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10 Ways To Get The Healthiest Hair Of 2018

When the New Year rolls around, prepare for 12 months of the healthiest hair ever…because we’re determined to turn the locks you’ve got into a strong, lustrous, gorgeous mane event. Your resolutions start TODAY…

New Year’s Resolution #1: Protect hair from heat styling

Like any daily habit (teeth brushing, taking vitamins, exercising), once in a while is not enough. Use Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray every single time you hit your hair with a heat source — blowdryer, curling wand, flat iron, even the sun — and you’ll see a visible difference unfold before your eyes.


New Year’s Resolution #2: Get strong

No matter long or short, dark or light, fat or fine your hair is, powering it up with award-winning K-PAK Revitaluxe will give even the most damaged strands a mighty boost.


New Year’s Resolution #3: Lock in the shine

A product that can transform your hair in a single at-home session is worth putting on your January list. And that includes Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair treatment…the secret to out-of-this world color vibrancy, unbelievable glide power, and gleam like you’ve never seen.


New Year’s Resolution #4: Stop tugging the tangles

A wide-tooth comb and Joico’s Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Crème applied to damp, snarled hair won’t leave you in knots…the kind that only lead to split ends. (Bonus: You’ll also save strands from damage.)


New Year’s Resolution# 5: Spend less time fiddling

Any day you can shave a few minutes off your beauty routine is a good one. By avoiding harsh daily cleansing, and opting for a health break with Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, you’ll save time (and your hair): This magic in a can gives you the volume of a wet wash and brings your style back to life in seconds.


New Year’s Resolution #6: Have fun with color

Going lavishly pink or flirting with purple doesn’t have to mean ten weeks of trotting around with fashion-forward hair. But it can easily mean ten shampoos of that fun fantasy look when you play with new Color Butters, lusciously nourishing refreshers that amp up the intensity of bold hair color and add shots of bold tones to blondes.


New Year’s Resolution #7: Enjoy a weekly treat(ment)

Surely you’ve got five minutes once a week to let Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm infuse its nourishing ingredients (like Shea butter) into your dry, frizzy, desperate hair. That’s all it takes to rehydrate even the driest of stranded strands.


New Year’s Resolution #8: Give your ‘do a fair shake

Like: some oomph, some height, and some serious dimension! Simply spritz on a dose of extraordinary Hair Shake, the liquid-to-powder texturizer that gives you the velvety-soft, mega-volume finish you can play with and mold to your heart’s content.


New Year’s Resolution #9: Turn back the clock

No one has to know that your telltale roots are showing (in fact, no one has to know that you have roots!) when you hit them with your perfect shade of Tint Shot Root Concealer — our flash-dry, humidity-resistant formula that blends the bad stuff in seconds.


New Year’s Resolution #10: Be unabashedly blonde

We say, if you’re going to lighten up, do it with pride — and then care for your hair like nobody’s business. With Blonde Life Shampoo, Conditioner, Brightening Veil, and Masque, you can strengthen each strand, bump up the shine, and know that your fair hair is in the safest of hands.


Try these once-a-week prescriptions for happiness.

We get it: Big changes and lofty resolutions can seem overwhelming when all you want to do is infuse life with a little more “happy” here and there. So we say, let’s take it one day at a time this year…and change the course of your life with deal-able 24-hour doses that make a big difference in the feel-good department…


We know it sounds tough, but take just one day a week to steer clear of email, the phone, the news, social media…and every other technological assault that comes your way.


Eat Clean

A daily diet that has you permanently avoiding sugar, dairy, processed foods, carbs — basically anything that sounds good — can be a set-up for failure. So how about setting aside just one weekday for nourishing your body with the cleanest, purest foods, plenty of water, and chemical-free meals?


Get 8 Hours

Yeah, right — how many people actually manage to get the recommended amount of sleep each night? If you’re in the majority, you’re probably averaging somewhere between five and seven sad little hours before you have to get up and function like a human. But aim for that golden 8 hours of slumber just once a week, and you may find the payoff enough to motivate you to hit the sack earlier on a semi-regular basis.


