summer…

Grow something

1)    Grow something.

No store-bought produce or pre-packaged bouquet can hold a candle to the sensory experience of connecting to the earth and creating beauty with your own two hands: smelling the blooms…tasting that sweet tomato…playing in the dirt…breathing fresh air. It’s primal stress release at its best.

Have a really good convo

2)    Have a really good conversation.

The kind that lingers long after all the other guests have left the BBQ. Studies actually show that people who spend more time having meaningful discussions are actually happier than those social butterflies who fill their lives with hollow small talk.

feed your inner child

3)    Feed your inner child.

We spend so much of our time trying to make healthful choices (I’ll bring a fruit salad sound familiar?), that allowing yourself to indulge—utterly guilt free—in a happy food once in a while can put a smile on your face better than any kale wrap. So this summer, make it a mission to sip that root beer float, shamelessly buy a Slurpee, or get your fingers sticky with a fluffy mound of cotton candy.

Joi-ful playlist

4)    Make a joi-ful playlist.

No joke: Scientists have found that listening to music makes us happier by increasing blood flow in the body; which may explain why a great tune keeps you pumping during those grueling workouts, gets your party guests feeling celebratory…or becomes the car cure when you need an emotional lift.

take a nap

5)    Take a nap.

That shady hammock is beckoning but you feel guilty getting shut-eye in the middle of the day? Stop, drop…and let your drowsy take over. There’s a reason toddlers are less cranky after they’ve taken their afternoon nap. And it works for grown-ups, too!


We think these fun stencil hairstyles will make you smile too…





Everyone has hair drama. Not everyone has a starring role. Audition here and see if your hair crushes it—or crashes.
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The sun makes you smile, but it’s no laughing matter. At least not when it comes to shielding your hair and face from damaging UV rays. So we did the legwork and created the ultimate shopping guide—five products you need right now to keep you safely in style…

Color Endure


The triple-threat Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex (green tea, antioxidants, and UV protectors) make this sulfate-free daily duo a no-brainer in the fight against fade. $14.99-$16.99;



No ordinary lip balm here. SPF 15 teams up with wild mango butter, Vitamin E, and Acai oil in this rich, creamy, just-barely-visible protectant that thoroughly hydrates a parched pout. $25;

Quay Muse


This fave Aussie eyewear label is debuting the summer’s coolest aviators designed by beauty blogger, Amanda Steele. With 100 percent UV protection and three hot “shades” to choose from—gold, red, and purple—they’re a total eye-saver. $60;



Shiseido foundation


While this just-hit-the-market makeup contains SPF 20 and Mother of Thyme extract to help prevent skin damage caused by oxidation. It also boasts a built-in “skin detector” that allows the foundation to morph perfectly with your complexion. The result? A flawless, undetectable finish. $45;

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Bronzer


A winning pick in the fake-it-don’t-bake-it department, this ultra-lightweight tint of “liquid sunshine” adds a warm veil of sun-free color—minus the mess of powder bronzers that can leave you looking oddly orange. $28;


You’ve got UV protection down, now try these genius hair hacks this summer.








Gina Rodriguez Undercut

Actress Gina Rodriguez, is a knockout with an edgy, new undercut created by Hollywood hair pro, Paul Norton for a movie she’s currently shooting in London. Gone are the long, super-feminine waves that shouldered Gina to the Golden Globes—replaced instead by an undisputable champion of a look that’s effortless to style, easy to change up.


1)    Start in the back, at the nape of the neck, to create the fountain of a graduated bob; incorporating about three inches up from the hair line.

2)    Though the next section is directly above it, it’s disconnected by three inches and pulled straight from the head; cut at a slight vertical angle from shorter to longer as you work up the head. (Pull each section to the previous one in order to clearly see the guideline, and to keep it as square as possible.)

3)    Next, move to the side that you want to keep long. The perimeter can be cut free hand; but at a somewhat dramatic angle, pointing down towards the face.

4)    Now, connect the side layers to the previously square-cut layers of the back, bringing each section to the last one that you ended on in back.

5)    Move on to the face-framing layer by creating a long bang that begins around the cheekbone and ends at the jaw; drag every section behind it to that point with minimal elevation.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 19:  Gina Rodriguez of the series 'Jane the Virgin' attends The CW Network's 2016 New York Upfront at The London Hotel on May 19, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)

6)    For the short and edgy side, take a section from the hairline to the nape of the neck. Get close to that hairline as you comb towards the back. (The end point in the back should go in no more than two inches from the side.)

