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Want Low-Maintenance Blonde? Try This Gorg Beachy Beige Formula…

When a low-maintenance mom wants to bump up her blonde, it’s Britni Jay from The Business of Balayage to the rescue! Taking her client from “bad, beige, and beachy” to a brighter, more dimensional hue involved some strategic, hand-painted highlights and — of course — Blonde Life Lightener. “I wanted to make her look like she’d been in Hawaii all summer,” says our rock-star colorist, who nailed this chill but gorgeous look. Get her step-by-steps here:


The architect:

The Business of Balayage’s Britni Jay (a.k.a. @hairbybritjay)

The goal:

Britni’s client is a busy Mom who loves bright, beachy blonde hair, but doesn’t have the time for high-maintenance salon touchups every four weeks. “Her look wasn’t terrible…she’s never really colored her hair and already had some summer bleached sections that needed to be enhanced,” explains Britni, who described the hair as “drab, flat, and one-dimensional.” Keeping the natural pieces in her hair, the goal was to add more glow…the kind of color that would only be enhanced by time spent in the sun.


The look:

A gorgeous beachy-beige hue to brighten the client’s smile and fair complexion.

The thinking:

Britni didn’t want to go too ashy and wash out her client’s already-fair skin tone, so she stayed with a beige-y sunkissed cast that maintained the brightness.

The B of B trick:

“I wanted to accentuate her eyes and make them pop, so I framed her face with Balayage starting around the eye area.”


“Gorgeous Beachy Beige”

“This client was pretty natural all over, and we were going for a sunkissed look. We did an “Open-Air Balayage” using mostly slants and some v’s; then root-shadowed her for more depth, and glossed her ends using all Joico products.


The formula:

Formula 1: Free Play Clay Lightener + 40 (12%) Volume LumiShine Developer

Formula 2: (Root Shade) LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 1 ½ oz 6N + 1/2 oz 8N + 2 oz 5 (1.5%) Volume LumiShine Developer

Formula 3: (Mids and Ends) LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid ½ oz 9NV + ½ oz 9NWB + ½ oz 10N + 1 ½ oz 5 (1.5%) Volume LumiShine Developer

Step 1: Section off from ear to ear.

Step 2: Start in the front two sections to achieve maximum lift around the face. Use slants with a variety of sizes to create a more organic look.

Step 3: In the back, make two diagonal sections and then a horizontal section to cover more ground. Using that same pattern up the head, use slants with gradient panels to create a soft blend and a natural feel.