Deal With A Drawer

Notice we didn’t say Edit your closet. Or, Clean out the garage. Instead, simply tackle a single, small space during a spare moment in your week and reap the benefits of feeling more and more organized as your home begins to slowly take shape.



Now that you’ve tidied up and trimmed the excess, it’s time to reward yourself with the gift of beauty…like Joico’s Luster Lock Instant Shine and Repair miracle for color-treated hair. It has the uncanny ability to deliver vibrancy, super slip, brush glide power, and gorgeous gleam in a single treatment. (And that delivers the feels, big-time!)


Be Charitable

You may not have the resources to write big checks, or the stamina to run a philanthropic marathon, but committing to a small weekly “give-back” has enormous benefits in the “joi” department. Maybe it means donating the contents of your spare-change jar…scanning your pantry for a few food-bank items…or making an extra dinner for someone who could use a good meal (a new mom, say, or that neighbor who’s back is out). Whatever you choose, make it manageable, make it regular, and make it “joi-ful.”

Read more tips on finding your “joi.”

This may seem like a strange letter to you, but I wanted to let you know that your Color Intensity Amethyst hair color has actually changed my life in an incredible way…

So began the note we received from Joico client, Donna Bedard, of Springfield, MA — a note that seriously validated the work we do, not just as a hair care company, but as a hair company that CARES. Read on for the rest of Donna’s powerful story…

When the letter from Joico fan, Donna Bedard, landed in our mailbox, we got actual goosebumps — the kind that signals something special is in the air. Or in this case…the hair.  Fifty-something Donna, you see, had been battling breast cancer, which meant losing her pride-and-joy, waist-length hair during intense rounds of chemo, a transition that is often said to be one of the most traumatic elements of a woman’s cancer fight. As she began her recovery and her locks grew back in, Donna realized it was time for a life change; and she turned to Joico’s Color Intensity in Amethyst to make it happen.

Interestingly, Amethyst is considered a healing color. Those who believe in the power of crystals say that this heliotrope shade enhances physical vitality, especially after chemotherapy or radiation treatments. What’s more, it brings with it a sedative energy that can promote peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. So when Donna told us her story, we were thrilled…but not entirely surprised.

Joico: Let’s start by asking about your hair before the chemo — can you describe it to us?

DB: My hair was actually down past my waist. I was a pretty shy and withdrawn person, but that hair was actually the one thing I loved about myself.

Joico: And what happened after the treatments?

DB: Hearing that I had to get chemo was devastating; but strangely, losing all my hair was the hardest part about the treatments. Cancer, however, gave me a new perspective on life, and a second chance to grow a bit bolder in the things I wanted to try for myself.

Joico: And that included hair color?

DB: Yes! My hair grew back, and one of the things I wanted to try was to have a bit of fun and dye it purple. At that point, my hair was past my shoulders and a mousy-blonde color, so I decided to start small and just color the ends of my hair –the last inch or so, using Color Intensity in Amethyst. I fell in love with it and that’s when I took the dive and dyed my entire hair this intense purple color. My husband was shocked and I was worried…but it was what happened next that has changed my life DRASTICALLY for the better.

Joico: Amazing. Tell us about that transition…

DB: Well, not only was the change accepted by those around me, but I started to get compliments …compliments from people I didn’t even know. I work in the public in retail and now, every single day, at least a few people tell me how much they love my hair.  I’ve been stopped in parking lots and in stores and on the street, and everyone has the nicest things to say about my hair — not just women, but men as well.

Joico: As a shy person, how did you react to this sudden attention?

DB: Well, at first it was shocking, because I’ve always been one of those people who’s never noticed — I’m no beauty, rather plain, and on the large side. But since the color change, my self-esteem has gone through the roof. I’m much more social and outgoing; quick to smile and engage people in conversation; and finally proud of myself…something I never was before. I walk taller and feel so much better that I’ve completely shed my shyness.