7)    Clip the hair that you don’t want short out of the way. It’s most efficient to cut with clippers over scissors, using a longer guard at first so that you can remove the bulk, then gradually go shorter.

8)    Shave all the way to the part, so you don’t end up with spiky longer bits where long strands meet short strands.

9)    Working towards the face, pull horizontal sections from the crown straight up, cutting just enough hair to make the entire top section square. (Don’t worry if it seems too heavy—you’ll lighten it up in the next step.)

10) Take horizontal sections from bottom to the top and – using a razor – scoop out the bulk in each section one centimeter at a time, skipping one centimeter in between.

11) Repeat this technique all the way to the top. Style straight, wavy, or even air-dried with Joico Curl Foam Wax; then finish with Hair Shake for extra texture and hold.

When Pasadena hairstylist, Janine Ker, reached out, asking if she could try some of our new InstaTint Temporary Shimmer Spray, we did a sly little scrolling through her popular Instagram page (@janine_ker_hair). Truth? This think-outside-the-box woman (she was an artist long before she became a hairdresser) is a genius with a stencil, and we couldn’t wait to see what she’d do with our hot, new product.

The results—you’ll be blown away at the imagination—speak for themselves. Plus, we got Janine to spill her art-room secrets so you can recreate masterpieces like these on your own. Take a peek at her outrageous designs, watch her videos, and see magic unfold…


Compose a hairstyle. The style holds as much weight as the stencil design itself, so you have to consider how they will work together. (Like…beachy waves vs a shiny bob.)

Janine Ker Stencil 1

Hunt down the right stencil. It’s not just about making patterns on hair, it’s about choosing designs that honor the entire look….geometrics with an edgy cut, say, or flowers with a feminine crop.

Think like an artist. Composition and color are as important on hair as they are on a canvas, so choose a hue (or two…or three) and consider the impact of their placement. The best designs may look random…but they’re well thought out.

Janine Ker Stencils 2

Start with a smooth, still surface. Secure the hair with hairspray first, so strands don’t budge a bit–it helps create a more exacting look.

Janine Ker Stencils 3

Spray with intensity. After giving the can a good shake, spray InstaTint with big, wide, direct strokes to focus the color to the area of the stencil. (Use a piece of paper around the stencil to avoid overspray on strands you want to keep clean.) And don’t be afraid to overlap and combine colors for depth and gradation…the creativity is limitless!

Shop InstaTint in five shades: Fiery Coral, Mermaid Blue, Orchid, Pink, and Sapphire Blue.


Get more InstaTint ideas from this photo shoot with Free People.

Around here, we’re big on joi. Not just the kind you get from having really beautiful, healthy hair, but the kind that actually changes your outlook in life. Infusing your day with moments of happiness, having those unexpected laugh-fests, and finding your smile in a stressful world. It’s easier than you think…

Live Happy book

1)    Practice the art of joi.

In her popular book, Live Happy: 10 Practices For Choosing Joy, author Deborah K. Heisz, offers up an inspiring life guide of step-by-step ideas that empower readers to achieve big happiness breakthroughs. With chapters written by everyone from singer Alanis Morissette to news powerhouse Arianna Huffington, the habit-based advice—i.e., writing down three things that go right in your day–is surprisingly simple but effective.


2)    Try a TED Talk.

21 minutes of listening to Dan Gilbert’s speech, The Surprising Science of Happiness, can reframe everything you might currently believe about reaching daily nirvana. According to Gilbert, NOT getting what we want can actually make us happier in life than GETTING what we want. He calls it “synthetic happiness.” Find out why it works here.

Own a pet

3)    Get a pet.

Furry creatures aren’t just cute and loveable…they’re considered a legitimate mental-health booster. Studies have shown that people with pets experience lower levels of depression, stress, and anger than their animal-free neighbors. (After the house-training stage is over anyway!)

Making others happy

4)    Work on making others happy first.

This might sound counterintuitive, but research shows that bringing a smile to those around you—we’re talking even the smallest daily interactions, like holding a door, sending a “love you” text, or throwing out some praise—spreads positive energy that bounces right back to you.

Delicious food

5)    Indulge in really delicious food.

