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The NEW Styling Foam That Cools Your Blonde In Seconds


Want to know how Joico International Artistic Director, Richard Mannah, puts the cool back in salon-blonde hair without a single chemical service? He just rubs a bit of Blonde Life Brilliant Tone Violet Smoothing Foam between his hands and lets the magic unfold in seconds. Get the full scoop on this instant-gratification product — how to use it, why you’ll love it!

Light as a cloud and cool as can be…that’s the beauty of Brilliant Tone Violet Foam Styler, the dual-action styling breakthrough that tackles brass and leaves blonde hair exceptionally smooth, bouncy, and super soft. “Hair is healthy, with beautiful
volume, and it’s super-easy to use,” raves superstar hairdresser, Richard Mannah, who’s a number-one fan of the Foam. Just a few of the reasons you’ll fall in love with it, too:
– You’ll banish those warm, brassy tones that can plague blonde hair
– You’ll polish your blonde strands so they shine brightly
– You’ll have a lightweight styling foam that goes on clean, without any residue or build-up
– You’ll get soft, smooth hair that’s frizz-free and touchable
– You’ll nail a style that has movement, bounce, and swing that lasts throughout the day


Don’t let the whisper-light formula fool you: A dollop on your ‘do and you’ll kick brass right out of your hair! Natural, exotic oils pair with our most fortified, hair-healing ingredients and a light violet hue to create a multitasking Styler that delivers the coolest, bounciest blonde around.
– Arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid crucial to hair’s strength, protects hair and reduces breakage by 32% in a single treatment.
– Monoi Oil, a rare, exotic blend of Coconut Oil and Tahitian Gardenia Flower, fights frizz and boosts shine while protecting hair from environmental damage.
– Tamanu Oil, is a rich, Southeast Asian UV-absorber, packed with fortifying Omega-6 and -9 to deeply hydrate hair, bump up shine, and banish brittle strands.
– Light Violet Hue, the ultimate balancing act, cools brassy blondes in a single shot.

Brilliant Tone Violet Foam Styler works its magic on any shade of blonde in just seconds. Just shake well and dispense a small amount into hands. Apply evenly to clean, damp hair and style as usual. Want to see it in action? Check out Richard Mannah in our video, here:


We’re ZOE Thankful

It was a sizzling summer day in Los Angeles that just begged for some gorgeous beauty ops…the kind you get when you pair the hottest healthy-hair experts (us!) with the hottest hairstylist in town (Larisa Love) and the hottest trend-makers around (The Zoe Report team). We gathered on the uber-cool rooftop of their famed offices to create gorgeous Jet Set hair; the kind that our beauty influencers couldn’t help but rave about online for all their followers to see.



The Buzz…



Larisa Love (in her trademark sassy hat) spritzed, sprayed and styled our guests with a parade of products just perfect for warm-weather hair. Reported Suzy Shattuck (who got the coolest head of curls), “Spent the evening getting pampered at the The Zoe Report Jet Set Summer Event. Larisa Love killed it with my hair! Such a fun night!”

Braids (from fishtail to classic) were amped up with Joico’s Body Shake Texturizing Finisher. By prepping the hair with product before braiding, these twisty ‘dos have the grip to stay put, plus tons of great volume.



Healthy hair was the name of the game…and with Joico’s help, The Zoe Report offers the ultimate “rehab” guide that lets you breeze into the end of the season in prime condition. Your checklist:

1) Spritz on a Leave-in Strengthening Spray

Strengthening sprays can detangle hair even after they’ve been thrown up into wet messy buns. Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Spray has hydrating ingredients like manketti and argan oil that work together to detangle wet hair while also adding softness and shine. Use daily and your hair will be restored in no time.



2) Take a Break from Hot Tools

The last thing that damaged hair needs is heat. If you can’t completely break up with your hot tools, give your hair a rest by limiting usage to 1-2 times a week. This way you can still show off your go-to style on special days while minimizing damage the rest of the week.



3) Clean With a Clarifying Mask

Let’s be honest: blonde hair can get over-bleached and brassy from the sun in ways that brunettes will never understand. Thankfully, Blonde Life Brightening Masque was formulated specifically with blondes in mind. The quick rinse treatment neutralizes trace minerals that cause discoloration and dullness and restores shine.



4) Switch to a Microfiber Hair Towel

Perhaps one of the simplest (read: lazy) ways to rehab your hair is by transitioning to a microfiber hair towel. This specific material helps restore wet damaged strands and tame flyaways. And, thanks to the fabric’s moisture-wicking abilities, your hair can dry in less than 30 minutes with absolutely no heat.



5) Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

Let’s be honest, a massage is always a good thing. And when it comes to your scalp, it boosts blood circulation and leads to healthy hair growth. Take a minute or two and knead your fingers into your scalp directly at your roots. The best part is that it can be used in conjunction with key products like strengthening sprays and clarifying masks to get your hair back in shape.


If you’re like us, you’re longing to squeeze every last drop out of summer before autumn (read: shorter days, cooler weather, school!) comes-a-calling.
Here, a few shining ways to prolong the joi…



Outdoor summer markets can be the hallmark start to summer…but they’re even more bountiful come August, when vendor tables are brimming with late-season harvest. Go take a weekend stroll and bring a tote bag so you can haul home a virtual garden of goodies. What’s best now:

Summer squash




They may be getting shorter, but you can still maximize serotonin-boosting daylight hours and good weather (nature’s antidepressant) by getting up early, and extending your days with plenty of time in the great outdoors. From breakfast in the garden to after-dinner walks…it’s time to eek out every light-and-easy moment.




Sure, when you checked Kayak back in May, prices were looking bleak for a late-summer getaway. But come late August, crowds settle down and destination towns empty out, making rooms — and bargains — more plentiful. Check out for invaluable tips and tricks for snagging serious deals at the end of summer (and figuring out how to use those miles). He’s the mecca of savvy travel info.




You might have been all about beachy waves and platinum highlights for the past few months, but we guarantee your hair could use some pampering to get it in shape for fall. Start with a good trim; then commit to using a product that rehydrates hair, brings back luster, prevents damage, and doesn’t take up more than a minute of your time. K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray fuses the hydrating benefits of exotic oils with a unique, damage-control formula — safeguarding gorgeous hair color for ultimate health, strength, and shine.




According to the experts at Psychology Today, decluttering reduces tension…and that in turn leads to a more joi-ful life. “When things feel out of order, it can make us feel scattered and anxious. Creating order relieves that anxiety.” So when end of summer hits, and you seem to have cornered the market on red plastic cups, coral lipsticks, and flip flops, consider a purge — not just to create physical space, but emotional breathing room boot.

Happy Summer!

“Love the packaging!” I need this!” “Love my joico products!”…
Instagram style sensation, Sara Vickers, posts one mega rave about her affection for our one-of-a-kind Blonde Life system and her followers literally blow up her page. Not surprising, though, because this sought-after beauty has it going on in the hair department; and has legions of blonde fans looking for a rescue for their own delicate strands. Check out her testimonial here, and tips for summering up with the Blonde Life line from our very own Joico Guest Artist, Brandon Corbitt:



When you hit the “blonde slump” (fading, brassiness, dry/dull strands), it’s time to break out the Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner…and use it EVERY TIME YOU CLEANSE. This sulfate-free duo will keep blondes pure and protected from environmental damage — yes, the kind that wreaks havoc on fair hair. Then add a dose of UV protection, shine, and hydration by spritzing Blonde Life Brightening Veil into your freshly towel-dried hair. If you’ve got heat stylers on the menu, (like a fun, two-inch wand that gives you beachy waves) finish your care “cocktail” with Joico Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Crème, which reduces breakage by 25 percent and repels dirt, keeping hair cleaner and fresher, longer.




Want a one-of-a-kind warrior that keeps blonde strands from fading every time you take another dip in the pool or ocean? Grab Blonde Life Brightening Masque and use it pre-shampoo to detoxify impurities in the hair (like, say, chlorine, salt, and sunscreen). The deeply nourishing ingredients deliver a sparkling blonde, straight-out-of-the-salon look.




Nothing cuts those nasty warm, brassy blonde tones better than Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. Use it every other day to keep your cool shade fresh and on tone.




Blonde hair can be finicky and fragile…which means that tangles tackled with heavy, weighty products end up imparting a greasy, stained look to otherwise pristine fair hair. For easy detangling, plus added protection, shine, and restrengthening, spray on Blonde Life Brightening Veil after you shampoo and condition. This lightweight wonder will instantly work out the knots, and give you that glide and slip that makes blow drying a breeze.