Joico: How are you feeling these days?

DB: I was blessed with a full recovery and have no plans on ever changing my hair color. I’ve told my family that I’ll be in my 90’s and still rocking the purple! Mostly, I hope that my story inspires others to find their joi. To this day, I get women coming up to me saying they wish they had the confidence to take such a bold step. I always tell them to go for it — and obviously, recommend Color Intensity.


Learn more about Color Intensity semi-permanent color…

The trees are turning, apples are crisp, you’re finally wearing those killer suede boots, and joi is in the air (and hair). Believe it or not, researchers claim it has a lot more to do with science than a deep-seated passion for cider and Uggs. According to Dartmouth Professor of Sociology, Kathryn Lively, “our obsession with the season is a social construct that starts when we’re children,” she explains to Huffington Post. We associate fall with exciting things, like fresh pencils, new friends, hearty soups, cookies in the oven…and that love of nesting never goes away.

Note to self: We don’t want it to…which is why we’ve come up with five more ways to squeeze the joi out of this very juicy season:



Just when you thought you couldn’t take another re-run of SNL, the networks hit it out of the park with a refreshing line-up of entertainment that makes you want to stay in and curl up on the couch. From the weepingly-brilliant This Is Us to NFL Football and, yes, brand new SNL sketches that hit it out of the park, it’s time to turn on the tube again.




If ever there’s a season where you wake up with the unmistakable urge to bake a bundt, this is it. And there’s no better fodder for a sweet obsession than Instagram, where rock-star foodies like @smittenkitchen, @whiteflowercakeshoppe, @joythebaker, and @preppykitchen give you daily treats to feast your eyes on — and inspiration to get your oven mitts on.



After the assault of sun and sea, it’s time to climb back into that hair chair and fix what ails. Hair color gets super-charged; treatments get more intense (like K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment or Blonde Life Brightening Masque); and skin cries out for those cutting-edge spa services that reveal a fresh complexion.



According to neuroscientist, Dr. John McGann, loving the smell of fall is “less about the smells themselves and more about association.” As in: It’s not that you have a deep-seated love of the scent of the inside of a pumpkin, but rather, a love of all the other luscious scents that go along with it, like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Those associations extend outside of the kitchen, too…to memories of nubby sweaters, Grandma’s porch swing, and roaring fires.



Now that friends and neighbors are no longer “at the lake,” “visiting the family,” and “finally taking that cross-country RV trip,” you can actually see people you love again. And not just on Facebook. Take advantage of everyone’s proximity and put those dinners, game nights, and football parties on the calendar. Quick…before they leave for their December vacation.


Read more ideas to keep you JOI-FUL this season.

You want me to put WHAT on my blonde hair? That’s the reaction some people have when we put a bottle of intensely pigmented Color Balance Purple Shampoo in their hands. But we promise you that this powerful, punchy shade will take the yellow, the brass, and the unwanted warmth right out of your investment color — and right in the comfort of your own home. Stick with us because we’re hooking you up…with the best purple tricks and tips from Joico Color Pro, Zoe Carpenter.

“It’s no secret that being blonde takes maintenance,” says Carpenter, but maintenance doesn’t mean work when you’ve got Color Balance Purple Shampoo in your arsenal. “Weave it into your hair-care routine just once a week, and you’ll be in control of your blonde hair even when you’re not in the salon chair.” Here’s your purple to-do list:

A little #ColorBalancePurple shampoo to get the toning process started…..

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That intense purple you’re pouring into your hand is formulated with carefully blended pigments that neutralize brassy tones in the same way yellow and purple sit on opposite ends of the color-wheel spectrum. We promise you it won’t turn your hair purple!



Sure, exposure to the blazing ball in the sky can kill an icy platinum tone faster than you can say appointment, please; but after a day in the sun, one drop of purple shampoo mixed with your regular (or Blonde Life) shampoo and you’ll instantly counteract the potential color damage.