Sure, there’s something to be said for nutrition and mindful eating. But life’s just too short to constantly bypass the most luscious champagne truffle, buttery pasta, or sea-salt sundae. The occasional indulgence—the kind that makes you close your eyes and go, mmmm—nurtures your soul and your spirit. Even more so when you share those moments with people you love.


Try these joi-ful ways to wear InstaTint in your hair.

Making your Haircolorist your BFF

You’re putting your head in their hands; confiding skeletons you might even keep from your BFF; trusting them to give you the best hair ever. Couldn’t hurt to follow a few rules that will bond you and your hair pro forever. Celeb colorist, Denis De Souza, gets totally honest here…

1) Stop coloring at home. Just stop. Doesn’t matter how nice and easy it looks, the risk of wrecking your color and damaging strands with over-the-counter color is huge—especially if you’re going for highlights. Just bite the bullet and make an appointment. You’ll save money in the long run.

2) Discuss hair health at the BEGINNING of the appointment. You might think a consultation is all about color and placement, but it’s also the time to share any concerns you have about your hair’s condition. Freaking out that your fried ends and breakage are out of control? Tip off your colorist so they can choose a product (like Joico’s new LumiShine line) that will not only repair your strands, but leave them in healthier, shinier condition after the color application.

3) Understand why your pro doesn’t want to retouch every strand. We know, we know. You love your blonde, your bleach, and your touch-ups. But give your hairdresser a break when they refuse to overlap your highlights. Bleach on top of bleach = breakage. And that ain’t pretty.

4) When your colorist wants you to use a product at home, use it. Trust us—this isn’t a sales pitch. There’s good reason for sending you home with, say, Joico’s Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner—they don’t want your gorg new blonde to go brassy or yellow.

5) Let your pro tone your hair. No, it doesn’t mean they got the color wrong and need to tweak it. It might just mean that your colorist wants to make sure the new caramel/honey/sandy strands in your highlighted brunette hair don’t turn brassy-orange. (And when they send you home with Joico’s Color Balance Blue Shampoo…use it. See #5 if you’re still skeptical.)

6) Trust their judgment. You may be dying for Taylor Swift’s new Met Gala platinum hair, but that doesn’t mean her exact shade of blonde works with your skin tone and eye color. If your colorist nixes your choice, believe that it’s for good reason and ask them for a compromise that won’t fry your hair or make you look like a total washout.


Show your colorist these hot hair color trends at your next salon visit.

Tears of joi, that is. This brainiac list of pampering goodies and good gestures will make Mom’s special day one for the memory books…

Mani Pedi Mothers Day
1. Mani/pedi-for-two so you have actual girl-time together. The color of the season? 70’s beige… a thoroughly opaque, nude-pink that puts every other natural shade to shame.

Lilac Bush Mothers Day
2. A lilac shrub. Plant it for her this year and she’ll have a bouquet of blooms every May for years to come.

Brunch Mothers Day
3. Brunch—at home. Restaurant meals are great, but nothing beats the love of a home-cooked meal. Brown-sugar bacon, fresh berries, and this caramel-French-toast casserole will do the trick.

4. The hottest chick-flick. You pay… she picks the film (and the candy).

5. A new ‘do. For that next night-on-the-town, treat Mom to an edgy hair makeover in seconds by giving her a hit of InstaTint; the bold pops of color shampoo right out, so even gun-shy gals can rock a hot coif for the night.

6. Custom iPhone case.  Preferably, with a photo of you and the family, so she has big love at her fingertips 24/7.

7. The Girl On The Train. This thrilling read, by author Paula Hawkins, will have her counting the minutes ‘til the film’s October 2016 release. (Cast includes—wait for it- Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux).

8. Really good jewelry that you can afford. Like Kate Spade’s adorable, fruit-and-flowery Out Of Office pendants, rings, and earrings.

9. A basket of the best hair products around. A selection of K-PAK Color Infuse Shampoo and Conditioner, Tint Shot Root Concealer, Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray, and Hair Shake Finishing Texturizing Spray will get her glam in no time.

Maid Service Mothers Day
10. Maid-service-for-a-day. Imagine the thrill of a housecleaning team that makes Mom’s place sparkle from top to bottom.

Bonus: Show mom these tips for lightening her color up at every age. 