It’s kid time, and hanging out for eight-plus hours at an amusement park or beach under the hot sun can have some seriously harsh effects on your blonde hair, So here’s what to do (take notes): Start the day with Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner. Follow up a light mist of Blonde Life Brightening Veil on towel-dried blonde hair for quick-and-easy detangling, UV protection, and super shine. Then, emulsify a small dollop of Blonde Life Brightening Masque in your hands and rake through your hair with your fingers, focusing on the mid lengths and ends. Now, run a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush through hair again for even distribution of the treatment. Finally, braid or pull your hair back into a ponytail, leaving the masque in the hair all day. Once home, cleanse hair as usual and marvel at the “heat treatment” you nailed without knowing it.

So, Instagram star and beauty enthusiast, Nadia Lendel, posted a pic of her amazingly blonde, beachy waves set against the backdrop of a tropical paradise recently. (Picture a blonde Botticelli rising out of the ocean…it was that good.) And in her hand? Joico’s revolutionary Beach Shake — the product that gave this popular style maven “perfect volume and texture!

With the help of celebrity hairdresser, Larisa Love, we got the scoop on how to pull off those carefree, decadent waves, even when there’s no tropical paradise in sight.


Beach Shake takes waves — either natural or heat-styled — and turns them into something extraordinary. So start with plenty of texture (if hair is naturally straight, simply work in some twists and turns with a curling iron or barrel rod), then apply product and watch the satiny separation come to life.




Your instinct might be to spray the dickens out of your hair, burying the nozzle in your roots for ample application. But Beach Shake does its best work from afar; so always spray from at least an arm’s length away to get the full transformative effect.




The waves are in place, Beach Shake has done its magic; now it’s time to break up the curls with your fingers…never a brush. After all, why undo that “perfectly imperfect” separation?




Want to bypass a full on cleansing on 2nd or 3rd-day hair and inject brilliant volume at the same time? Beach Shake pinch hits for dry shampoo, soaking up oils while giving you extraordinary, touchable hydration and texture…no awful salty/crunchy strands in sight.

Longer days…warmer weather…smiling faces; there’s no doubt that summer is the happy season. One reason: Many adults carry that exhilarating “school’s-out” mentality into their grown-up years, lending a relaxed vibe to June, July, and August, even if much of it is spent at the office. Add shorter workweeks, “Casual Fridays,” and plenty of time in the great outdoors to the mix, and you have a foolproof recipe for joi! Here, a few liberating ways to celebrate the season…



You may have a growing collection of books accumulating on your nightstand, but a great summer beach read often rises to the top of the heap. Our pick? All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin (NYT bestselling author of Something Borrowed). PopSugar summed it up this way…“Nina Browning has it all: the handsome husband, the Ivy-League-bound teenage son, and the big house in the Nashville suburbs. But with one unthinkable social media post from her beloved child, could it all fall apart? Dealing with issues of class, money, and race, All We Ever Wanted is the book everyone will be talking about.” Enough said.




Get in on the Aperol Spritz bandwagon and learn how to make what is fast becoming everyone’s favorite warm-weather libation. This Italian infusion of herbs and oranges is paired with chilled Prosecco for a refreshing combo of sweet/bitter liqueur and delicious bubbles. Get the recipe here!




…with really healthy, shiny hair! Stash a bottle of Joico’s Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray in your beach bag and feel the joi of instant, tension-free wet combing as it swiftly detangles strands of any length hair. Even better, apply it before you hit the shore and hair (including your investment color) will be shielded from the damage of UV rays.




We say, go ahead and indulge that joi gene with a scoop of your very favorite creamy treat. A few newbies for summer 2018:
• Banana Peanut Butter Chip (Haagen Dazs)
• Blackberry Hibiscus (Baskin-Robbins)
• Glampfire Trail Mix (Ben & Jerry’s)
• Chocolate Caramel Blondie (Talenti Gelato)




Ever notice how you never see your neighbors in winter, but once the sun starts to shine, folks pop out like Dorothy just arrived in Oz? Take advantage of those connections by spearheading a social calendar and connecting with those around you. From block parties to outdoor movie nights, backyard BBQs to impromptu garden get-togethers, uniting with others is good for the soul.

When the heat wave hits, so do a whole host of gnarly hair challenges. Which we’re going to solve for you with these 15 quick-and-easy “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas.
How quick? Try a minute or less…and start here:



Blonde Life Brightening Veil — our unique leave-in conditioner –provides UV and thermal protection, as well as detangling benefits for those post-swim comb-outs. Think of it as a transparent shield of protection for your hair…and reapply often.