If you’ve had a full week of sunny weather, lather in a full-strength dollop of Color Balance Purple, and let it work its magic on your blonde for a few minutes; you’ll be perfectly cool in no time.



When you’ve paid dearly for the most gorgeous head of heavily highlighted, platinum, or dimensional blonde hair, you’ll want it to last as long as possible. Think of purple shampoo as your between-color touch-up…without a trip to the salon.



Want to keep your cool, but only in strategic places? Work a bit of Color Balance Purple just onto those exceptionally blonde strands and you’ll maintain the contrast as well as the tone.


>> Shop Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner.


When you’re busy squeezing the last rays out of the season, the urge to spend time on high-maintenance hairstyling goes out the window. As in: Why bother with 20 minutes of flat ironing, only to watch your handiwork become frizz the minute you step into the humidity? That’s why we’ve gathered up a bundle of the most efficient, super-powered products to shave precious minutes off your beauty routine. The clock starts…NOW.


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When you’re a touch too busy to hide your roots…

The grow-out, the grey, the day-old Ombré — it’s right there for everyone to see; and there are simply no spare minutes to make a foray into the salon.

The hero product:  Tint Shot Root Concealer, our magic-in-a-can designed to camouflage grow-out in seconds. Take your pick from four utterly believable, blend-in shades: Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown, and Black.

Time saved: 2 hours


When the party’s starting and you need to be a quick-change artist…

Praise the almighty ponytail, and its ability to elevate your style to “dressy” in a matter of minutes, without the hassle of heat styling or fancy updos.

The hero product: K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum…a drop or two of this glistening smoother takes a pony into sleek territory, banishing flyaways and adding instant sophistication.

Time saved: 20 minutes


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When your hair’s a big, hot a mess — and you want it to look intentional…

Turning those untamed “beachy” strands into something chic is the name of the game; it avoids fruitless flat ironing sessions in humid weather.

The hero product: Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray, our extraordinary liquid-to-powder wonder that amps up hair with the most touchable, velvety-soft, mega-volume finish. Spray it, layer it, and play with it.

Time saved: 15 minutes


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When your hair needs washing, but friends are calling…

Because the whole wash, condition, rinse, repeat thing is a drag when you’ve got better things to do…like sip summer cocktails, or shop for cool sunglasses.

The hero product: Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, the freshly-washed-coif-in-a-can that zaps the greasies, gives you the volume of a wet wash, and brings hair back to life in seconds.

Time saved: 45 minutes

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When you want to master the 5-minute shower…

This is the season to simplify and get out the door; which means bypassing a full-on grooming routine that can only feel spa-like in winter.

The hero product: Joico’s Co+Wash, a revolutionary twist on traditional shampoo that quickly preserves hair’s natural oils to create healthy, shiny, frizz-free, luxurious locks. In a single bottle. Choose from Curl, Color and Moisture.

Time saved: 5 minutes


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When re-curling your curls sounds like a drag…

Those cute, shiny ringlets are your crowning glory. They’re also a matted mess on day two post shampoo.

The hero product: Curl Refreshed Reanimating Mist. A couple of pumps of the cool squeeze handle, and curls are instantly revived and brought back to life. No iron needed.

Time saved: 30 minutes

When you want to be blonde, blonder, blondest…

If there’s ever a time to lighten up, it’s summer, when a golden halo of hair looks like a kiss from the sun. The idea of running to the salon to keep things as bright as can be when surf’s up? No thanks.

The hero product: Blonde Life Brightening Masque, our quick-rinse, magician-of-a-treatment, instantly hydrates, softens, and amps up pale strands by neutralizing those nasty trace minerals that lead to dullness and yellowing. You’re blonde…and you stay that way.

Time saved: 3 hours.


Find more summer hair hacks here.





Summer’s finally arrived…and with it, plenty of opportunities get out of town and let your hair down. (Or put it up J.)

But if 100-pound backpacks and sleeping on the ground this Memorial Day sound less than relaxing, fear not: We’ve found some glam ways for you to get earthy and chill without ever uttering the words, “Where’s that tent pole?”

Here, our Summer Getaway Guide…where to go, what to know, and how to pack in style.





Imagine comfy duvets on a real bed, French press coffee, Native American rugs underfoot, and WIFI…that’s what you get when you step into this tipi glamping experience in Southern California. Perched on a private farm property, this all-natural experience melds the best of both worlds: Hot tub under the stars, hike, mountain-bike, or horseback-ride through dozens of breathtaking trails with a 180 degree view of the ocean; grab snacks at the farmhouse kitchen…and, yes, have access to an actual bathroom.




Rustic but beautifully appointed cabins are the hallmark of this scenic camp, located about six miles from the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park. When you’re not swimming, kayaking, or fishing on the 200-acre ranch itself (the Madison River rambles right through the property), you might be enjoying a gourmet meal and cocktails from a fully-stocked bar in the main lodge, where wood-burning fireplaces lure you in for a truly relaxing evening.




Here’s your chance to indulge in some good old-fashioned childhood nostalgia. Spend the night in this artist’s tree house suspended 35 feet above gently cascading waterfalls…walk up the floating log staircase to a romantic loft bed and balcony…and whip up a memorable meal in the stocked-to-the-gills gourmet kitchen. That is, if you can manage to stay inside. Trout and bass fishing, swimming, hiking mountain trails, and serious bird watching are at your fingertips (as is a hairdryer!). When you’re ready to get a taste of something more glam, take the 45-minute drive to Ashville and explore the Biltmore Estate — a little fancier than a tree house, we admit, but worth the visit.




Platypus Big Zip SL Hydration Pouch: Staying hydrated as you navigate trails, paths, and creeks is important, and this cool BPA-free “bladder” slips right into your backpack, with a handy hose-clip that you attach to your chest strap. Makes sipping water (or perhaps something a little stronger — it is vacation, after all), super easy.

Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo: Sure, many of these not-quite-rugged destinations provide everything from hot showers to hair dryers, but when you want to go a day — or two or three — without the full on cleanse, Instant Refresh is your 10-second answer to volumized, frizz-free, grease-free hair.

Rainrap: You could drag an umbrella or a really unattractive rain slicker; or you could pack a Rainrap, the most stylish answer to summer showers. Hooded, water-repellant, fast drying, and lightweight, this baby packs up tiny and comes in a slew of cool hues.

L.L. Bean Boat and Tote: These indestructible, affordable carryalls (they’re made of builder’s canvas) have been around since 1944, when Bean introduced them as the perfect receptacle for hauling ice from car to ice chest. These days, they’re available in every imaginable size, color, and style (zippered, open, leather handled, etc); and can be monogrammed if you want to be extra cool.

Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray: You can’t separate a girl from her hairspray no matter how rough the terrain, so at least make it a product that multi-tasks by saving your style from humidity, while amping up shine, and locking in a hairstyle for three full days. Power Spray does all that, and still lets you fiddle and move strands around.

Packable Straw Hat: We’re kind of digging this very summery raffia fedora: not just because it protects face and hair from the sun, and looks seriously cute…but because the thing scrunches up into nothing in your backpack or luggage, then pops out perfectly every time.

K-PAK Luster Lock Repair and Shine Treatment: This instant miracle worker provides deep TLC for damaged, color-treated hair, while locking in an amazing, gleaming finish and intense color vibrancy. Why pop a tube in your bag? Because it’s exactly what you need after a day in the sun or an afternoon floating on a river…especially if your glamping experience includes fancy alfresco dinners.


Vacationing in a tropical location? Don’t leave without these UV Protection products.