Either you have it…or you don’t. We’re talking super-thick, crowning-glory hair–the kind everyone envies. But if you DON’T have it, no prob–we’re going to help you fake it, so no one will be the wiser. Celebrity artist, Paul Norton’s in the thick of it with us…


Tint Shot Root Concealer is a genius at hiding grow-out, but spray it on the scalp area for volume (in a shade darker than your own color) and watch the illusion of dense hair appear before your eyes.


Flip your head upside down and spray Hair Shake Finishing Texturizing Spray into the roots and mid-shaft, then backcomb sections with your fingers, avoiding hair at the crown. Watch the volume expand big-time as you flip your hair back into position.




A sleek, straight style—especially on fine hair—can look skimpy. So do this “hide and sleek:” Work in a generous amount of Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Creme, then blow out only the top layers using smoothing brush, letting the underneath layers dry wild and natural.


Alternating the direction of your curl pattern when you use your iron (front to back, back to front)—or even using two different-size barrels—creates the illusion of density by keeping things “airy.” Spray Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo afterwards in lieu of regular hairspray and they’ll stay extra bouncy and light.


Apply Joico Curl Defining Contouring Foam Wax to the roots of damp hair, and Curl Control Anti Frizz Styler on the middle-to-ends of the hair. Use a diffuser to dry the roots first, then move on to the rest of the hair, tousling until dry. A couple of random curls with a large-barrel iron will add additional bend and oomph to your ‘do.



Spray Hair Shake all over dry, “undone” hair, then create several simple braids throughout your head. Next, add another spritz of Hair Shake to each braid, and gently pull on the side of each one to loosen and bulk them up.


Time for the traditional, big blowout. Cleanse with Body Luxe Shampoo, then use Body Luxe Conditioner on the ends only. To damp hair, apply Body Luxe Root Lift to roots, and Elixir to ends, then blow-dry hair upside down for maximum volume.  Once hair is 90 percent dry, flip back and concentrate on the crown: Taking a “Mohawk” section across the top, use a large, round brush or a few Velcro rollers and set the lift for at least ten minutes. (BIG tip here: Don’t fiddle with the hair at this stage…oils from your hands will weigh strands down and undo all your hard work.) Do a few head flips every few hours to keep the volume going strong.



General rule of thumb: Layers always add fullness—especially when they’re fun, messy, and intentionally undone. So go for the cut, then spritz Hair Shake onto roots and back-comb yourself silly, starting at the bottom and working your way up. (Handy tip: A smaller comb and the root, and larger one in the middle and bottom creates serious drama and bulk.)


Hair Shake is a great texturizer, watch other ways you can use it!

New York may have fashion week, but Southern California owns Coachella, the iconic—and always buzzed-about—annual music festival that sets the stage for hot bands and even hotter style. The celebration in all its vibrant glory is intentionally short-lived (Coachella is held over two consecutive weekends in April), which is why Joico’s very own InstaTint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray joined the crowd to much applause. Along with a pair of creative stylists from LA’s Harrion Salon, Joico’s team turned celeb heads into works of art, with bold braids, teasingly trendy streaks, and lots of playful stencil patterns.

There were some pretty solid reasons for all the InstaTint fanfare: Our temporary hues wash out in a single shampoo, which makes it perfect for commitment-phobes who want to live life on the edge…but only for a day or two. What’s more, you can spray it lavishly in the darkest brunette or most platinum blonde hair with equally outrageous results. Want proof? Check out the newsflash photos here…




Joico was tickled pick (and red, and green, and blue) to have our very own color bars at a host of cool parties: Galore + Missguided, Bisous, Amuse House, and Revolve. See who showed up to play with our shades….

Coachella 3


Actresses Camille Belle and Bella Thorne waltzed into to the Revolve party and soon showed off splashes of InstaTint Pink—cleverly jazzing up their Boho brunette braids and waves.

Kylie Coachella


Especially when she shows off her true colors at Coachella, which included peachy keen locks one day, and rainbow braids the next. Needless to say, this style star went home with a bag of InstaTint swag…so don’t be surprised if you see her sporting Mermaid Blue or Fiery Coral strands one day soon.

Coachella 4


·      Peyton List’s Pink braid, thanks to celebrity stylist, Castillo.

·      Sexy brunette Shay Mitchell’s Mermaid Blue strands.

·      Victoria’s Secret model, Romee Striid in Fiery Coral. (The gal actually pulled out her bun so she could be sprayed with InstaTint. Gotta love it.)


For more images of InstaTint at Coachella, visit our Facebook album.