There’s nothing like the plush, airy, bombshell volume of Body Shake — the buildable spray that’s never stiff or sticky. Delivering a bouncy, plush finish and the freedom to touch and retouch, you’ll get fullness and fluid movement in one unique texturizer. Bonus: With aluminum starch on the ingredient list (a natural oil absorber), it also stands in as the ultimate dry shampoo.




The unique color-correcting formula in Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner preserves cool platinum blondes and silver foxes by keeping nasty brassy tones at bay (while safeguarding hair’s vibrancy).




You can offset the damage of harsh, chlorinated swimming pools and parching saltwater by wetting your hair in the shower before swimming, then applying Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray.




Rinsing hair immediately after swimming rid strands of harsh chlorine and saltwater, both of which lead to split ends, breakage, and color fade. That’s especially important for fragile blonde hair; Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo actually detoxifies as it cleanses, so hair is coaxed right back to healthy.




Dry, stale cabin air can do a number on your hair, leaving it flat and flyaway and far from fresh. But mist high-flying hair with Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray before you hit the aisle and you’ll bypass lifeless strands. Just spray it in, then scrunch for added shine and bounce. (Extra perk: It smells amazing!)




Working a little Blonde Life Brightening Veil into damp hair keeps those mini baby strands at bay — the kind that tend to mess up your sleek, blonde, bombshell ponytail.




If your hair’s short, apply conditioner (like K-PAK Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment) and slick back your style for a neat, chic, cool look.




Applying a leave-in conditioner to hair before you pull it up into a low bun or French braids means all-day protection…and gorgeous, shiny, healthy waves when you take hair down for evening.




Trade messy for minimalist by applying Moisture Recover Treatment Balm to hair before combing it back into a chic, low pony…then hit the town in carefree (well-conditioned!) mode. It’s the perfect dose of hydration for those unruly, coarse strands.



Sure, it’s comfortable to whip hair up into a messy bun before hitting the beach, but elevate the operation by applying Moisture Recover Treatment Balm first, then twist and wrap hair into a high, tight chignon. Get ready for healthy volume when you take it down a few hours later.




Choose products that do double (or even triple) duty — like Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment, Hair Shake, Blonde Life Brightening Veil, and more. They’re now available in convenient travel sizes, so no more trying to transfer product from big bottles to small.




For gorgeous volume and beachy tendrils, amp up strands with Beach Shake Texturizing Finisher — you’ll have satiny hydration and imperfect separation.




A face-framing ponytail puts the spotlight on glowy skin, luscious bronze shades, and bold lips. Work in a bit of K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum before you gather hair back and you’ll have truly elegant summer style.




Rather than hassle with the heat and humidity of a daily blow-dry, detangle freshly cleansed hair with K-PAK Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment, and put it up in a bun or braids. You’ll have a comfortable, cool, tidy look for day (and lots of texture once hair dries naturally).

We’re huge fans of products that double down on the multi-purpose scale. (Especially in summer, when everyone hits the road and — generally speaking –prefers not to lug around the entire contents of a bathroom cabinet.)

Our hands-down favorites right now…


What makes it great: There’s nothing like the plush, airy, bombshell volume of Body Shake — the buildable spray that’s never stiff or sticky. Delivering a bouncy, plush finish and the freedom to touch and retouch, you’ll get fullness and fluid movement in one unique texturizer

Use it for this: Nailing dramatic body, volume, and texture in an instant
Or this: Soft, touchable holding power

Or even this: Creating undone texture on anything from waves to messy braids




What makes it great: Luster Lock Spray fuses the powerful benefits of exotic, hydrating oils with a unique damage-control formula, creating a lotion-like whisper of nourishment with every shake and lightweight spritz.
Use it for this: Locking in your investment color (it’ll retain 89 percent of its vibrancy after 10 full shampoos) and strengthening hair with swing, shine, and smoothness
Or this: Instant detangling of those gnarly beach strands while protecting hair from UV/heat styling




What makes it great: Sometimes, when folks hear the word “oil,” they run for the hills; after all, it’s got that rep of weighing hair down and leaving it greasy. No worries here. Our brilliant hybrid version delivers all the high-powered punch of a professional conditioning treatment, with the most featherweight shine-meisters that give hair a healthy, lustrous finish.
Use it for this: Instant leave-in moisturizing and big-time shine
Or this: Color protection against fading
Or even this: Strengthening each strand of hair




Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo
What makes it great: The unique color-correcting formula preserves cool platinum blondes and silver foxes by keeping nasty brassy tones at bay while safeguarding hair’s vibrancy.

