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Gion Vincent

Joico Global Artistic Team Artist

The best thing about what I do is the freedom to create. Every day is different and the relationships are special. When you create something someone loves on a daily basis, it’s a high you can’t find anywhere else.

– Gion Vincent

The color bug hits some people early. That’s how it was with Joico Global Artistic Team Artist, Gion Vincent. In fact, it was in high school that Vincent found himself doing haircolor for all his friends. Everything from highlights to low-lights, using kitchen foil no less. He even started corrective color early on when his friend –who had gone to cosmetology school– had a few “fails” (with their friends as the poor guinea pigs) and Vincent was the fixer. It was the grateful friends’ suggestions that made him enroll soon thereafter at Austin Beauty in Albany, New York.

Moving straight to the “Big Apple” he combed through a book he kept of salons and their addresses, which he created by jotting down the names of salons he saw mentioned in magazines; he’d look them up, and record their address. With this he hit the ground running and soon found his way to Minardi Salon. Cut to six years ago, and Vincent starts his relationship with Joico as he becomes the “right hand” to renowned, award winning colorist Beth Minardi. From the start Vincent says, “[m]y experience with the company was warm, immediately. Joico as a company is a family and it’s a very fun, creative, [and] inspiring environment.”

Under her tutelage, he developed a similar approach when it comes to hair color. “Like Beth, I challenge myself to keep changing, to try new things,” comments the colorist. “She taught me to be fearless.” From this experience, came his belief in a sacred concept of respecting the fiber of the hair. Having trained with Minardi for so many years, he says, “Her whole process is about maintaining the integrity of the hair [and] I keep myself aware of those principles. …It’s also important to know boundaries. When I do hair I’m not only thinking about today I’m thinking about what her hair is going to look like and feel like next week.”

Vincent’s passion for color evolution has placed him in hot demand among the discriminating New York clients. He’s known for his luxe, “uptown” blondes, as well as for his reds, which can be beautifully natural or edgy and obvious, depending on the client’s style. Success for him is based not only on his technical skills, but on his innate understanding of each client. “I take the time to understand the difference between the client who wants to make a statement and the client who wants to look as if she doesn’t get her color done,” he says. “I know how to satisfy each.”

Vincent believes it’s these every-day practices and tireless commitment to his passion that have led him to some of his major accomplishments in his career. The first was when Taylor Tomasi Hill (his notoriously private client) decided to bring in a photographer and shoot him doing her hair for an article for Goop. Due to her very large influence, he became known as a go-to for redheads in New York. The second would be having the opportunity to work for Vivienne Mackinder for a five-day shoot. “She is incredibly inspiring and really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot and quick. I feel like my palette is broader because of her,” he exclaims.

Vincent feeds off the fashionable energy of New York City—he claims that visiting different neighborhoods gives him a sense of the varying styles of all types of women. He also finds inspiration from the beautiful hair color of some of today’s most high profile celebrities, including Julianne Moore, Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker. “I really walk around with open eyes and ears and try to learn as much as possible through others experience and approach.”

As he’s been mentored by masters he passes on some top lessons to young artists: seek out your own mentors, learn from their triumphs and mistakes, stay humble and have patience.

When not working, Vincent enjoys his love of music, attending many shows in the city and loves traveling. But his favorite place in the whole wide world now is his apartment in Manhattan, where his views of the rising moon are awe-inspiring and peaceful. He would love to work on more movie sets and is focused on continuing more work and creative projects with Joico.

Gion Vincent’s Go-To Joico Product: K-PAK H.K.P. Liquid Protein Chemical Perfector – “It’s a hair protein that you can spray onto the hair before you tone/glaze to equalize the porosity. It can make blonde hair stronger and it can also make red more vibrant.”