Summer may be sunny, but style is made in the shade…these shades, to be specific: new hybrids of auburn and brown; classic icy white blondes; and warm sun-kissed tones that look utterly, beautifully natural. “This summer, hair color trends are all about going lighter, more vibrant, and adding lots of sexy dimension,” says superstar colorist, Denis De Souza. Get the trend report here…


Nope…not a typo. The newest hair color to hit the style scene this summer is a clever hybrid of minx-y, red-tinged auburn and rich, true brown. Luxe and unapologetically glossy, this inky crossover is perfect for those with deep, dark hair who don’t want to deal with frequent touch-ups. The best way to keep every strand healthy and gleaming: Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment.



Ultra-icy platinum blonde made its first appearance in the 1930s, when screen siren, Jean Harlow (dubbed the very first “bombshell blonde) was reportedly bleached — literally — with a concoction of Clorox, soap flakes, ammonia, and peroxide. Fortunately, the look (and the technique) has come a long way since then. It remains one of the hottest trends in hair color this summer…sometimes with a darker root; sometimes with an allover double process, as colorist Denis De Souza recently created for celebrity Ashlee Simpson. How to keep fragile strands healthy and strong? With Joico’s new Blonde Life Brightening Treatment Masque — the ultimate caretaker of lightened hair.



When Denis De Souza’s blonde-brown fusion first hit headlines, it was warmly embraced by everyone from celebrities to beauty editors to clients coast to coast. But get comfortable, because this delicious beachy remix is sticking around to sail you right through summer — updated now with richer-than-ever caramel tones and a warm base that glints in the sun. The grow-out is subtle, the upkeep easy, the look…both sweet and sexy. To keep any brass at bay: Color Balance Blue Shampoo and Conditioner.


See more of Denis’s Celebrity Haircolor trends.


You want it long. Really long. And you want to get there without resorting to all the tapes, beads, clips, and combs that extensions inevitably deliver.

But getting real (as in, real hair), means dealing with the unavoidable growing pains of waiting for length on your locks. The good news? Celebrity stylist, Paul Norton, has jumped in with some novel ways to speed things up…

Chart Your Course

You know your end goal. But the part that gets fuzzy is how you’ll look during the trip to destination Long Hair. One idea: Create a visual mood board of a few lengths and styles that you’d be happy sporting along the way; it can serve as a helpful hair guide (and a great tool to show your stylist) while you grow your length.

Just A Little Trim — NOT!

Everyone’s heard the you have to cut your hair in order for it to grow mantra, but there have to be limits to those trims, or you’ll be taking one step forward and one step back every time you set foot in the salon. Here’s a more productive route: Request that your stylist only trim the length of your hair (the bottom edge) every other visit. In between, ask for some simple shaping of the layers and bid a fast goodbye.

Just A Skosh, Please

When you do succumb to tiny trims, have your stylist just do a micro-dusting of the visual breakage post blowout. You’ll banish the damaged ends without sparing a single millimeter more than necessary.

I Need A Massage

Well, your scalp does, anyway. Give those roots a good, long rubbing with each shampoo to encourage blood flow and get those follicles moving.

Safeguard The Hair That’s There

Successfully maintaining the length means becoming practically manic about protecting hair as it’s growing out. By treating lengths twice a week to K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock — the most repair-driven conditioning treatment on the market — you’ll maintain the health of every single strand while it creeps its way down your shoulders. Want to go one better? Apply Luster Lock a third time each week to dry ends.

The Grand Illusion

Ask your colorist to strategically avoid going all the way to the roots when doing a retouch. Highlighted hair that appears to start several inches from the roots can actually give the illusion of grow-out and draw the eye downward.

Blow Off The Blowdrying

Giving strands a break from harsh exposure to daily heat styling maintains hair health and avoids breakage (which slows the whole grow-out process to a grinding halt). A fun alternative to your daily blowout? Air-drying hair, then cocktailing Luster Lock and your favorite Joico styling product — like JoiWhip Firm Hold Design Foam — to create some interesting texture and shape.

The Long And Short Of It

Try cutting bangs or sporting a lengthy fringe to give the illusion that the rest of your hair is much longer. One day soon…it will be.


See the hair tips for spring cleaning your hair.