Use it for this: Toning cool blonde hair and avoiding that undesirable, brassy warmth
Or this: Gently but effectively cleansing hair



You live for vacation. But we’re pretty sure you don’t live for vacation hair, which can be as much of a hassle as trying to figure out how to stuff six pairs of shoes in a carry-on. So we cornered Joico Guest Artist, Cherry Petenbrink (a total travel-savvy hair pro who’s endlessly on the road), and got her to spill her best vacay hair hacks.



When your hair is in the air…
Dry, stale cabin air can do a number on your hair, leaving it flat and flyaway and far from fresh. We don’t want you to de-plane without a plan, so follow Cherry’s lead and mist high-flying hair with Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray before you hit the aisle. “Love it after a long flight…I just spray it in, then scrunch my hair for added shine and bounce. Plus, it smells amazing!”



When you’ve got your spot on the beach scoped out
Pack the summer read, the SPF, the water bottle, and Blonde Life Brightening Veil — and use it liberally before you even plop down in that chair. “Think of it as a soft, transparent veil of sunscreen for blonde hair,” says Cherry, who advises reapplying often throughout the day. “The UV and thermal protection will safeguard your fragile strands; and it’s a leave-in conditioner, which makes it excellent for detangling after swimming, and making those baby hairs stay put.”



When you want to look cute after 6 hours on that beach…
If your hair’s short, apply conditioner (like K-PAK Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment) and slick it back. If you’ve got long hair, fashion a low bun or throw in some French braids; with either look, you’ll still be able to wear that super-chic straw hat…and you’ll look gorg when you take it off.



When you’re waiting for the Hop-On/Hop-Off bus in a hot, bustling city…
Apply Luster Lock, then twist and wrap hair into a high, tight (totally citified) bun. “When you take it down later, you’ll have beautiful volume and waves, which can be amped up with Beach Shake for satiny hydration and imperfect separation,” explains Cherry. For a sleek ponytail, apply Luster Lock, then comb hair and pull back with an elastic…and hit the town.



When TSA says it has to fit in a Ziploc bag…
Choose products that do double (or even triple) duty — like Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment, Hair Shake, Blonde Life Brightening Veil, and more. They’re now available in convenient travel sizes, so no more trying to transfer product from big bottles to small.



When you want to avoid the big fade
Throw mini-sized K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner into your travel bag. Waaaay smarter than those drying hotel samples, and you’ll save your investment hair color while you’re on the road.



It’s really easy, when you’re coasting along with a reliable makeup look, to sail right into summer without changing so much as an eyelash. But according to makeup artist, Nikki La Rose, you’d be missing out on a sizzling palette of metals and jewel tones that transform your face into something warm-weather-worthy this season.

Check out the colors you must have in your beauty arsenal now (along with some hair tricks that will put features in the spotlight)…


Heavy, cloyingly matte makeup just doesn’t cut it in mid-July, when temperatures soar and all you want to do is a) shave a few minutes off your makeup routine so you can get outside, and b) let your glowing, natural color show through. Here, what to swap for a look that sizzles:


Swap this: full-coverage, opaque, matte, or heavy powder foundations
For this: sheer tinted moisturizer or BB cream with SPF


Swap this: powder shadows, overly “creamy” liner that doesn’t stay put
For this: cream shadow in bronze/gold shimmer, waterproof liner in teal, amber, purple, ocean, or jewel tones, and waterproof mascara


Swap this: super-matte nude, berry, and brown tones
For this: hydrating or glossy lip color in neon/bold brights, like fuchsia, coral, and magenta


Swap this: matte powder blusher
For this: liquid illuminator (tip: mix a bit into your regular foundation or moisturizer), bronzer, and cheek color with a hint of shimmer



Got a gorgeous summer ‘do going and want to show it off without letting your makeup steal the spotlight? Try these tips from Nikki La Rose…

Voluminous Waves

Makeup strategy: To keep the focus on your sexy, beachy look, channel your inner J-Lo and opt for bronze-y/gold eyes paired with a nude lip.
Hair Saver: Beach Shake Texturizing Finisher

Sleek Ponytail

Makeup strategy: Pulled-back statement hair means minimal eye makeup (think: freshly curled lashes and mascara only), glowy skin, and a bold lip to balance the focus.
Hair Saver: K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum

Casual Updo

Makeup strategy: The look is playful, so let your makeup follow suit…with fun teal, emerald, and cobalt liner, smudged on the lower lash line for a pop of color.
Hair Saver: Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray